Wednesday, June 30

Pretty Baby & Bandeau Bras

Introducing The Make Up Store's beautiful lipstick..
Pretty Baby!
I'm pretty much a lipstick addict and always have a few fave, but I can quite honestly say in a matter of days, this has become my absolute love!
Those of you that are fellow lipstick lovers, know that feeling when you put on a fab lipstick and you just want to smile and apply all day long.. This is what this does to me.
It's my myth, gaga, creme d'nude.
I heart it massively.
I got this one at the Clothes Show Live in London on Sunday. To buy in the shop its £12.50, but all Make Up Store single products were two for £10! Yes you read that correctly- two for £10! Amazing! I really wish I'd have picked up two of these, but I got a gloss as well, which I will save for its own lovely post because it also deserves lots of attention.

I realise I look naked in these photos. I can assure you, I am not.
Over the last week, as those of you in the UK will know, we have had some fabulous weather! It's been the perfect time to get to the park and catch some rays..
I've been living in baggy vests & dresses and have been asked by a few people what bandeau/boobtube tops I wear underneath.. So I thought I'd share it with you..

I find that the short boobtube tops aren't very great for me because I'd still have to wear a strapless bra to feel comfortable and thats just another layer to worry about which isn't cool in this heat. I have worn a little bandeau bikini too, but then I found a little stretch bandeau bra top. Similar to the vests that you get- minus the straps and full length.

I ended up with a Bandeau bra from H&M, it's quite long and it was only £2.50 from H&M which is a bargain.


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Saturday, June 26


Beauts its that time again- the Topshop sale!
To others, this may not seem such an exciting time- but these times of the year make me extremely excitteddd.
I love Topshop anyway, so a sale is just an even bigger excuse to
1. Go there
2. Buy pretty things
3. Justify buying lots, because its nearly half price ya no..
I went to order quite alot on Friday morning online, but by the time I got to the checkout- they had all sold out. I'm against this idea, I really think once its in your shopping bag it should be reserved. This happens all the time to me and its no fun being disapointed.
But..Friday evening & today, I trotted off to Topshop to have a little look and picked up a few nice little bits..

This dress is by far my favourite purchase. I wanted this dress a while back, but kinda forgot about it..and then I saw it in the sale rail, found a size 10 but it was a little bit big..hunted and hunted and found a size 8. Happpppppppppy much! The backs slightly slouched, its a very sweet dress. It was £35..Now £20!

These two dresses are very lovely also. Both being blue- which this year I seem to have alot of..I wasn't sure which one to get..So I just got both.

They were both £32..Now £15

These two tops are wonderful. I love when you find things that you genuinely wanted before the sale started. Thats when it is an actual bargain.

The heart body was £15 and is now £8, the heart crop top was £18 and now £10. I actually got a very similar crop top before, but returned it because..well my tummy wasn't very fabulous looking in it, but I got this in a size bigger, just for a bit of an oversized look and I heartttt it.

That's all I actually picked up in Topshop. There was actually so much in it, but they didn't have that much in my size. Its definately worth a look if you haven't already little ladies!

These little flip flops I picked up today in Primark.

Yesturday at work, lots of ladies on my flight had these and when I found they was ony £4 from Primark- I knew I had to pick up a pair. Me and my mum both got a pair of these little bargains. I've seen them in Silver, Gold, Yellow, Orange and Pink.

There actually Patent- which I'm not a hugeeeeee fan of. But I think these are actually an exception! I was hoping they would have brown ones- but they didn't.. I have a bit of a thing for brown/tan shoes. If anyone does see brown ones..please let me know they exist!

Happy Topshopping!


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Saturday, June 19

A few new things

Hello Sunshines,

I hope your all having a beautiful weekend. I thought I'd share a few things that I have purchased..

Unfortunately I haven't got a holiday planned for this year, although I am desperately hoping to get away to Thailand towards the end of the year. But I still love to buy bikinis..
I love bandeau bikinis, I haven't really got much shape to be honest, so I think they are most flattering for me..
I got this one from TU @ Sainsburys. They had a 25% promotion and so I got it for about £10 I think.. I love it. I already have the exact same in about 5 different colours. But I love it that much.
I also picked up a triangle one, mostly because it was Pink with polka dots..I got that one for about £7.50.

I also heart a little summery bag.. So I picked up the one above from Primark for £6- which I think is so good! I wanted one from Topshop, which was a bit smaller and cost £26! Who doesnt love it when you find something thats even better than the original one you wanted and lots cheaper!

The Jacket above is from River Island. My opinions always change on River Island, but I must admit I'm really quite enjoying there pieces at the moment. They don't seem so covered in 'RI' and horrid diamontes and glitter anymore- just simple, floral, summer items.
I wanted this jacket for a while but I kept putting it off. Then I went in again and it was the only one on the last chance to buy rail- so I had to really. I'm so glad.
Its a really light tailored jacket, it has the nicest little floral print, cropped sleeves and shoulder pads. It only cost £35 which I think is really good. I have been wearing it with a little denim dress and it makes such a sweet little outfit.
I did however have a bit of a disaster the first time wearing it. I wore it when I was watching the first England World Cup match..Drinks were being thrown every where, Instant fake bake came THROUGH the jacket reminding me why I hate instant fake tan and I was just horrified so I ran out in a huge state leaving everyone in the bar, jumped in a cab so I could get it in the wash.. Everybody thought I was over reacting and being a little bit silly, but it was my new jacket that I loved and I'm sure you'd all do the same...right??

I mentioned this tee in my last post. It was £9.99 with £5 off in River Island. So I got it for 4.99. I think they might actually have got this wrong, because in another store I went into, the tag said £14.99. Only an extra £5. But hey- bargain!

These little elasticated-cuffed-denim-trousers are delightful to wear, so comfortable. The boyfriend hates them, as do a few other people, but I like them. They are full length, just had rode up a little when I kept getting up and down to the camera for the pictures!  They was £11 in Primark. Fabulouusss.

A little bit of lush..
- You've been Mangoed
-Each peach (and twos a pear)
and I got a free Too Drunk :)

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Friday, June 11

I'm back!

Hello ladies! I'm bacckk.
I finally have finished all of my training and started flying, which is absolutely wonderful!
I hope your all well, I've missed you.

MAC Myth & MUA Shade 7- (£1-Superdrug..Bargainnn)
Benefit Eye Bright- (Yes..Glamour Magazine)
MAC Pro Lash
MAC Studio Fix NC40
MAC Matte Bronzing Powder

I got a maxi dress, I got a maxi dress, I got a maxi dress!
This really excites me!
I got this one in Miss Selfridge for an amazing £25..
I thought I'd feel a little bit silly wearing it, but I actually feel very confident wearing it..I've only tripped up on it about 2 times :)
As you can see, my hair needs a definate cut! It's becoming rather unbearable now..

I've been a really lucky girl in the last few weeks, I was lucky enough to be able to go and see Lady Gaga on tour- She was brilliant, she's just released more dates and I'd definately recommend that you go and see her!

I also went to the Capital FM Summertime ball at Wembley. It was absolutelyyyy amazinggg! I wore the Maxi dress in the pictures above and I am so glad, it was so hot! The crowd was crazy all day, we had standing tickets so we was in the middle of 70,000 people, it was one huge partyy!
It was sponsored by ASOS, so there was tons of goodies all over the place which made it even more fun.

There were so so many amazing performances- Usher, Justin Bieber, Will-I-Am, Dizzie Rascal, Tinie Tempa, Cheryl Cole, Rhianna, JLS, Scouting for Girls, Chipmunk, Esmee Denters, Pixie Lott, The Wanted, Florence and the Machine, Jason Derulo & Ellie Goulding.

I have a major girl crush on Cheryl at the moment. Especially after seeing her at the Summertime Ball! I want her bod!
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