Wednesday, June 29

A little treat..

I finally took the plunge and treated myself to something I have had my eye on forever! I was in the Apple Store, Regent Street and decided to treat myself to a MacBook Pro.
I've always been a gadget geek and can't believe I hadn't got one of these beauts sooner.

I'm completely new to MacBooks and would love all of your tips, tricks and help..
I love photography apps and things like that so please send me over all of your recommendations!

I hope your all fantastic x

Photo from weheartit

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Friday, June 24

What I'm wearing.. Naked!

I was having a little discussion last night about what make up suits me and what I enjoy using the most. I'm really not very much of an eye make up girl, which I have said lots and so today I decided to have a little bit of a play with my Naked Palette.
My camera hasn't picked it up very well and has picked a random bit up in the picture below..but not one for touching up photos- especially FOTD's, I decided to post it anyway.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35
Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Concealer
Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Bronzing Powder
Fake Bake Sunburn Blush
No7 Brown/Black Eye Pencil
L'Oreal Architect 4D- Black
L'Oreal Super Liner- Carbon Black
Urban Decay Naked Palette- Naked, Buck, Darkhorse, Hustle
On my lips I just have Carmex with a bit of foundation underneath that was accidently brushed onto them as I was a little messy today..whoops!

My hair has just been washed, whilst it was wet I sprayed it with Umberto Giannini Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray which I forgot I had- it gave me amazing volume and I love it.

I'm still not overly loving eye make up on me, but I am enjoying it for today.

I hope your well sweethearts xx

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Sunday, June 19

NIP+FAB Frown Fix

Hi dolls,
So a while ago, I did a GIVE ME BOTOX post. I was in utter need of a Frown Fix and a Frown Fix is just what I got, or what I thought I had got at least.

Introducing.. Nip + Fabs Frown Fix..

I have had my eye on this product for a while, since I saw Joey Essex from The Only Way is Essex lauching it in Boots.
I looked into as the name of the product was just what I was looking for and the write ups seemed amazing.
It is constantly sold out online and in Boots, on the launch had thousands queuing up for it and has been described as a "miracle" as it has been 'clinically proven' to reduce lines and wrinkles up to 50 percent- a natural alternative to Botox. Okay, so this all sounded amazing to me and I was totally lured in and being the beauty excited girl that I am- I had to get my hands on one of these.
I'm sorry but I must be doing something wrong because this is not working for me.

"Wrinkles and expression lines will be no more with this revolutionary instant line filler!" - Instant? Theres nothing instant happening to my lines, infact theres nothing happening to them at all.

"The concentrated formula plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles; hydrating + moisturising skin to leave your face smooth + instantly younger."- Again, instantly younger- not at all. Plumps + Smoothes? Sorry this isn't happening either.

"amino acids smooth + minimise the look of expression lines
purslane extract
hydrates + diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
centella extract
fine lines appear visibly reduced"- Nip + Fabs website.

I may seem like a little bit of a hater here, but I am so disapointed. I'm hoping that I just have a faulty tube or something. I may send them a little email to ask if I am using this correctly and whether my expectations of the product are wrong.
I think I possibly read into the hype of this "must have product" a bit too much and maybe had too high expectations but its so annoying when you literally notice nothing from a product.


  • Twist tube until product comes out on first use.
  • Brush directly onto clean skin to target expression lines around eyes, forehead and mouth.
  • Use sparingly for prolonged use.
  • Apply before moisturising for best results.
  • Can be applied morning and/or evening if desired.
I have been doing exactly this a yes, only for just over a week or so but still.. in the product name it says "Instant Line Filler" and this isn't true for me.

I really wanted to try some more of there products like the Bust and Tummy Fix, but now I'm not too sure.

The product comes in a 4ml tube and has a very "YSL Touche Eclat" function to it with the twist it until the product comes out of the brush.
The product is quite a thin consistency and smells very clean and fresh.

I managed to get one in my local Boots after lots of attempts.

If you want to join the queue and try this for yourself, it retails at £10.25 and you can get it from Boots or Nip and Fabs website here

I am going to keep on using this product and I genuinely hope that I will be back with an eat my words post telling you how great the results are.

I'm sorry if this is all a little bit hateful, but I did just want to be 100% honest.

Have you tried Frown Fix or any other Nip+Fab product and what do you think? I'd love to hear!

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Summer Bracelets

If I could only have one accessory for every day wear, without a doubt I would choose a little bracelet each and every time.
I'm completely in love with little leather band bracelets and string friendship style "holiday" bracelets. I look forward to buying them on holiday and I buy them wherever I go. Obsessed much.

Today in Miss Selfridge I picked up these little beauts that I've been eyeing up. They was half price at £4.25. Amazing and I love them.

Here are a few from my collection of pretty Summer ones. I live in simple brown/khaki leathery or string ones, there constantly on my wrists but there not really pretty enough to blog about.

The plain Pink one in the middle was from Kate who has an online shop Dollybowbow, on making this post I realise the Polly Pockets have come off and are lost- I'm pretty heart broken about this! :(

I hope your all well and spoiling your dads/grandads/god fathers with love this Fathers Day.


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Saturday, June 18

Storage for my fave lipsticks and nail polishes...

Today was one of those "I need to change things in my room" days.
I like to keep things fresh and change it all up a little bit every now and again.

Today I decided to demote my cupcakes to another stand, and use this little put together yourself cheap and cheerful one from Sainsburys for my favourite Nail Varnishes and Lipsticks in a lonely corner of my bedroom.

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks- very girly and sweet, though I'm not sure how long it will be until I come into my room and they have all blown over.

On the top I've weighed it down a little with a few of my favourite perfumes- Gucci Flora, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Miss Dior Cherie.

What do you think and how do you store all of your goodies?
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John Frieda Sheer Blonde- Controlled Lightening Spray

Hello my lovelys,

Ready just in time for Summer, ready for those beachy locks, John Frieda have launched there Go Blonder spray into there Sheer Blonde range.

I was offered the chance to try a few of the John Frieda products and this is one of the products that I was really eager to get my hands on.

"Our exclusive, versatile formula with citrus and chamomile works with blow-dryer heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses. With Thermal Protectant. Not suitable for use on medium brown or darker shades of hair."
"For blondes only"

Okay, you got me- slapped wrists! I'm completely and utterly medium brown when it comes to hair colours but I couldn't really resist trying this. I always use Shampoo's and Conditioners for light hair, because I like the way it makes my hair look.
A little bit anxious at the risk of turning my hair into a huge mess for summertime, and knowing if it went wrong it would be completely my fault..I got spraying.
The fact that it is called Controlled Lightening Spray made me feel a little more on the safe side, but honestly I don't know how "controlled" it is.
I would like to clearly state here that I am not a hairdresser, I do not have any qualifications to give advice on hair and I do not recommend this to any one with Medium Brown or darker hair. I started using going 100% against the advice John Frieda gave.

I feel a little naughty saying this, because I don't want anyone else with darker hair to try it and then it go awfully wrong- but I love this spray!

When I first saw this product in Boots I couldn't help but think 'Sun In'..I covered my hair in that stuff when I was about 12 in Portugal and looked a horrid mess and ever since then Lightening products have scared me, but I can safely say that John Frieda are not like Sun In and have created a little wonder in spray form.

"Spray thoroughly on towel-dried hair, then style as desired. For optimal lightening, use hair straighteners or tongs after blow-drying. The more heat you use, the greater the effects.
ALLOVER LIGHTENING: Spray hair thoroughly, making sure to cover surface and under sections. Comb through and blow-dry.
HIGHLIGHTS: Spray on select strands from root to end. Comb through and blow-dry.
ROOT-BLENDING: Part hair into 1 inch sections and spray on roots. Blow-dry.

The way I used this product was after I had washed my hair, I towel dried it into a big scrunchy mess and sprayed throughly, but in no way evenly. I don't want all over blonde hair, I just want a little sunkissed colour for the Summer.
After blow-drying it I used my GHD's on it for "optimal lightening" and of course, because I wanted straight locks.
I have used this product about 4 times now, and have just started noticing the effects.
It has ever so slightly lightened my locks. Maybe 2 shades lighter than it was to begin with. I doubt it will be hugely noticable to everyone else but I can definitely notice a difference- especially to my ends which have gone alot lighter and given me a little bit of an unintentional ombre effect which I'm loving.

I'm not going to get carried away with this product as it isn't recommended for Brown hair and I don't want to keep going and then push my luck and end up regretting it. I'm happy with how its left my hair looking after a few tries and will maybe just use it once every few washes.

Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Polysorbate 20, Disodium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, VP/VA Copolymer, Polyquaternium-47, Parfum, Polyquaternium-55, Propylene Glycol, Acid Violet 43, Vitis Vinifera Juice Extract, Alcohol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Extract, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus Seed Extract, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, Tocopherol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool.

As you can see this product does have Hydrogen Peroxide in it-(more commonly known as bleach), which further added to my worry. I was terrified I would end up with a bleached stripey highlighted look or something.
Honestly, when John Frieda say this product is for Blondes only I think there saying it for the best.
I really don't want you Brunettes being risky and thinking because it worked for me, it will for you and then ending up with a mess.
For you blondes- you lucky things. This product will give you the most amazing effects and keep your hair looking bright,, blonde and beautiful. I imagine this would be great for touch ups between colours?

The spray comes in a 100ml size bottle and is apart of the Sheer Blonde range and costs £6.99
Full details of this product are on the John Frieda website here.

I hope your all very well
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Monday, June 13

A few things I'm loving right now..

I've not really done a "loving right now" post as such before, but I really wanted to share with you a few things that I'm reaching for daily and enjoy using..

Tigi Bed Head After Party- I love this smoothing cream, I love to smooth my ends down with this after I straighten my hair. It smells SO amazing too!

VO5 High Volume Weather Resistant Hairspray- I never really stray away from L'oreal Paris Elnett, I've used that forever but recently I was in Superdrug and saw this on offer for 2 for £4.50 which is pretty incredible seeing as its a 400ml spray. The word 'Volume' initally got my attention and seeing as I go through hairspray quicker than any other product because of work so I thought I would stock up and I'm really pleased.
It has all the same factors as L'oreal Elnett, its possibly a little "harder" when it dries and not as easily brushed out but its still a really good hairspray that I hugely recommend.

Nivea invisible 48 hour deodorant- Okay, pretty wierd to blog about yes, but we all use it so why not? Its amazing, it really does the job well! This is a protection from yellow stains and white marks which is important because I hate when clothes get deodorant marks on them-gross!
This has an ingredient that really chokes me and dries out my throat but I can get past that...
I'm not so sure still why they need to create a 48 hour deodorant? But hey! It costs about £2.

Soltan Tan Prolonger Aftersun- I have a confession, recently I've been hitting the sunbeds. I know I promised not to, but I want a nice colour base for the Summer!
I picked up this Soltan Aftersun Tan Prolonger from Boots literally just to moisturise my skin with before bed. It has a little bit of fake tan- hardly none, but it really keeps my skin moisturised and therefore prevents any peeling or dryness. It also has Cocoa Butter in it which I really like. I got this for £5.49 but at the moment its only £2.74. You can get it from Boots or online here.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer- Erm hello the most amazing concealer I've possibly ever used?
I haven't used anything from Collection 2000 since I was in my teens, but I had heard this being raved about quite abit so was interested to see what the hype was. Amazing!
I got it in two shades 4 Deep and 3 Medium (I think- the stickers gone), I tend to use the 4 Deep the most. I really love it, its such a nice consistency to work with and has great coverage. Its great over little blemishes and for my dark circles. It costs £4.19 which is pretty fantastic!
You can get this in Boots or online here.

I love my corner lashes, but find them really hard to get hold of. I usually use the Sleek Havana's, but was in a huge rush for the Kim Kardashian Launch last week so picked these ones up in Boots. They are really easy to use and really light on your eyes. They was on 3 for 2 and cost £4.34.

I hope your all fab


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Sunday, June 12

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser (with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish comparisons)

Hey dolls,
As you know I'm quite a huge fan of No7 at Boots and really don't think you can go wrong with the majority of there products. I think there a really affordable brand with higher end results.

With the amazing £5 vouchers around again, I decided to pick up something a little different this time. I used to be in love with the No7 4 in 1 Face Wipes and then I was introduced to Liz Earles Cleanse & Polish so I decided that what better product to try now, than No7's version.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser- Hypoallergenic

"The combination of this rich, indulgent cleanser and the gentle exfoliating muslin cloth, whisks away dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean, soft and radiant."

If you have tried a Hot Cloth Cleanser before, then you have probably tried the famous Liz Earles which is absolutely fantastic. I think No7 have created a really good version of the same product.

It's used in exactly the same way..
"Close your eyes, using your fingertips gently massage over dry skin in upward circular motions. Run the muslin cloth under comfortably hot water, wring out the excess and place cloth over your face whilst the cloth gently opens your pores. Then lightly polish off the cleanser in circular motions to remove any impurities. To finish, splash your face with cool water, to close your pores and pat dry"

I never had any reason to try any other product but I am pleased with the results I'm receiving from this. Theres a couple of differences between the two brands..
-No7 is a little more of a perfumed lotion and Liz Earle is a thicker consistency which I personally prefer.
-No7 200ml £9.00 - Liz Earle 200ml £21.95

I really love Liz Earle and do think I will continue to repurchase that because I think its a little more luxurious.
I prefer the consistency of the cream and feel like it sinks into the skin a little more- I find the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser sits on the skin and is possibly a little more oily.
However, at £9 for 200ml I don't think you can really complain, when purchased with the Boots voucher its £4 and at that price its absolutely necessary to purchase it.

My mum hasn't tried the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and she really loves using No7's Hot Cloth Cleanser and I think if I hadn't have tried Liz Earle already I would be superly impressed with it too.

With or without the Boots voucher, I recommend this product. It does the job and does leave your skin feeling and looking great.

Its available here and is currently on 3 for 2- even more of a bargain!

Have you tried this or will you be adding it to your basket next time?


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Saturday, June 11

Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim Kardashian's debut fragrance!

It was always going to happen for the entreperneur, model and actress and it finally has; Kim Kardashian has teamed up with SAS & Company and released her first and I'm sure it will not be her last perfume in the UK.

When Kim first decided she wanted to create a perfume, she did what she seems to do fantastically well at and used Social Media to gather ideas from her fans of what scents they liked in order to create a perfume that her fans would enjoy. She worked closely with these ideas and master perfumer Claude Dir of Givaudan to create the perfect perfume.

"When I started developing my fragrance, I really took inspriration from the feminine, pretty things I surround myself with- I thought about what makes me feel confident and special, and translafted that into a scent that all women can enjoy"-Kim Kardashian

Kim wanted to make a perfume that would be memories to others, how perfumes have been to her. She explained that her dad would bring her perfume after work trips and how she now collects all different fragrances.

After all of the different inputs, the final product is a blend of sensual and feminine notes, which she says captures the many sides to her personality and glamourous style.
Its a very mixed spicey and floral scent and the ingredients that are said to reflect Kim's personality are;
Floral Top Notes of mandarin, honeysuckle and orange blossom reflecting Kim's captivating nature, pink jasmine, tuberose, sensual spices and lush gardenia evoke at the heart to show her femininity and the last impression of tonka bean, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, sexy musk and creamy sandalwood to add warmth to the scent to represent Kim's softer side.

Whilst I was at the event, I was asking the other girls what it reminded them of as it was a scent that really smelt familiar to me. I'm sure it's one of the Agent Provocateur oils but I'm not positive, it really does remind me of something but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

I do like the fragrance and I enjoy wearing it, but I don't think it is an everyday perfume nor do I think it would appeal to everyones taste.
I usually go for quite sweet and floral scents and though this is nice, it is quite strong and a lot richer than I normally would choose.

I think Kim could have played it safe and created an easy wearable fragrance like a lot of celebrities do, but she wanted to be true to what represents her, her fans and her background and I personally think thats quite refreshing.

The bottles are really nice, I prefer the 100ml bottle as I think it looks that little bit more classy but they are both nice. I've said before in a previous post, I do think the packaging to a perfume plays a big part in the final purchase decision.

Kim wanted her style to come across in the packaging and designed a bottle that again, echoes her classic beauty and modern style.
The 30ml bottle is covered in Kim's signature KK whereas the 100ml is alot more simple with just one KK emblem emblazoned on the bottle which I prefer.

One thing that I wish was different is the name. I have a slight annoyance at self named celebrity perfumes, even the majority of high end fashion fragrances don't self name so why should celebrities? I guess Kim Kardashian has pretty much become a brand in herself but personally I would much prefer to say I'm wearing a named perfume rather than "I'm wearing Kim Kardashian"..But I guess it is all down to personal preference.

This perfume is available nationwide now exclusive to Debenhams and from July 2011 will be available at all leading retailers.

30ml Eau de Parfum - £22.95
50ml Eau de Parfum- £29.95
100ml Eau de Parfum- £39.95

What are your thoughts on this perfume and will you be treating yourself to KK?

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Thursday, June 9

Kim Kardashian Perfume Champagne Reception- The Dorchester, Park Lane 08/06/2011

Part Two

As I pulled up in a taxi to the location I couldn't have been any more thrilled. I was going to Kim Kardashians Perfume Launch- OMG!
I arrived at The Dorchester to the most amazingly glam team of people, and with an array of fans waiting outside the hotel for a glimpse of Kim my excitement was absolutely huge.

I showed my beautiful invitation and was lead through to the Crystal Room and was completely taken back by the beauty of the suite. It was extremely luxurious and was full of perfumes, Kim Kardashian cut outs, waiters and Champagne.

The room was full of excited bloggers, journalists, photographers and magazine editors and we mingled and tested the perfume whilst enjoying a bubble or two.
Whilst we waiting in anticipation for Kim to arrive, I was fortunate to meet some really wonderful people.

Kim had previously done a hugely successful signing in Debenhams Oxford Street (the perfume is exclusive to Debenhams until July) which some of the team were explaining was absolutely mental and had a massive turn out.

Kim arrived within about 40 minutes of the event starting and to be honest, it was all very much like a dream.
She told us how excited she was to have her own fragrance and the process she undertook to make it personal and intimate to her.
She explained that she collects perfume and how she links perfume to when her dad would give them to her as gifts after work trips, and wanted to create the perfect perfume that would be a memory to someone else.
I was amazed that I was stood in front of the, Kim Kardashian. I literally am one of her biggest fans ever so was totally taken back. I wouldn't be suprised if I looked like a total mouth opened amazed idiot.

After speaking for a while, Kim finished her presentation with "this room smells realllly good" which it most definitely did, and she offered photos and we had further opportunity to mingle.

The photos were very rushed by "her people", which I suppose is understandable but it was a little disappointing. I managed to get a photo, though a terrible one I am still extremley grateful to have even had the chance to begin with.
I took about 100 photos- don't worry I wont bore you with them all but here are a few of the eye make up, the shoes and THE engagement ring!

Eye closed shot of her make up for those of you that may want to recreate her look which was fab. She literally is a real life doll, she is absolutely immaculate. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

The huge Engagment Ring!
How amazing do her nails look aswell?

The Shoes!

After having the most amazing afternoon, we was fortunate enough to be given a Kim Kardashian bag with a 30ml and 50ml bottle of the self named Kim Kardashian perfume. We passed through The Dorchester whilst everyone was enjoying there Tea and I felt like a star.

We really got spoilt and it was a beautiful event. I loved floating around with my bag around London after, I spied a few eyes looking at it on the train which made me feel a little show-off'y yet amazing!

Coming up..The Perfume!!
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Wednesday, June 8

What I the Kim Kardashian UK Perfume Launch

Part One

Today was one of my most amazing days to date.
I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Champagne Reception for the launch of Kim Kardashians beautiful perfume at The Dorchester, Park Lane.

It was absolutely amazing and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
I love the Kardashians- especially Kim, so to have been invited was completely surreal!

I met some really fabulous people and we sipped Champagne and nibbled on lots of fabulous things in the most luxurious Crystal Room, it couldn't have been any more delightful.

(I am in this photo, but I cropped myself out because I look terrible :(..)

I have a huge amount of photos of Kim and the event to share with you and I will be posting them as soon as possible.

Rather than post a huge single photo heavy post, I thought I would share what I wore with you now and then I am able to go into complete detail with you on the Kim post- of course most importantly the perfume but also the shoes, the make up, the ring, the hair! It is so worth the wait I promise!

Black Gathered Boobtube Body- Miss Selfridge £12
Nude/Taupe Chiffon Maxi Skirt- Topshop £40

Xen Tan Dark Lotion
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40
Fake Bake Bronzer
Fake Bake Peach Blush
Boots Corner Lashes
No7 Brown/Black Eyebrow Pencil
Urban Decay Naked Palette- Sin, Naked, Buck, Half Baked
MAC Peachstock Lipstick


See Part Two for photos and details of the entire event.
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Saturday, June 4

Urban Decay Naked Palette

How excited was I when I saw that we had started stocking this in Duty Free at work? Very excited!

I've been eyeing it up for a while now, but as I'm sure you know- I'm not really an eye make up girl. I don't think it works 0n me very well and to be honest I'm just not very good at it.

I definitely need to have a little play and teach myself and thought what better way to do so, than with the Naked palette.

The Naked palette has been a huge sucess and is forever being raved about by beauty bloggers.
Its packed with 12 neutral shades which are just divine.
It comes in the nicest little casing with a little Primer Potion and an Urban Decay eyeshadow brush, I cannot wait to get started with using this.
I definitely think I already have my favourite shades but I will include them in a full review post with swatches very soon!

Have you got the Naked Palette? What are your favourite shades?
I would love to see looks you have created using it if you would like to link your photos/posts in the comments below.

I know that this is available in House of Fraser and Debenhams priced at £32.

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Wednesday, June 1

Barry M- Peach Melba Nail Paint

This morning was truely a little bit fabulous for two reasons.
Firstly, I finally got my hands on Barry M- 110 Peach Melba and secondly, its the 1st June which for me definitely signifies the beginning of Summer!

I have wanted Peach Melba for absolutely ages but no counters I have been to have had it, but fortunately the lovely Ray had one in her blog sale, yay! She posted it out to me so quickly and it arrived in the cutest little bag which further added to my excitement.

I've heard mixed reviews over Peach Melba but I personally am well and truely in love.
The colours definatley "me" and I am looking forward to wearing it throughout the Summer months.

The consistency isn't really very nice- its quite runny and I find it takes quite a while to dry and even then not very perfect, but with the perfect topcoat I think it will be dreamy.
I've only had it on for a day, but so far I haven't had any chips so fingers crossed!

Whilst I was in the Barry M spirit of things, I applied my Barry M Lip Paint in 147 Peachy Pink and I dont think I could have got a better nail and lip combination. I will definitely be pairing the two of these up together more and more as the Summer goes on..

I hope your all really well xx
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