Sunday, December 26

Boxing Day Greetings & Haul!

I can't believe its almost over for another 365 days! The most wonderful day of the year- Christmas!

I just thought I'd share with you a little haul of some goodies that I have very luckily got over this wonderful festive period.

These are all my "blog" related things; things that no doubt you will be seeing or hearing of in future posts.

Pictured Above..
Gold Mini Casio
River Island Black Platform Heels
Xen Tan Dark Lotion
MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Topshop Camel leggings & cami
H&M Floral and Black blouses

My most fantastic present to ever receive is a "bits-a-box"- mainly because I love stuff.
When I was younger; I'd receive these full of fab things such as glitter, celotape, stickers coloured paper and 'Now' Cassettes.
Now, I get a box full of my favourite things..My family clearly know me very well!
Soap & Glory, John Frieda, Phil Smith, Body Shop, MAC, Fake Bake, Tanning things, Underwear, Brushes, Hot water bottles, Cupcake and Baking goodies, Jelly Belly & Yankee Candles and lots of Chocolates and Sweeties!

I also got a gorilla pod! I love it. It literally twists and turns onto everything- my photos will never be the same again!

I got this Topshop Satchel in the sale. SO happy! £50 down to £25. Super, super!
I got really far too spoilt with money and Topshop vouchers to spend further in the sales and I can't wait.
I attempted them today but it was pretty much a sale fail! There was far too many crowds and I just wanted to get home to my family, eat lots and watch some good tv!

I've got a few suprises coming up soon, which I am very excited about! I'll let you know as and when!

I'm really so grateful for everything I have got and can't wait to get using it all.

Once again, I hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas time- enjoy every remaining moment of it!
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Saturday, December 25

What I'm Wearing- Christmas Eve

Its Christmas!!

I hope you've all had an absolutely great day, I have. I love Christmas- I'm very much a family orientated girl so this time of the year is just perfect for me. Plus Santa spoilt me lots.

Last night I went out with friends to a local club and this is what I wore..
-As intended, my Black faux leather shorts from Topshop £38
-My Mink lace-ish long sleeve top from Topshop £18
-A Primark basic vest £1.50
-Black River Island platform heel shoes £50
-Pauls Boutique clutch handbag

On my face I wore..
-Xen Tan Dark Lotion
-Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
-MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35
-Studio Finish concealer NC35
-Benefit Hoola bronzer
-MAC Bronzing powder (slight shimmer)
-No7 Eyebrow Pencil
-Eyeshadows from a Ruby & Mille palette (Sorry no named shades)
-Benefit Eye Bright
-MAC Black Funk eyeliner
-Covergirl Lash Blast
-Eylure natural individuals all over the eye
-Sleek Havana corner lashes on top
-MAC St Germaine

Eek! Quite alot, but it did stay put though a rather eventful drunken Christmas Eve!

I made my hair stay put with Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle and as per usual it worked a treat.

On my nails I used the Nailene Natural Nails, I was pleasantly surprised with these wonders but I'll leave them to a seperate post.

(Please excuse the in-the-toilet-drunken-mirror-pose)
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Friday, December 24

Christmas Belles

12 Bloggers blogging..

11 Bakers baking..

10 Tweeters tweeting..

9 Bronzed girls tanning..

8 Lips are pouting..

7 Lashes fluttering..

6 Cameras flashing..

5 GHD's..

4 Studio Fix's..

3 Xen Tans..

2 St Germaines


Fairy lights all over the tree..

Have a fabulous Christmas time dolls

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Monday, December 20

What I'm Wearing

Girls I did it, I finally budged from NC40..I wanted to lighten up a little bit so I tried a sample on NC35 Studio Fix Fluid and I'm loving it. I'm definately going to purchase it! This may seem very trivial as its only 2 shades difference? But to me this is huge. What do you think?

I dyed my hair last night- Nice & Easy "medium brown".. I'm don't quite know what happened. First off it was visibly darker, then my entire family said it was lighter, then it looked a bit red and today how its pictured above. I'm not a happy bunny! I didn't want to really go dark dark again, but now it looks as if I'm going to have to in order to cover this mess. Any tips girls?

I'm wearing eye shadow from a LO'real quad set, I got it a while back and its in a little bit of a state now, so I thought I'd use it before I bin it. The colours are very similar to the ones in the Colour Appeal Star Secrets trio though?

The only other new product I'm wearing is some Avon bronzing pearls, there really really light in colour and very shimmery so I have just used them as a slight highlighter above my cheekbones.

The rest is my standard "normal" make up.
no7 Eyebrow pencil
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion
2 Eylure individual lashes in the corner of each eye

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Thursday, December 16

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan

By no means is this a new product; nor is it new in my collection of lotions and potions. It is however, my favourite.

I've waited a long while before writing up my review on it for a few reasons, mainly because how highly I felt about it when I first tried it- I wanted to be assured that it really was as good as it seemed by the end of the bottle. Bottles later, and I'm talking bottles later, I still love this.
I haven't kept this a secret from anyone and have mentioned it many-a-time but feel now is the moment to share my feelings in a little depth.

What they say.

"Dark Lotion gives you a rich, natural olive tan that looks great for up to 10 days. Easy to apply, it goes on evenly, smells delicious and instantly creates a gorgeous streak-free finish you'll love."


The colour you gain from applying this beautiful product is a deep olive brown. Theres no hint of "orange" whatsoever with this self tan. First applied, it has colour that can be worn straight away- it is subtle, but it is great to use a guide for your tan application to avoid any disaster streaks if you haven't mastered it yet.
It applies incredibly easily, its very smooth and isn't a sticky product so applied with both your hands or a mitt- it goes on just wonderfully.
Left over night, the colour transforms beautifully. Once you have showered- a lot of product will have washed off, but fear not, underneath is a dark glowing yet natural colour.
Every time I put apply this product, it fills the air with a divine smell. Not that yuck biscuity smell that is unbearable, just a sweet marzipan like smell. If you could eat it- I would.
In terms of the tan looking great for upto 10 days, I'm not sure. I reapply every couple of days- purely because its apart of my normal routine, but theres no doubt in my mind that it would last.
The price does hit some people as a little bit steep, with each 236ml bottle retailing at £25.95 but I really do believe its worth it. I've used high end self-tans that cost similar prices and leave you very orange.
Each bottle is said to last for about 6-7 full face and body tans;
I think Xen Tan may be covering themselves a little here as I think it possibly lasts longer than that.
I haven't put in any photos of the results on this post because unfortunately my laptop is playing up.
However, I have worn it for months now and I am wearing it in all of my photos throughout the last 6 months or so on my blog.

If your a tan-a-holic or are purely just looking for the perfect fake tan, look no further.

A few little personal tips:
  • Avoid oil based products, this includes moisturisers and exfoliators.
  • Exfoliate at least 12 hours before.
  • Don't ever apply tan immediately after shaving/waxing etc. Ever.
  • Shower rather than bath.
  • If possible, ask someone to wash your hair for you if want your tan to stay lovely on your hands.

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Thursday, December 9

Christmas time in Manchester

A few snaps to share the Christmas spirit in Manchester..

Warm up with a gorgeous Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte

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A little trip to Liverpool

On the weekend I took a little trip to a city I've wanted to visit forever;
The home of the long loved Brookside,The Beetles and if I don't mention LFC my boyfriend will kill me..yes, Liverpool!

I can't believe I haven't been before seeing as its only a short train journey from Manchester and has such unbelievable shopping.

It may have taken me a while to get there, but it was definately worth the wait.

We visited the amazing shopping centres; The liverpool ONE and Metquarter which has the usual highstreet stores with a delightful mix of designer goodness, aswell as the stunning-amazing-fabulous collection of Boutiques in Cavern Walks which included Cricket, Vivienne Westwood, Boudoir Boutique and Lola.
It was paradise.

With Christmas just around the corner I was really well behaved and only picked up a new Gaga lippy in MAC and a few small bits and pieces..

Once we was well and truely tired of shopping, I picked up a delightful lemon and sugar crepe to warm me up and send my sugar levels to the roof in the Christmas Market and had a little walk down to Albert Docks.

With the snow flakes dusted on the cobbles, it was absolutely beautiful.

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What I'm Wearing

Its my last week in Manchester before I go back home to London for Christmas time, so I decided to venture out to M&S to get some food to cook my boyfriend a yummy early christmas dinner with all the trimmings. It was super good!
With my hair tied up messily, I got dressed into
-River Island Cable Knit Cardi
-Topshop Cream Body
-Navy Zara Baggy Trousers with braces (also referred to as my JLS trousers)
-Brown Worker boots
-Huge River Island Snood
All very snow friendly!

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Primark Fur Headbands

Just a quick little post to share with you the two fur headbands that I recently purchased in Primark.
I have been asked a couple of times to show photos wearing the cream one and if I'm honest- I haven't worn it yet.
I have previously shown the brown one in an outfit post and have worn that a few times since, I think its alot more wearable however I think worn correctly the cream one is just as sweet and rather festive too :)
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