Friday, March 30

MAC Melba

You know when you don't give second thought to a product that everyone raves about, and then one day you do, and then you kick yourself for not getting it sooner? That.

Melba is one of them products that I have heard so many great things about, but for an unknown reason I have never actually purchased. I am so happy that this is finally in my collection, as it is the most beautiful blush and I have worn it every day since treating myself to it.

I actually purchased this without a single swatch, which is quite strange for me as I usually like to give a product a bit of thought. On a first glimpse, it doesn't look anything particularly special, but I decided to trust the opinions of some of my favourite bloggers and just go for it.
In the pan, Melba is a muted Peach shade with a slight Pink tone to it and doesn't really look anything too special. It looks pleasant, but doesn't look half as amazing as it does on. 
Once on the skin, Melba is the most beautiful Peach Coral shade. It's super pigmented, and although I've gone quite heavy with it in the pictures above, even with minimal product used for a more natural look, it's the perfect product for finishing and brightening you up. 

One thing that makes me even more in love with this product is that it is a matte finish. Although I have recently been wearing coral blushes with a slight sheen or shimmer, matte finishes always win my heart and this is just beautiful.
With being a powder blush, Melba feels so soft on the skin and applied with my Real Techniques Blush brush, the application is perfect.

I think this is a really complimentary product and has fast become one of my make up bag essentials.

Have you tried Melba? What's your go to blush?

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Topshop Lip Stick- Powder Room

Left swatch- Pretty Baby, Right swatch- Powder Room
I picked this lipstick up a couple of weeks ago when I was in Topshop with the fabulous Corrie.
Going through all of the lovely lines, I picked this up to swatch it and immediately fell for it.
It looked to be the perfect Pink shade, and with being such a fan of this same product in the shade Coy, I just had to treat myself.

On getting home, and trying this out I must admit I was slightly disappointed. The lighting in Topshop must have fooled me a little, because this wasn't the shade that I remembered falling for.
I didn't think it was as bright as it actually is, and while I am a huge fan of Pink lipsticks, this isn't the shade I find myself to be reaching for much anymore.
With both the brightness and shade, it really reminds me of the Pretty Baby lipstick from the Make Up Store, which although it melts more than any other product I have ever used, I do really like. The only difference that fails me with this comparison, is the formula. I do normally go for mattes over any formula, but theres no hiding that the matte Topshop Lip Sticks are extremely drying.

I wear Coy with a lip balm and it's absolutely perfect, but I find that Powder Room is a little more drying and though yes, I could just top it off with a balm too, I find that this settles into the natural lines of my lip and just makes them stand out even more and isn't super pleasant to the eye.

I often just dab Coy onto my lips, and I'm left with a beautiful colour but I don't think that this colour applied lightly is anything too special, and though applied heavily is a lovely shade, is a bit too bright and a bit too much hard work for me for day-to-day wear.
I really wish it was the in-between shade that I thought I had purchased. 

Although I'm sure I will find a mix with this product and will probably reach for it more than I now anticipate, it's not my favourite Pink right now. Though if you are a fan of a brighter Pink, like I have been up until the past few months then this lip stick is more than likely, most definitely for you.

It's available in Topshop and costs just £7 which I think is pretty reasonable.

Have you tried any of the Topshop Lip Sticks? Which one is your fave?

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Thursday, March 29

Xen Tan Dark Mist Intense

 I mentioned in a previous post that Feel Unique were so kind as to send me a little box of treats and fortunately for me, this was one of the products.

Xen Tan is my favourite fake tan brand ever and I am constantly recommending and raving about it.
It's one of the more expensive brands, but for the past couple of years I have purchased my Xen Tan Dark Lotion from Feel Unique, as it's a lot cheaper on there than anywhere else. Funnily enough though, always going straight to repurchase that, I never have even given this product a thought.
To be honest, I never even knew that this product existed- which is weird, because I know my fake tans. Well, at least I thought I did!

This is the Xen Tan Dark Mist Intense weekly self tan, which like all of the Xen Tan products I have used, falls in to the dark range.
Unlike the others that I have tried; Xen Tan Dark Lotion and Xen Tan Absolute Luxe, this is in a spray formula, which I must admit is probably my least favourite when it comes to fake tan formulas.
I would say that this product falls between the two, with the colour and lasting power of the Dark Lotion (my fave) and the Vanilla scent of Absolute Luxe, but is most similar to the Dark Lotion.

The colour I achieve from using this is the same Olive colour that I get from using the Xen Tan Dark Lotion, although that's maybe after a couple of uses rather than after the initial application. This does too, have an immediate colour/colour guide, but it isn't as visible. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I like to see dark full tan immediately.
It's a very light pump spray, and although I imagined that this would be quicker to apply, I actually find it takes a little longer, as I find myself spraying my body and then applying the mitt to rub in and so forth, whereas with the lotions I can apply the to the mitt and go from there. I don't like to spray the mitt, as I feel it could soak it up and you could potentailly lose so much product that way. 
I have become a slight pro in the art of tanning, and have nailed my tanning routine to just a couple of minutes- amazing right? But with this I do find it a lot more lengthy, so would probably recommend this as more of a top up tan for in-between? 

It rubs in really easily, and dries super quickly. Quicker than the lotion does, and although I don't have any issues with Xen Tan lotions, it doesn't feel sticky in the slightest so is absolutely perfect for a top up and go.

Something I love about Xen Tan products, is that they are also designed to wear on your face. A lot of self tanning products don't recommend it, but Xen Tan is for the face and body. I do find that they don't take amazingly to my face like they do my body, but they work enough to give me a healthier glow.

I find this mist not to be as even as the other products, but I think thats just a case of me being so used to them and finding a spray harder to work with. I have had the unfortunate streak or two, which I must admit, is a little strange for me. But again, if you was to use this as an in-between or a top up, I doubt there would be much of a problem.

I do like this product a lot, but I will continue to stick to my favourite product in the range which is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion. I prefer the Marzipan sweet smell to the richer Vanilla scent of this, which I have mentioned in previous Xen Tan raves and the consistency of the product. 
My previous Xen tan product and service reviews are here (Dark Tan Absolute Luxe), here (Dark Lotion- more recent), here (Dark Lotion) and here (Xen Tan Spray Tan)- did someone say fan girl?

This product is available on Feel Unique here for £17.50 with free delivery (which I must add is always very quick for me).

For more information on all of the products, visit the Xen Tan Website.
Have you tried this or any of the other Xen Tan products? What are your opinions?

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Saturday, March 24

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman- Core Collection, Blush & Powder Brush

Today what started off as a quick trip into Boots for some essentials, turned out to be rather the opposite as I soon became aware from posters everywhere that they are in fact running a mix and match 3 for 2 promotion on hair, make up and accessories. 

If you're anything like me, then I'm sure a 3 for 2 offer makes you extremely happy.
I was holding out getting these until my Boots points built up a little more but when I saw lashes and nails apart of the offer I dashed straight straight down the aisle to the brushes.

I managed to pick up the Core Collection £21.99 that I mentioned I wanted in my previous Real Techniques post, the powder Brush for £12.99 and due to the amazing offer got the blush brush £9.99 for free! 
In total thats six brushes for just under £35, which I think is pretty good!

The Core Collection comes with a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush, a contour brush and a case. I've already taken these out and decided to put them in a new brush holder to keep them all together.

They're all so incredibly soft, and I can't wait to use them! The Real Techniques stippling brush has quickly become one of my faves and so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with the new additions.

If you're unable to get to a Boots store, fortunately these are available online here, if you was thinking about getting some before- then with this offer it's definitely worth considering!

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques Brushes? Whats your favourite?


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Thursday, March 22

SUPER By Dr Nicholas Perricone- Firming Activator

Back in the day when I did beauty therapy, it was drummed into my head that the most important skin routine was to Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. Whilst I practised this every day for a nearly a year, I became aware that toning wasn't doing anything particularly good for my skin. So I stopped. A few years later, I kind of felt like it should be in my routine again, after all, the professionals wouldn't tell you do it if it wasn't good?
So I did, and again, it did nothing but completely strip my skin of the good and bad. I thought maybe the product I was using was too harsh, so I tried a couple, and unfortunately I had the same results. Maybe the ones I have used in the past have all been too high in alcohol or something, either way they have put me off for life.

I was recently introduced to another product from SUPER By Dr Nicholas Perricone, the Firming Activator, and was kindly sent it to try out for myself.

When it first arrived at my door, I read through the press release and these two statements immediately stood out to me
"Toss your toner and step up your skincare routine with one of four revolutionary, triple-action Activators. While regular toners simple strip the top layer of skin, leaving it feel dry, our weightless, liquid-based Activarots exfoliate, hydrate and penetrate simultaneously, prepping skin to receive further treatment"
"Unwrinkle those crinkles"

Really wanting to improve my skincare routine (and get rid of my wrinkles), I was terribly excited about using this. Being a little worried that this was just a toner with a more fancy name, I decided to introduce it into my regime slowly, as it's better to be safe than sorry!

This product is one of four in the range, whilst I got the Firming Activator with Red Algae available also is Clarifying with Apple, Moisturising with Chia and Brightening with Melon.

SUPER products are all about using the benefits of SUPER foods and super nutrients to do amazing things to your skin and so in order to create a firming activator, Dr Nicholas Perricone created this using Red Algae, which contains a very powerful antioxidant- Astaxanthin. This is meant to help retain moisture in your skin and give the appearance of filled, plumped lines and wrinkles. Refined lines- fantastic! 
 Other key nutrients are Glycolic Acid which has been used to gently exfoliate and remove the surface oils that block our pores and Oat Beta-Glucan to create a protective barrier which is said to help retain the skins moisture. 

Like I said, all of the SUPER products are free of bad stuff and this is free of Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrances, Propylene Glycol and is also Cruelty free! - What a mouthful! 

"Cleanse, Activate, Tone"

This sits where a toner would normally sit in your routine, in-between the cleansing and moisturising stage.
I apply quite a lot of the product to a cotton pad, and run it over my clean face (particularly my forehead!).
Like I felt when I first used the SUPER 3 Minute Facial which I blogged about here, so used to feeling nothing, I was slightly concerned I was having a small reaction. It's weird when you jump to this conclusion when a product is probably just actually working. About 30 seconds after applying this, my face feels all tingly- nothing near uncomfortable but not the nicest feeling in the world either. This soon settles when the product has dried and I suppose, done its job.

"..advanced liquid Treatment Prep that exfoliates each and every pore, then saturates skin with antioxidants, active ingredients and hydration"

I always apply this in front of a mirror, trying to watch out for miracle disappearance of my lines and though there is no huge miracles, I'm pretty sure that this definitely does help to plump them out and make them less visible- though unfortunately they are still very much there.

When it comes to the exfoliation, I'm a little confused as to how this liquid product actually works, but it does seem to as my skin is left feeling incredibly soft and around my nose area definitely feels a lot more decongested. 

This product doesn't have the heaviest scent at all and though I've never smelt Red Algae, I imagine the scent is of that. The consistency of the product is exactly like water, and if it wasn't soaked into a cotton pad would just fall off of your face. 

I've mentioned before that fortunately I don't have troubled skin, and so although I want a good routine I don't really want to overdo it with products. I'm still not using this all the time and just introduce it into my routine once every few days for a little boost. 
I haven't noticed any huge changes in my skin, but my skin certainly feels a lot cleaner and tighter after using it. It definitely doesn't feel stripped and so with that, I am extremely pleased.

This product is on the more expensive side, costing £28.50 but I think its another case of you do get what you pay for.
It's available to buy now in Boots, Selfridges and on the SUPER website here

Have you tried any of the SUPER range? Do you fancy ditching the toning to activate instead?

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Tuesday, March 20

John Frieda Full Repair Range

Hair after using all of these products minus the Deep Infusion with a little bit of hairspray

If you read my blog regularly or follow my tweets, then you may be aware that I attended a rather special John Frieda event at Claridges and have since, been trying the Full Repair range that I was kindly given.

After hearing some wonderful things directly from the experts about this range, I had huge expectations and and I am really pleased to say that the results have lived up to them.

I wrote a rather in depth post about the whole range here but I thought I would give you a quick run down of my thoughts and opinions on the individual products as I have had quite a few questions!

John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner-
First and foremost, let me tell you that these products smell pretty amazing and fresh and although the whole range smells pretty much the same, these two are particulary delicious.
I have used these for the past month now at least once or twice a week as has my mum, and we both can't get enough. Both of us suffer from heat damaged hair, and the fact that these products work at repairing that, whilst giving you the freedom to carry on using the products is something that really appeals to us.

"Transform overworked hair without sacrificing style" 

The majority of the times we have used these, have been alongside other products but the times that we have used them alone, our hair feels super soft, cared for and weightless. Unfortunately, for me this hasn't given me the "full body" that it promises to. It does give me a little lift, but not volume as such.
However, I use these purely for the repair factor rather than volume, and will continue to do so. 

John Frieda Deep Conditioner
Out of the whole range, I think this is the product that does most of the work when it comes to repairing your hair. We love a hair treatment in my house, and this is very almost all gone. 
I tend to only usually use a deep conditioner once a week but recently, having coloured my hair quite a bit I'm using it slightly more than I would normally.
In the directions for use, it does say to only leave this on your hair for 2-5 minutes for an intense repair, but I like to think the longer the better, so leave it on for the duration of my bath. 
My hair feels so glossy and lovely after using this, as well as quite full/thick- almost the feeling you have after you have it coloured? Which I love. 
If you do use this, be sure to rinse your hair throughly, as I rushed it once and was left with a pretty yuck feeling in my hair.
As deep conditioning treatments go, this is a really nice one and I really recommend trying it. 

John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion-
This product is used on wet hair and is basically a light hair oil. You simply use one pump of this product (though be careful as it does kind of just shoot out), and apply it evenly to your hair concentrating on the ends and damaged areas- similar to how you would use a serum.
Although I probably need more care for the ends of my hair, my mum has used this product more than I have. Instead I have been reaching for the spray, which I will get onto next. 
Although it is quite an oily product, it doesn't leave your hair feeling oily at all. It in words of my mum "it looks like a grease, but doesn't make your hair feel greasy at all". 
She absolutely loves that this product makes her hair so silky soft and really does think its improved the condition of her hair, most importantly the ends! I can tell by the lack of product left, that this is a have of hers! 
I think the fact that its an oil is whats put me off, and although I should have learnt that these products are weightless- I feared that it would weight my hair down a bit.

John Frieda Perfect Ends Sheer Mist-
This is the product that I've been reaching for the most to care for my horrible ends. It's pretty similar to the Deep Infusion above, but a lighter and in spray form. I tend to product overload quite a bit, so a treatment in spray form is much better for me. I spritz a couple of times throughout the body of my hair, but concentrate quite a lot on the ends- often pulling it into a ponytail and spraying the ends to get it all at once!
It really does make my hair pretty smooth but not overly soft or flyaway, which personally, I cannot stand.
My ends are looking a lot better than they were- though still in desperate need of cutting, they are a lot better and much more calm than they was a month ago.

John Frieda Root Lift Foam- 
This product is where my hair styling all falls a little more into place. Using the rest of the products in this range without this, would probably leave my hair super silky and soft but without something I find necessary- volume. This doesn't give  huge volume like some volume sprays or mousses would,  but it does give a great lift at the root. When I use this and add my rollers into the equation, I am given perfectly huge hair which I cannot fault in the slightest.
This product is supposed to be applied just to the roots at the crown of your head, but liking as much lift as I do, I apply it a little more- naughty!
 It's a very light product, and like me, you will probably expecting it to be like a mousse. It isn't, in fact it's more like the froth on the top of a beautiful coffee. If I hadn't have been told the consistency was going to be like that- I probably would have kept shaking it, assuming it wasn't working properly!
It really is quite runny and I always need to clean my hands after to avoid that sticky feeling- but it smells amazing and works really well, so it's still a winner!

John Frieda Styling Spray-
A case of saving the best until last- this is by far my favourite product in the range, as I am now all about the styling! 
This product is used by spraying throughout your towel-dried hair, before drying. I'm not sure how to really describe this product, other than its kind of like a hairspray that you use prior to drying/styling your hair? It literally is magic, and keeps the style locked into my hair. It's a dream when it comes to styling curls or waves in your hair, especially for me, as because I have quite fine hair they often fall out quite easily.
John Frieda describe it as "all day, full- bodied styles" and that literally is what it does for me. 
I always go for volume styles, and this keeps it big and styled with minimal touch ups.
A huge, huge bonus for this product is that it also protects your hair from heat, which if you're using these products- then you're probably a heat junkie like myself and will benefit from this hugely!  

I really like that these products don't just coat your hair with temporary goodness, and that the Inca Inchi Oil in these products genuinely works a treat at penetrating your hair and repairing it, like promised. John Frieda have come up with some pretty special products here, that in my opinion are definitely worth a try. 

Overall, I really like this range, and although I am constantly trying new products, I will continue to use these- particularly the style spray which I feel I need to stock up on to last a life time! 

Have you tried any of this range? What product stands out to you the most?

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Saturday, March 17

What I'm wearing..

I'm having quite a quiet Saturday really- running a few little errands, catching up with some blogs, eating lots of junk and I may well indulge in a little bit of online shopping to top it off nicely.
I thought that I would share my make up with you, it's not anything particularly different but I'm using a serum on my face today and I can't help but think it makes my make up look a lot more fresh looking.

Elemis Super Boost Moisturising Serum
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer
Sleek Crochet from the Lace Blush by 3
Make Up Forever HD Powder
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
New CID Cosmetics i-flutter- Black
MAC Creme de Nude with a dab of Topshop Coy on top
MAC Fix +

I've had a few people ask me what colour I'm using on my hair, and it's a Nice 'n' Easy Semi-Permanent home dye in Dark Warm Brown and I really love it. It fades after a few weeks, which I'm perfectly happy with.

I hope you're all well, oh and happy St Patricks Day if you celebrate it or have any Irish blood like me ;)

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Friday, March 16

New CID Cosmetics i-gel

I received this at the New CID event in my goodie bag and so have had this for a while but I used it properly for the first time today. I'm not so much of an eye liner girl, so the thought of a gel eyeliner scared me a little? I'm not really a fan of change, and not really having the best technique I was a little apprehensive, but in fact I really enjoyed using it. 

New CID Cosmetics i-gel comes in quite a huge box for such a small product, and inside is the i-gel trio compact and a brush.
There is three shades in the little mirrored pot; Granite, Graphite and Carbon. I'm wearing Carbon here, which is a pretty Black Black.

The consistency of the product really surprised me, in the packaging it looks like it would be a lot harder than it actually is. It's really soft and glides out very nicely. One tiny bit on the brush lines my eye, without having to apply any more. However, this would obviously differ from person to person. 

I put this on at about 10am this morning, and now, at 5pm it is still in the same position and the colour hasn't faded at all. Now, not being a super eyeliner fan, I'm not overly sure what one looks for in good qualities, but I'm guessing the product not fading away or moving is a brilliant thing.

This brush works really well with the product and is the perfect size for a nice application.

This product is available in two other trios; Bronze, Copper & Stone and Emerald and Indigo & Midnight Blue. Different shades compliment different skin tones and eye colours but I imagine the Carbon, Granite and Graphite is most popular.

This is available on the New CID Cosmetics website here and costs £21.50. 
If I do opt for a lined eye, I usually use my L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss, which costs a little over £5 and works perfectly, so I do think that maybe this would be a little pricey for someone like me that doesn't use a liner as a day to day product. 

Have you used this product or any other gel eyeliner? 


-After many requests, I've decided to make my font a little bigger from this post onwards. I hope this helps!
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Wednesday, March 14

Shu Uemura- Whitefficient Gentle Cleansing Oil

As I'm sat here in an extremely tingling face mask, I am becoming more aware that I'm slowly changing from the rather lazy skin care girl that I have always been, to the girl that can't really get enough of it. With that in mind, Shu Uemura's Whitefficient Gentle Cleansing Oil became apart of my life just at the right time.

I received this a couple of weeks ago at the Shu Uemura event, and though Oil Cleansers are something I wouldn't necessary usually go for, and have in fact decided against in the past- I am finding myself to absolutely love this.

Since ditching the face wipes as my every day make up remover/facial cleanser for Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish, I've tried the occasional sample cleansers and have found nothing to even come close.
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is the cleanser I will always recommend, as an all rounder is it absolutely perfect.
Although terribly excited, I'm also a little sad that my routine has actually begun to change slightly, and now once a day- mostly in the mornings I head to this product instead.

I have only been using this a short while, only a little over a week in fact, but I really have been loving using it and so thought I would give you a little (big) update whilst I have some time on my hands, before going back to work!

Shu Uemura Whiteffcient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil isn't a new product on the market, though this is a limited edition version of the product, as a part of the brands collaboration with Japanese Kimono artist, Mamechiyo.
 It is one of the four cleansing oils that Shu Uemura have in the range, all offering to combat different skin conditions and concerns- clarifying, brightening, balancing and aging. 

Packaged in the most beautiful 450ml bottles, this product is so nice to work with and has incredible results.

This product is essentially an oil, and I was extremely apprehensive about using it but after hearing such amazing things I couldn't not. Putting an oil on my face kind of scares me, and before, I could only assume that it would sit in my skin, clog up my pores and really, just make it a mess. Thankfully, my assumptions could not be further from the truth. Phew!

 You apply it the skin and use it as you would any other facial cleanser;  a few pumps depending on how much you need to remove or clean and rub it into your face which is a smooth delight experience. Once it's all rubbed in is where it begins to differ and where the magic happens- you then wet your face and the oil emulsifies, turning the oil into more of a cleansing milk. It literally transforms instantly and is pretty special. Normally, water and oil would work against each other but in this case, it is just beautiful. 
After your done rubbing this into your skin, simply rinse it off and your face is a clean, incredibly soft dream. When it comes to rinsing this off, I often use a clean muslin cloth- I don't know what I did before these. This isn't necessary, but I think it just adds a little touch.

Although I haven't been wearing as much face make up as of recently, I still am quite heavy in the eye area with my brows and mascara and this oil really removes it all so well.

"Achieve fascinating beauty with the determined mind of the plum blossom, this limited-editon brightening cleansing oil   swiftly cleans skin and removes impurities and make-up.  Skin appears less dull, smoother, brighter and more clarified" 

This is a quote from Shu Uemura and although quotes are often quite far fetched, this is spot on. If I use this in the morning, I really do feel like my skin is so much brighter and I have actually felt a lot more confident to go make up-less day to day this past week. My face feels more alive and most importantly, really clean.

I love everything about this product, the bottle, the delicious smell, the softness, the ease of use- everything, except for one downfall, the price. For this size product (450ml), it is a little more on the pricey side, costing £56.50. You probably "eek'ed" a little like a few of us did when we found out. A justification of this, is that it will last you a long time. However, looking at the bottle, the "lifespan" of this product (the little bottle/lid symbol and number on the back symbolises how long after it has been opened, it should be used for- like a best buy date!) is just six months, which is quite a lot less than other cleansers I have tried. If you won't be using this a lot, I think it is quite a lot to spend. 

The smaller bottle of this, costs £28 but unfortunately aren't available in this limited edition Mamechiyo style. I think if you decide you want to try it, or want to treat yourself then you definitely should, but maybe the smaller bottle would be best to try first.

Shu Uemura is available online here as well as stores such as Space NKLibertySelfridges and Harvey Nichols. 

Have you tried any skin care from Shu Uemura or even a cleansing oil? I'd really love to hear your experiences.
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Tuesday, March 13

Kiehl's Creme de Corps for Great Ormond Street Hospital

When I received this last week, I couldn't wait to get started on using it and promised that this week I would let you know how I was getting on with it. 
I actually think I sampled a little bit of this in the Thailand Kiehl's store pictured above, which in that dry heat when down a treat.

I do love a body moisturiser, although tend to find so many of them quite greasy. I quite often go for a Body Shop Body Butter or something similar, but definitely prefer something more milky and lighter.

Kiehl's Creme De Corps is a "super-enriched moisturising treatment for the body with Beta-Carotene for dry or flaking skin that needs extra care and moisture nourishment", now my skin doesn't need extra help as it isn't particularly dry, but being so into fake tan, it's important that my skin stays moisturised to avoid that cracking, dry (awful) look.

The key ingredients of this product include Beta-Carotene, Cocoa Butter and Sesame Oil. The only one of these important ingredients I really know about here, is the popular choice of Cocoa Butter. If it's not citrus based, then I'll always opt for a product where Cocoa Butter is included, I find it really nourishing on my skin and I know its a popular choice for others too.

I must admit, I don't normally moisturise myself that much. Well not as much as I should. I've probably just failed myself as a beauty blogger there but it's just something I'm normally quite lazy on. Since receiving this, I have been moisturising twice a day, without fail (except on Fake Tan Friday! Once after my morning shower, and once before bed. 

I absolutely am thrilled with the results. This lotion is definitely the consistency I prefer- milky and quite light. It's no effort to rub in and although this product is said to take a little longer than others to soak in, I find it soaks in and dries pretty quickly. It does feel a bit greasy, but I'm guessing with it being formulated for super dry skin, it would be. I can however get dressed or get into bed straight away and it's not uncomfortable in the slightest.

Particularly my forearms and legs feel really soft and smooth, which now, with Summer creeping up on us, is great timing.
Most importantly (shallow statement), it has kept my fake tan beautiful. I had a super exfoliate on Thursday night, ready Friday but before and after, hasn't flaked or gone dry looking- eek!

The scent of the product is extremely subtle, and nothing overwhelming at all. To be honest, its more unscented than anything, which I find really pleasant.

I've not quite used this for ten days running, but it is said to be that after ten days you will notice a difference. I certainly believe this statement to be true, as after just seven I seem to have. 
Some of you may be wondering why on earth I am writing up about a skincare product just one week after receiving it, and I totally understand. It is limited edition and is for a great charity, so I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible. It's also working such a treat and I really don't think it will go downhill from here- although of course, if it did I'd let you know!

In the Kiehl's world, this is an extremely popular product and normally comes in four different sizes, in quite a simple bottle (which I love).
The product pictured above is in fact a 500ml Pump, beautiful Limited Edition version, which has been released in collaboration with Daisy and Pearl Lowe for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.
It's a little more pricey than any Body Moisturiser I have tried before, but may have become one of those more pricey treats for myself. The 500ml Pump bottle is £44 and this limited edition bottle is available from both free standing Kiehl's stores and Selfridges.

For more information or to find the original, visit the Kiehl's website here

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Saturday, March 10

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver

Being such a huge fan of the Enrapture Heated Rollers which I posted about here and have raved about ever since, I was absolutely thrilled when I was very kindly given the opportunity to try out another of the three Enrapture tools- the Amplify Jumbo Waver.

If you read my blog frequently, then I'm sure you will be aware that the majority of the time my hair is straight. Thats how my hair is naturally, but of course, we always want what we haven't got and so I quite often dream of having a wave or curl to my hair.

The Amplify Jumbo Waver is a tool that will help you to create a wavey look- whether you lust for a rocky edgy style, a defined S wave, a beachy boho look or more simply volumised texture. Always striving to get the biggest hair possible, I like to use this tool to get as much volume and texture into my hair as possible.

As you can see from the pictures above, this is quite a huge tool and kind of reminds me of a giant crimper- although fear not, this will not give you the crimped look you may have worn in your childhood! It's made up of Jumbo 25ml barrels, and so when each section of your hair has been heated within the barrels, you are given quite big S shape wave.

It has variable heat settings which go from Low to High starting at 140° for the lowest temperature suitable for fine, thin hair like mine, 180° for medium which is suitable for normal hair and 210° for the highest which is most suitable for coarse hair.
I jumped straight to the hottest, as most people probably would, but please be aware that this is VERY hot, and if you don't need it then I would stay away from it.
On the first try of using this, I burnt my hand, fortunately its healing quite well but it really is so important to be careful with heat tools. Yes, they are a dream but they can be dangerous too, so please be careful!

This Amplify Jumbo Waver is really easy to use once you get used to it and with being quite a big tool- it is pretty quick to use.
It's Titanium, rather than Ceramic which means it is quite friendly to the hair, preventing a snagging finish and it distributes the heat better providing a more even wave.

I section my hair into four, and take quite thick chunks and use this about two times in length.
You will achieve quite a tight S wave on release, I personally don't like that look so I leave it to cool down as I finish the rest of my hair and afterwards make sure it has cooled down to allow it to set, spray a little hairspray on the tight waves and then brush through with either a wide tooth comb or just a paddle brush.

From there, you can play with it a little to achieve the look you want, maybe going over bits a little more.
I tend to backcomb it all a little, I really don't like neat hair on me so I mess it up a little on the way.

The picture above is how I would love my hair to naturally be- big and a little wild. But as I mentioned, this tool can be used for so many different looks.
I think on longer hair, really defined waves would look super nice, to achieve that look, it would be pretty similar but with smaller sections and you wouldn't need to brush it out afterwards.

This product can be used on all types of hair, but in terms of extensions can only be used on 100% Real Human hair.

This normally retails at £74.99 and is available from Selfridges, Next,  John Lewis, Boots, Very andArgos but if you're quick I found it quite a bit cheaper in Currys.

For more information and tips, and to see more looks used with this product have a little look on the Enrapture website.

Have you used the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver? What do you think?
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