Monday, April 30

Zara Messenger Bag

Theres lot of blogger/YouTube hype around Zara at the moment, especially their bags and rightly so. Zara is spot on at the moment and like many others I fell for this bag in particular- the Messenger Bag with Edging.
I couldn't decide between Black and Grey so I decided that seeing as they are beautiful and only £19.99 each that I would be naughty and just get both.

I slightly prefer the Grey over the Black, purely because of the Rose Gold hardware rather than the standard Gold, but they are both so incredibly soft, pretty, spacious and slouchy and I absolutely love them.
I'm so pleased with them and can't wait to take them out, although I'm going to try not to over use them. I got an Orange and Brown day clutch in Zara a few weeks ago and it's already looking a little messy as the dye has transferred from my clothes onto it, which I'm really sad about.

What do you think of these bags? Is Zara a winner for you at the moment too?

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Wednesday, April 25

Laura Mercier Peach Whisper

Last week I spent the day wandering around London and found myself having one of those must buy everything days. I had in mind that I wanted this product ever since swatching it when I was with Jessica who actually purchased it at the time and ended up treating myself in the rather dreamy beauty department in Liberty.

It's one of Laura Merciers second skin cheek colour blushes, in the most delightful soft Peach matte shade.
I find it is so perfect at brightening up my face and completing my make up. 
I find that this blush is both super pigmented and long lasting and I don't find myself needing to touch it up through the day or night, although I can't help but carry it around and so often end up doing so anyway.

Peach Whisper is one of five of the new shades in the collection and although I don't really love the other four, others in the collection as a whole I really want to try are Rose Petal and Lush Nectarine.

Although I do like the little mirrored packaging and find it all very sweet and delicate, I do think that £20 which is how much this blush costs is a little expensive for just 3.6g of product in comparison to say MAC, which is almost double and still a few pounds cheaper. 

Never the less, this is such a beautiful product and is a beautiful addition to my ever growing collection.

I would quite like to treat myself to a few more of the blushes in the future and give myself an excuse to buy a nice Laura Mercier palette to put them all in.

Have you tried any Laura Mercier blushes and do you like this shade?

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got2b play it straight

New from Schwarzkoph is this genius product that will say goodbye to any out of control curls or flyaway frizz and hello to smooth, straight locks.
It works in just two super simple steps to to create a sleek, straight, smooth blow dry that will last for up to an incredible ten washes!
 The formula contains a special protein as well as keratin and silk, which together will banish the frizz and care and condition your newly straightened locks.

Step 1- Smoothing
Shampoo hair without massaging the scalp
Towel dry and comb, then secure hair into 4 sections with plastic hair clips
With gloves on, apply the smoothing serum to each section, then comb through to straighten the hair
Let the serum process for 20 minutes (25 minutes for thick hair)
Comb hair 3 to 4 times during the process to ensure it remains straight
After 20 minutes, rinse hair with luke warm water (don't shampoo!)

Step 2- The Sealing
Repeat the same steps with the sealing cream and let it process for 10 minutes
Comb the hair again, 2 to 3 times
Rinse hair (don't shampoo, but use a conditioner if needed)

After you have completed these two steps, simply take control of your new style by blow drying your hair with a big round brush!  

I haven't used this product yet, but am personally very excited to. My hair is pretty much straight anyway, but I'm looking forward to a sleek frizz free look.

got2b play it straight has an RRP of £6.99 and is available now from Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Savers and Amazon.
For more information on this product, have a little look at the got2b Facebook page here or the 'How to video' here 

Are you going to play it straight?

*This is a sponsored post
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Sunday, April 22

What I'm wearing, Wahanda and a hair cut

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Chanel Bronze Universal
NARS Laguna
Laura Mercier Peach Whisper
Eylure Individual Lashes- Brown*
Gold by Giles Bronze Blush* 
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
L'oreal Caresse Lovely Rose

I went out last night for a few cocktails at the Mayfair Bar in London to celebrate one of my friends birthdays. I wore a little bit more make up than usual and decided to wear some lashes which surprisingly, I haven't done for a while. On my eyes I'm wearing a combination of colours, which in fact all come from a Gold by Giles Bronze blush set which is made up of five shades. The pigmentations lovely and though they're obviously not intended for your eyes, I thought why not and was pleasantly surprised!
I recently purchased a Laura Mercier blush in Peach Whisper and I am loving it. It's such a pretty, pretty product so expect a full review shortly.

Last week I finally got my hair cut! It's not massively different, but thats purely because I wanted to keep the length as I am enjoying it and it makes getting ready for work easier and a lot less stressful.
Wahanda were kind enough to offer me a voucher to spend on a 'Wahanda Spa Deal' on their website, and I quite frankly jumped at the chance. The website is full of salons, spas and pretty much every treatment you could possibly dream of, the majority with fabulous deals at amazing prices. I was too spoilt for choice and though I really wanted to go on a Spa Day, I knew a haircut was super necessary so opted for a haircut at the Lisa Shepherd Salon in London. I'd heard so many incredible reviews about it, and spent my voucher on a 50% off Cut, Treatment and Blow dry, which was £39. The website it super easy to use and is really worth a look, especially if you already have a treatment or spa day in mind! I've been looking at a few really reasonable deals that Wahanda offer since, that I'm considering giving as presents which I think is a really good idea.
I got my hair cut by the lovely Carly, who may I add did the best blow dry I have ever had, it was all big, bouncy and full of volume- it's just a shame I got rained on twice afterwards! 

I coloured my hair as normal with Nice n Easy- Dark Warm Brown, it's semi permanent and fades pretty quickly but it's cheap and cheerful and I love the colour and shine it gives me.

I hope you're all really well and having a lovely weekend

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Friday, April 20

Sure Maximum Protection

On Tuesday I had an extremely busy day and in the evening was invited down to the Sure Womens Maximum Protection event at Vanilla.
It was such a lovely way to end a hectic day, with lots of fabulous company and delicious themed cocktails. We all got involved and played games to test us under pressure and I must have been having a good day, as I won a beautiful bottle of Champagne for fastest time on the above Buzz game- a super speedy 8 seconds ;)

Sure have created three new super conditioning, Maximum protection deodorants and I personally find them absolutely brilliant.
I was kind enough to be given a couple to try out prior to this event and though creamy deodorants were never really my thing, they have quickly taken place over any deodorant in my bathroom cabinet. 

They offer a huge amount of protection for 48 hours, which is a lot and although I am assuming we all wash daily anyway, is super reassuring as you know it will get you through the day at least. 

Sure Maximum Protection uses a TRIsolid formula, that is made up of three components; extra strength dryness protection, patented fragrance technology that contains odor-protecting microcapsules that dissolve when you sweat to keep you smelling nice and skin conditioning ingredients to protect you from any irritation.
 It is really so moisturising and whilst at the event, a scientist was there to show us a little trick at how the ingredients work to literally stop any sweat coming through (yuck!). One of the ingredients was a gel that created a wall to stop even a full glass of water soaking through a piece of material. It was super soft and in fact really reminded me of a face primer! 

They really are fabulous products, especially for me in my line of work. I mentioned that I used this product in my 'Products I take to the sky with me' post, and it really has become a necessity for me.  Everyone needs deodorant and this keeps me so fresh throughout any day- stressful or not.

This product is available in three variations; Clean Fresh Scent, Confident and Sensitive.
They are 45ml in size and have a RRP of £5.09- slightly more expensive than most deodorants, but honestly, they really are so worth it. 

Will you be adding trying this to keep you fresh throughout the Summer months?

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Tuesday, April 17

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel- Bronzing Make Up Base

I recently mentioned that I finally took the plunge and purchased Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel, more commonly known as Chanel Bronze Universal.
I have wanted this for ages, but it was near impossible to get hold of one due to the fact that I think they were in the process of redesigning it. Fortunately, I finally did and I don't even know where to begin with how much I love this product. It's easily my favourite product of the year so far.

Before the product even comes into it, this has the most delightful, beautiful packaging and before I even apply it I feel a million dollars. The look, the feel and the Gold Chanel logo taking centre stage turns this from a good product into such a luxurious product and I feel so incredibly happy to finally own it.
Taking it out of my make up bag makes me smile- sad right?

I have read so many reviews on this product, both good and bad. The most common negative comment on this product seems to be that people have found it quite difficult to use and were disappointed by that. I was a little hesitant because of this, however I still gave it ago and luckily from the offset I seem to have been able to use this with ease. Maybe thats because I did know what to expect or maybe I am just lucky.

It's a cream, mousse like formula and can be used on it's own or with other products, both under and on top of your foundation. I personally like to use it as a bronzer on top of my foundation.
I have tried quite a few brushes to apply this, but my favourite at the moment is most definitely my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 
The smallest amount product is needed so I would suggest not going overboard and thinking you need more than one swirl of the brush. I did once, which was very silly as quite frankly, I want to prolong this product for as long as possible and thats just wasting it.
I apply this to my regular bronzer three- under my jawline, on my cheekbones and my temples just after my foundation has been applied. I find using it this way, it applies so smoothy and blends like an absolute dream.
It works well with all of my foundations, though I do prefer it with Nars Sheer Glow.

On the skin, this product looks like how a bronzer powder would, though not as dark as some I've tried and a lot more dewy which for the first time ever I am really loving.

Being a Chanel product, this is a little more pricey at £29 for 30ml but it is a seriously beautiful product, it looks amazing and I imagine it will last a long while. To justify the purchase, I got it at the Chanel counter in Boots with the use of some Boots points. 

Are you tempted by this product or even just by the Gold Chanel?

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Saturday, April 14

What I'm wearing..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Chanel Bronze Universal
Benefit Hervana*
HD Brow Rich Brown
Gold by Giles Mascara*
L'Oreal Caresse Lovely Rose

Two products I'm especially liking from todays make up are the Gold by Giles mascara, it takes a couple of coats to get the look I like, but it definitely works very really well at lengthening my lashes! The second product is my beloved Chanel Bronze Universal- why didn't I get this sooner? I love it so much. I'm going to do a full review on this probably in the coming week so keep your eyes peeled. 

I finally have booked a hair appointment for next week, after reading so many raves I booked an appointment at the Lisa Shepherd Salon in London. I won't be having a major cut, because I'm enjoying having it a little longer at the moment but I'm looking forward to ditching the horrible ends and having it be  a little more manageable. 
I'm suffering a little bit at the moment with a small patch of dry scalp- yuck right? I've tried a couple of products which calm it down but then it sadly creeps up on me again. This isn't something I really wanted to tell the world, but I would love some recommendations if you have any? 

I hope you're all well xx
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Friday, April 13

Gold By Giles Lip Gloss- Stop!

Red is a colour that I occasionally wear if I'm having a more out there day and today was one of them. 
I decided that rather than wearing a Red lipstick, I would take the opportunity to try out the Gold by Giles Lipgloss in Stop!*

It's the most pigmented lip gloss that I have ever, ever worn and I can't fault it in any way.
It applies to the lips so smoothly and isn't in the slightest bit sticky which I love.
It has a barely there typical make up scent with no particular taste to it.
Whats even better is that it is just £2.99, which is incredible.

It's not something I will wear every day, because as you know I'm a Nude girl but when I'm having a more adventurous day this will be one that I reach for.

For more pictures and information on the full range, see my post on the Gold by Giles event here

Stop! will be available in selected New Look stores and online on the 21st April.

What do you think of this lip gloss? Is it something you would wear?

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Japonesque Travel Sized Make Up Brushes

Okay, hands up I have a statement to 100% retract. Once upon a time, I may have said that in my opinion a brush is just a brush. I know right? How dare I? Over the past few months I have got so absolutely brush happy and the brushes I have now tried have just proved to me that a brush is not just a brush and can in fact completely change the way your make up both looks and feels.

A few weeks ago, I received a rather special Japonesque package containing a Travel Angled Foundation Brush*, a Travel Blush Brush* and a Travel Brow and Lash Comb*.
I have heard so many raves about Japonesque brushes and after my local Boots store recently beginning to stock them I was becoming more and more intrigued and I was therefore especially excited to receive them. 

I only became aware of Japonesque, like I said more recently when I started to read more and more raves about there products however, they have been around for a considerably long time (20 years!) and now that they are available to buy in more accessible stores like John Lewis and Boots, I think that they are going to become even more popular than they already are.

I'm obviously no expert when it comes to brushes, but I'll try my best to give you the low down and my opinion.

Travel Blush Brush 924
This is a super tiny handled Blush brush, that is perfect addition to my collection as I'm currently going through a slight blush obsession. I find that using it directly sometimes picks up maybe a bit more product than I like, but it works absolutely perfectly at blending colour out on my cheeks.
It's described as being perfect for contouring, but to be honest I prefer something even smaller.
The quality of this brush is really good and the brush itself is incredibly soft.
It retails at £24, which I think for a travel sized brush does seem a little steep but they are the same quality as you would get from the professional long handled brushes and being so compact always comes in handy for me.

Travel Angled Foundation Brush 914
I've recently been raving so much about my Real Techniques Stippling and Buffing brush when it comes to applying foundation and currently, I'm afraid nothings going to quite beat them, however, this travel sized angled foundation brush really is one of the better additions to my brushes as with its tiny little size and flat angled shape it really gives me such precision to my final touches around my harder to apply areas such as around my nose, my eye area and around my brows which otherwise end up covered in product themselves.
It really is so handy, and if you're looking for an angled foundation brush to apply your full foundation then this is advertised at being perfect for building colour- both sheer and full coverage.
This brush retails at £19.50, which I think is pretty reasonable for a good quality foundation brush.

Travel Brow/Lash Comb 844
I can't tell you how many Brow and Lash combs I have, I think it's one of those brushes that comes in almost every set you own. In saying that, it's the one brush that I reach for every day- whether I'm wearing make up or not.
Brows are a huge deal to me and the very thick tight bristles on this comb my brows and put them into shape perfectly. I don't use the Lash comb so much and in my opinion that is one tool that does pretty much does do the same job as any other. It works perfectly well to separate and get any unwanted clumps out of my mascara. On occasion, I might also use it on my brows to work through them out inwards to make sure they are combed through perfectly.
This comb costs £9.75, which is considerably cheaper than the others.

I must say, if you are interested in these brushes, you must really be aware that they are super travel sized. If you are looking for professional quality brushes but want to save money by going for these, they might not be for you. The full length of these brushes is no bigger than six inches, and although they are perfect for me and are now some of my go to brushes when it comes to keeping in my make up bag and for work purposes, it is personal preference and if you like a longer brush you might find them harder to work with.

There are 20 brushes in the travel sized brush range and I especially want to try the Travel Stippling Brush.
The full ranges are available with more information on the Japonesque website.

These are available to buy now, and in the UK are available in John Lewis and Boots

Have you tried any Japonesque brushes or are you tempted?

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Wednesday, April 11

L'Oreal Paris Caresse- Lovely Rose

I didn't really need to buy another lipstick, especially when I mentioned before that I'm kind of going off wearing a Pink lip and opting for more Nude shades again, but with the hype that is surrounding the L'oreal Rouge Caresse products- I couldn't resist.

I must admit, when the lipstick/lipbalm phenomenon hit the UK, I was initially swaying towards the Revlon Lip Butters, but after swatching away like a crazy woman in Boots, I decided that none of the colours were really for me. 
I first came across these on a little bit of a whim really, and absolutely fell in love with this shade. After a little research into it and finding out how similar they were in formula to the Revlon Lip Butters via so many blog posts, my search to find somewhere that actually had it in stock was well and truly on!
I eventually found it in a smaller Boots and being a part of the 3 for 2 offer, I was a super pleased girl.

There is ten shades in the L'oreal Rouge Caresse range, but Lovely Rose is the only one that really stood out to me. There is only one shade lighter and thats Fashionista Pink but I found that far too light and sheer for me. The rest are all much darker and didn't really appeal to my taste.

 The formula is lovely and the application is super easy, however in terms of the formula I don't think I could wear it too much. I like the feel of having a full on lipstick on my lips and with this being a lip balm like formula, I often find this feeling a little too glossy and maybe too moisturisingly sheer- if that even makes sense?
I like the occasional touch up or addition of a lip balm to revive my lips, but not continuously. In saying that, I do think that both this product and the formula will be perfect for me for work.
In such a dry, dehydrating environment it's extra important that my lips are looked after and if they can look pretty whilst being moisturised then that's just brilliant.
I think that for such a soft, moisturising product this has pretty good staying power. I assumed that it would come away from the lips quite quickly, especially with me rubbing my lips together with the softness so often, but it shocked me at how long it actually lasted.

The colour of this shade, Lovely Rose isn't completely what I thought it was from swatching it in store, but it isn't hugely different so I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed. It's a Sheer Rose toned Pink and other than it being Glossy or Sheer, it isn't much different from the other Pink shades I would normally go for. 
It's quite buildable, but I do much prefer both the colour and the feeling on the lips less built up. 
I haven't yet experimented with it, in terms of mixing it with other shades but that is how I often find my perfect colours so I'm pretty sure I will.

When I was looking into these products beforehand, I heard a few raves about the packaging, but to be honest I'm not super keen. I like the Gold, but I think the clear plastic cheapens it slightly and makes it a little more clumpy than it really has to be. This really isn't a huge deal though, and didn't put me off- we can't always have it all and it doesn't take anything away from the fact that this is a lovely lip product.

 L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks cost just £7.99 which is pretty good, I got mine in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer which I think is running for a few more days.

Are you tempted by these products? I'd love to know what you think on both these and the Revlon Lip Butters


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White Nike Blazers

Far from beauty related, but I thought I should introduce you to the new love of my life. 
My White Nike Blazers, which will accompany me to my Summer Festivals and many days out I'm sure.

How cute is the Pink sole? I haven't been this excited over a pair of trainers for about ten years.

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SHARE: UK Launch

Last Thursday I attended The W Hotel in London for a preview of an especially exciting launch in the UK- Nelly UK.

When I arrived at the W Hotel I was immediately overwhelmed as I was swiftly whisked to the beautifully arranged Nelly Suite, greeted with a glass of the most delicious champagne and introduced to some of the Nelly range which included some seriously fierce shoes from the Nelly collection that I spent near enough the whole evening lusting over. I'm talking studs, spikes and serious heels. A current dream for most girls- what a delight!

 Throughout the evening I mingled with some of the most amazing fashion bloggers and had a total fan girl moment when I finally met both Shirley and Sandra, who are both absolutely beautiful. Sandra spoke to us about her '5 inch and up for Nelly' collection which I think with her fabulous style will be pretty special when it launches on Nelly later on in the year.
We was all very kindly given the chance to be pampered, at the nail and lash bars, but to be honest, I really did spend most of the evening lusting over the collections that were available for us to preview and try on. isn't new to me and I often find myself lusting over their items particularly on Swedish fashion blogs, which is where Nelly is in fact based. It's absolutely huge in Europe and I think it's fair to say from what I've heard, it leads a huge part of the fashion market in Sweden- running magazines alongside the online store. 
I am incredibly excited about the Nelly UK launch. After just seeing a small insight into the collections, I know we are going to be in for an absolute treat! We all have our favourite online stores that I'm sure we spend the majority of our online time browsing and with that in mind I think that with this launch, there may well be quite a lot of competition on its way.

Are you excited about the Nelly UK launch as much as I am?

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Friday, April 6

What I'm wearing..

Nars Sheer Glow Santa Fe
Chanel Bronze Universal
MAC Melba
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
Collection Pump up the Volume Mascara Black*
Topshop Powder Room

Today I decided to curl through my hair a little bit with my Babyliss Conical Wand, I hardly ever use it but today I had a few minutes spare and whilst my hair already had quite a lot of product in it, I thought it would hold quite well. I curled it in about eight sections and then brushed it through after it had cooled down with a wide tooth comb. I quite like how it looks, although after a few hours it went quite flat. 

I popped into Westfield Stratford today, and although I didn't get anything I actually went for I did pick up quite a few tees in both Topshop and Forever 21. I also got the coolest pair of Nike Blazers for the summer time, which no doubt you'll see in a blog post soon!
I wanted to get a few bits in MAC, including a new foundation but the queue to just get in the store was massive so I gave it a miss. Although I'm not finding Nars Sheer Glow super long lasting on me, I do like the way it looks so maybe I'll treat myself to a bottle of it rather than my trusty Studio Fix Fluid. That is quite a big step for me though, so we shall see. If you have any foundation recommendations for something similar to either of these, I would love to hear them.

I hope you're all well and if you're in the UK like me, are enjoying the bank holiday and eating lots of easter eggs!

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Wednesday, April 4

New Look Gold by Giles Cosmetics Event

This morning I took a trip down to the very lovely New Look Press Office in London to have sneaky peek at the new Gold by Giles cosmetics range.
I met Jessica beforehand and although it was all a bit of a palaver getting there, once we arrived we were greeted with the most delicious breakfast canap├ęs and introduced to the collection by the lovely Lauren.

The line may not be new to you, as I mentioned in a previous post that Giles Deacon had created a range with New Look in 2011, but for 2012 the costmetics line has very much expanded and will be available to buy in store very soon.

The cosmetics line consists of three lipsticks (that strangely smell amazing!), eleven lip glosses, five metallic liners, four eye shadow quads, two mascaras, a liquid eyeliner, a kohl eyeliner, a brow pencil, one bronzer, two blushers, two highlighters, eight nail polishes and four nail wraps with price points ranging from just £1.99-£3.99, which considering these products are good quality and ever such pigmented shades is pretty fantastic.
The range doesn't stop at cosmetics and Giles has also added a few accessories into range including make up brushes, false lashes, eyelash curlers and yes, velcro rollers!

Like every collection, we always have our favourites and this is collection in my opinion is no different. I particularly loved one of the nail varnishes which was the most beautiful Mint shade named Ferne, one of the blushers and last but by no means least, one of the eyeshadow quads named Buff. They are so very pigmented and surprisingly creamy and although I'm not really much of an eyeshadow girl myself, I thought they were such beautiful shades and am really looking forward to trying them out.

These new products will be available to buy as of the 21st April in selected New Look stores and online.

There are some really great products in this range and at such great prices will you be going Gold?

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