Saturday, July 28

Jewel Rhi Bracelets

I was recently contacted by Rhi, who has an online jewellery shop called Jewel Rhi selling delicate, affordable pieces including these absolutely lovely bracelets pictured above.

I was given the opportunity to pick a few things to try and I really like them. I'm really into Silver at the moment and my favourite style of bracelet by far is the friendship style. I've been on the hunt for some studded ones recently, but when I saw these charmed bracelets I really fell for them.
They're very simple, but still, so very eye-catching. 
These bracelets are the Cross My Heart bracelet*, that costs £3.50 and the Skull/Cross Friendship bracelets* that cost just £3 and are extremely customisable in terms of colour choices.

Quite often when I place online jewellery orders, I seem to have to wait quite a long time for dispatch and delivery, but these arrived super quickly and was on my wrist within just a few days.

Rhi has been very lovely and given me a discount code to share with you. The code BELLE10 will give you 10% off your order here on Jewel Rhi, until 5th September 2012.

What do you think of these? Will you be treating yourself to any of these lovely bracelets?

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Friday, July 27

Chanel Pop Up Boutique- Covent Garden

I thought I would share these photos with you that I took whilst in Covent Garden the other day.
Although I wasn't too fussed about the Chanel Pop Up Store, I had kind of fallen for the hype surrounding it and rushed straight over to have a nose.

It is the most beautifully put together shop and is definitely worth a little look if you're into all of the beautiful Chanel Beauty and Fragrance ranges. 

Outside are two of the best ever Taxis I have ever seen. Pink Chanel taxis, what a dream! 

I've decided that as a little belated birthday treat, I'm going to pop back in the next week or so and buy a couple of products I have had my eye on for a while, so watch this space!

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Thursday, July 26

Lee Stafford Electrical Range Launch

I've been a huge fan of Lee Stafford ever since my school days when I was addicted to the reality tv show that he starred in, Celebrity Scissorhands. My bathroom cabinet has seen more Pink Lee Stafford products than anything else (my mums a big fan too) and every time I'm in Boots I never fail to have a look at the super bright Pink range. 

I was absolutely thrilled when I was given the opportunity to go and meet Lee at his loft apartment in London for the launch of his new Electrical line. 
This morning I was picked up and driven through all of the chaotic Olympic filled roads of London, to the event where I was met by the loveliest team and Lee himself, to talk hair products over breakfast with some fabulous girls.

As you can see, the range is absolutely massive and very Pink. I've never actually tried any of the electrical range, but was so was very intrigued to find out more.

Lee set out on a mission to find solutions to every day hair styling problems and has come up with a fabulous range of high performance and some special patented products that aim to do just that.

Each tool has had a lot of thought put behind it and with Lees 25 years of hairdressing, he has a lot of experience to go by.
Amongst the range is three hairdryers, a drying boosting brush, a diffuser sock, a crimper, two digital straightening irons, a wave machine, a chopstick styler, two massive tongs, a kit that creates up to four looks with one interchangeable tool, to my joy a set of heated rollers and something that Lee is very excited about- five different male grooming products including all sorts of different clippers. 
One of the girls asked Lee what his favourite tool in the range is and I was quite surprised that he chose one of the more adventurous tools- The Chopstick Styler. This is a super thin conical wand if you like, that works to give you small corkscrew curls.

I was super lucky and was given the chance to be given a personal hair prescription by Lee, and after discussing what products and styles I go for (volume, volume, volume!) I was prescribed a range of products and a very exciting tool that I literally can't wait to try. The Big Fat Tong. It's pictured above and is in fact what was used on the picture of the mannequin. It looks like something I have never tried before, and works to give you massive bounce and volume from the root. Lee said it very much gives you the Cheryl Cole look and from that point on my heart longed for it! 
As soon as I get my hands on this beaut, I will be sure to share it with you.

Other than the fabulous Rollers with the built in clips that will be available to buy soon and some of the gift sets that will be available for Christmas, all of these products are available at pretty reasonable price points ranging from £29.99-£79.99 from high street retailers including Argos, Currys, Superdrug, Comet and Tesco now. 

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products? Do any of these styling tools appeal to you?

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Wednesday, July 25

The Only Way is Essex- Fragrance and Beauty Launch

Last night saw the launch of The Only Way is Essex new fragrances and an insight into the beauty sets that will be around this coming festive season- I know, festive, it's July!

It took place in the lovely Soho Sanctum Hotel, where we were greeted with some delicious drinks and given a presentation and the opportunity for photos with Arg and Sam Friars, who I must say, looked absolutely stunning.

Last year two fragrances were launched in the TOWIE collection, Dazzle and Be Reem, and following the huge success that they had, are two new fragrances to add to the range- Love Addict for the ladies and Platinum VIP for the gents.

Whereas the last ladies fragrance was quite sweet, love addict is described by Sam as "wooden, oriental" with notes of lemon and raisin on a floral heart to "keep the passion alive".
Though it's for men, Platinum VIP is more my cup of tea when it comes to the notes and carries bright citrus notes of lemon, mandarine and pepper. 

These fragrances are both available now from The Fragrance Shop and Boots.

If you're anything like me, then you will love a gift set at Christmas time and this year in Boots, Superdrug, Argos and even Primark you will dazzled with 13 TOWIE Beauty Sets that cover all bases for the perfect night out. Whether it's eyes or lips you're into, they've got it all.
The range contains Bronzers, Baked Eye Palettes, Eyeliners, Nail polishes, Lip glosses and complete Cosmetic collections containing everything you need and oh, of course, sets of False eyelashes all ranging from just £4.99 to £14.99.

Are you dazzled by these products? Would you glam up with them, Essex style, for a night out on the town?

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Tuesday, July 24

What I'm Wearing

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 mixed with some Origins BB Cream*
Benefit Hoola
MAC Melba
Gold by Giles Bronze Blush Highlighter*
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
HD Brow Beater*
Benefit They're Real
MAC Vegas Volt

With the hot weather that we have finally been graced with, I wanted a base that was a little less heavy. I decided to use my normal Studio Fix Fluid for coverage, but minimal, mixed with my Origins BB Cream for a bit more of a glow and moisture. It wasn't the best mix but it worked okay, it also wasn't as light as I wanted but it felt a lot nicer on my skin in the heat. 

I decided to add a little more glow with the highlighter part in the Gold by Giles Bronze Blush. It worked okay, but with it being such a small section on the product itself, I ended up with a little more shimmer from the other shades than I wanted. This hasn't shown up on camera thankfully, but in real life my cheekbones were a little too glitter ball.

In these pictures, my hair has been washed using the Ojon Volume Advance products that I blogged about here. I really do love them so much, you can see how much volume body they, along with my Primark huge rollers, have given me.  Surprisingly, the heat didn't turn my hair into too much of a mess and it stayed like this pretty much all day.

I'm really loving wearing Vegas Volt. It's such a pretty summer shade and I get so many compliments on it!

I hope you're all well.

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GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask

I saw this for sale online a while ago and the Glam name and packaging really stood out to me, other than that, I didn't really think anything else of it and kind of assumed it was a little bit of a Glam gimmick. After seeing a blog review pop up of it and then appearing on Feel Unique and ASOS, I decided to look a little more into it.
After tweeting about face masks in general, I was recommended this a couple of times and was very kindly sent a sample of GlamGlow* to try, and oh wow, forget gimmick- this mask is amazing!

Glam Glow is a Clay based mask that aims to give you soft, tightened, exfoliated and glowing skin with the bonus of minimising your pores and absorbing your impurities. 
It all sounds pretty amazing and though I have only used this a few times now (I only have the 15ml tub) and haven't noticed any absolute miracle differences in my skin, it has definitely been so soft and has looked glowing for days after using it. 
When I first used it, I had everyone in my house feeling my face. Even my boyfriend was super impressed! I couldn't get over how soft my skin was after just 10 minutes of using this on my face.

The mask itself contains antioxidants, purified clay and actual pieces of green tea leaf which is the big leaf that you can see stuck to my face, as well as so many other skin loving goodness.

This is applied all over your face and left for just 10 minutes to dry, get to work and crack!
You can almost immediately feel the tightness of the drying clay on your skin which personally, I love. There is quite a lot of tingling when using this product, but it is completely normal and helps to add to the glowing complexion you will be left with. I know some people don't like that sensation in a skin product, and if you don't then this certainly isn't for you.
It does dry quite hard and you can't actually move your face, but I think thats the fun of a clay mask! Especially the satisfaction when you do eventually move and it all starts to crack.

The exfoliation all comes into play when you are removing the mask. You simply use a little bit of water, in circular motions to remove the mask which is pretty easy, though do be gentle as you don't want to be exfoliated red raw!
Underneath, you will have super soft, exfoliated, glowing skin. It's a dream!

I really am so pleased with this product, I love the packaging, I love the process and I love the effects it has on my skin. 
The price is a little excessive at £19.99 for the 15ml tub and £49.99 for the 50ml but if you are into clay masks and fancy a bit of pampering then this is a lovely little treat and definitely worth a try. 

Have you tried GlamGlow? Are you a fan of clay masks? 


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Monday, July 23

Ojon Volume Advance

As you may be aware, time and time again I have posted about my search for the best hair products to give me the biggest hair possible and although I have been satisfied by the majority of products, I hadn't tried one that was an all round winner- until now.

I wanted to try Ojon for quite a while now, but I have had so many hair products in the pipe line to try, I couldn't really justify it. I am so upset that it has taken until now to go through trial and error with a bunch of products to find these. *Huge statement alert* Currently, these are my favourite products I own and possibly the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried.

Ojon Volume Advance Shampoo and Conditioner* both work to give your hair super volume and body without filling your hair with weight, making it heavy and weighing it down. They are full of goodness including their key ingredients- Ojon Oil and Peruvian Amaranth which is a protein for the hair that helps to seal the cuticles and follicles, give amazing shine, fullness and flexibility. 

One of the ingredients that I personally love is the Lemongrass Extract, which I'm sure is what gives these products the beautiful scent. It's my favourite fresh smelling scent and when lathered into the hair it's like a dream. Very herbal, which isn't what I normally go for, but the lemongrass wins me over. 

Normally, I wash my hair twice through to make sure its completely clean, but I don't feel it's completely necessary to with this. One small amount of shampoo really does clean my hair throughly and leaves it super soft and huge. I say in most of my hair product reviews, that I'm not so much a conditioner girl as if it's not a conditioning treatment, it usually leaves my hair either too heavy or the complete opposite and far too fly away. This actually leaves a great in-between and doesn't take away any of the volume that the shampoo helps to give my hair.
My hair looks and feels so much bigger and fuller and is so super soft with no weight to it which means with so much body, it just falls really nicely with lots of flexibility.

I've backed off the GHD's for the meantime and I really like how my hair is looking with just a blow dry and rollers. After using these two products along with rollers, my hair is left with a soft wave and the most amazing volume. To boof it up through the day, I don't even find that I'm needing any product and my hands rummaged through the roots works a fine treat.

 I really can't rave about these products enough and although they do cost slightly more than most shampoos and conditioners I have tried at £18.00 and £19.50 for 250ml, they are in my opinion completely worth it and I am going to make a repurchase for when these eventually run out.

Have you tried anything from the Ojon range? Whats your all time favourite volumizing product?


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No7 Perfect Lips Pencil- Fire

I picked this up a while ago now with my £5 No7 Voucher as I was on the hunt for a Red liner that had the ability to also be worn alone like a lipstick.

It's called Fire and it's quite a deep toned Red. 
In terms of application, for both a liner and a full lip, it isn't great. It isn't the creamiest nor the smoothest for application but it does stick around on the lips for a fantastically long length of time, keeping my lipstick in place and staying on my lips as a full lip colour for ages without coming off, smudging or drying.

I wore it on my birthday in this post and I only touched it up once throughout the whole day, which is an absolute win in my opinion.

It comes with a little sharpener in the end to keep the tip lovely and pointed for precise application and I think thats a lovely touch to what would normally be a pretty standard product.

This costs just £7.50, though with my voucher I only spent £2.50 which is fabulous.

Whats your favourite Red lip liner? Do you think it works well all over on the lip?

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Saturday, July 21

What I'm Wearing- My Birthday Face

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Nars Laguna
MAC Melba
Benefit They're Real!
HD Brow Palette Rich Brown
No7 Perfect Lip Pencil Fire

It's my 24th birthday! Well, it was yesterday but I'm going to try and milk it and celebrate all weekend.

I don't know why, but I've just noticed that for my last few birthdays/celebrations, I've ended up with a Red lip. There is no real reasoning behind this at all, maybe just the fact that I find it fun choice and I'm in an extra excited, good mood!

I really had such a fantastic day and got so super spoilt. I spend the day with my mum in Brighton, we went for some lunch and did some junk shop shopping, which is one of my favourite things to do. I put quite a few photos up on my Instagram of my day if you're interested in seeing any! 
I'm actually going out out next weekend when all of my friends are about, so I spent last night at the midnight screening of Batman- The Dark Knight Rises. Not how I normally choose to spend my birthday but my boyfriend and I really wanted to see it, so why not!

Thank you so much for all of your lovely birthday tweets, they really made my day. You're all far too kind.

If you're in the UK like me, then I'm sure you're as happy as I am that the sun is finally out, yay! I hope like me, you have a great weekend and find some time to soak up all of them rays.

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