Tuesday, October 29

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencil in Fire

Being new to Lord & Berry, I wasn't too sure what to expect in terms of quality and colour payoff of this 20100 Lipstick Pencil in Fire*, but I was assured I would absolutely love them, and right they were.

Incredibly pigmented with a super creamy and easy to apply formula, my first venture into Lord & Berry has been an absolute success. I wasn't sure if the shade was too bright and first, but after receiving so many compliments on how it looked and how White it made my teeth look on my first wear, I was sold on this effortless chunky pencil lipstick and now can't get enough.

The shade name Fire, is very apt for this pencil, in that it's extremely bright and is the most perfect Fire Red shade which manages to brighten up and finish my make up looks perfectly. 
Nicely long lasting, this leaves my lips feeling creamy and soft for a fair while although as with most Red shades, it does require a little attention in the form of mirror checks.

Available in 16 different shades, this Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Fire costs £8 and is available to buy on asos and Look Fantastic.

Have you tried anything what Lord & Berry? I'd love to hear your recommendations.
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Monday, October 28

Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette

It's not often that I'm so excited by a products launch that I refer to the press release and blog about it without even laying hands on it, but completely sure that this Nars and Guy Bourdin Holiday Gifting 'One Night Stand' palette is going to be a sell-out, I thought I would share it with you, just to give you the chance to preorder it if you wasn't even aware that such a beauty existed.

One Night Stand is launching in the Nars Hoilday Gifting Collection and exclusive to Space NK, it consists of Devotee Highlighting Blush (New shade, Alabaster Glow), Mistinguette Blush (New shade, Bright Pink), Goulue Blush (New shade, Fleshy Pink), Laguna Bronzer (Brown Powder with Golden Shimmer)- my all time favourite, Orgasm Blush (Peachy Pink with Golden Shimmer) and Deep Throat Blush (Sheer Peach).

Each shade sized at around 2/3 of the normal Nars Blush size, at £45 this palette is well worth picking up whilst you can. I for sure will be making space in my collection for this and preordering it as soon as possible, whilst keeping my beady eye out for the colour collection, which has the most dreamy looking blushes- Day Dream.

Available exclusive to Space NK and limited edition, this One Night Stand palette along with the rest of the Holiday Gifting Collection will be available to buy on the 1st November, although at no extra price you are able to preorder it, to ensure you don't miss out.

If you want to get your hands on this incredible looking palette, you can do so here. 

Does this Nars One Night Stand Palette excite you as much as it does me?

Update: Read my review and see my swatches here
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Sunday, October 27

Bourjois 24H Colour Edition Cream to Powder Eyeshadows

I've held off blogging about these for a while because on release there was an insane amount of blog posts featuring them, but over the last few weeks in particular, I have been using these Bourjois 24h Colour Edition Cream to Powder Eyeshadows* more than I ever expected that I would and so I thought it was about time that I gave my two cents.

01 Or Désir, 03 Pétale de Glace and 05 Prune Nocturne (or so I think they are called as there seems to be a little confusion online) are just three of the six shades in the range and are cream to powder finish shadows that apply with incredible ease and a nice pigmentation for building up your look. I find the easiest way to apply these is actually with my finger rather than a brush of any kind as they apply so easily and trouble free, and the warmth of the finger definitely helps to blend them that little bit more.

They have a metallic shimmer finish which I've actually really been enjoying wearing these past few months and they last a fair while on the lid, although I'm not too sure that the 24 hour expectation is realistic for me personally.

I've had most wear out of Prune Nocturne- a deep Purple with a Maroon tone which is perfect for Autumn, although as pictured above, I really like how Or Désir and Prune Nocturne look together.

I've really enjoyed using these three Bourjois 24h Colour Edition Cream to Powder Eyeshadows and priced at £6.99, I think Bourjois have created yet another lovely range of products.

Available now, you can get your Bourjois 24h Colour Edition Cream to Powder Eyeshadows in Selfridges, Boots and Superdrug.

What do you think of these? Which shade is your favourite?

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Stila Smudge Pot in Brown

I've recently been very much getting into making up my eyes a little more and following my love for Bobbi Browns Gel Liner in Dark Chocolate, I decided to try a Brown liner from a slightly more affordable brand. Stila was my point of call after I saw this product on Cult Beauty and trusting their expert opinions, I decided to go for the Smudge Pot in the shade Brown.

Stila Smudge Pots can be used as a Gel Liner as well as more of an eyeshadow in that you can smudge it and blend it out to create more of a smokey eye. I'm yet to put that to the test, but as a gel eyeliner I'm really impressed. I wouldn't necessarily say it's my go-to gel liner, as my Bobbi Brown one is a lot more pigmented and ever so slightly darker, but it's still perfect at creating a softer look on the lash line, which is lovely, especially for day time.

Applied with a fine liner brush or an angled brush which I found easier at first, I like to run this as close to my lash line as possible and find application easy enough, although it is better when you have more product on the brush to avoid any drag.

I'm really impressed with this versatile gel liner and at £13 and available in six shades, you can pick one up on Cult Beauty, Space NK, Boots or Feel Unique.

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Saturday, October 26

Clarins- The Essentials Palette

Very reminiscent of a certain Naked palette, I must say that this Clarins palette named very simply as The Essentials Palette* is the perfect eye palette for anyone that's into neutrals as much as I am or is looking for a palette to introduce them into the wonderful world that is eyeshadows.

When I first set my eyes on the 10 shade palette, I tweeted in pure excitement and I am pleased to say that now I have my hands on it, there's absolutely no disappointment and I am incredibly happy with both the quality and tones of each and every shade.

Keeping it simple, Clarins have put together a palette of 10 shades ranging from Beige to Dark Brown shades in a variation of satin, pearl and matte finishes that all work super complimentary of each other to put together eye looks, be it simple or dramatic.

Numbered 1-10, the clear cover on top of the shadows provides a demonstration of how to use the shades together to create two looks, my favourite being the first one which I have recreated above using the shades 1,6 and 7.

All nicely pigmented and not too overbearing, I really do love how these shadows apply. There's no difficulty on application and with the formula of the powders not being too messy in terms of fall out, I find they are a dream to work with and build up more a more intense look. The colours can all be worn as soft or as built up and intensified as you like, which is great, and there's no risk of over-applying on first touch of the brush which I personally really like and think is particularly great if you're new to applying eye make up, which this palette would be fantastic for.

Costing £35 and launched as a limited edition product for Christmas, The Essential palette can be purchased on Clarins online as well as at counters in Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

What do you think of this palette? Are you as into these 10 neutral shades as I am? 

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Friday, October 25

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liners

I've recently been very much into eye make up and eye liners have played a huge part in the majority of looks that I have been wearing. Bobbi Browns Smoking Hot Eye Collection has been at the forefront of my looks for the past few days, after I had a Smokey Eye lesson at the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges.

The Smokey Eye is one of the most iconic make up looks and Bobbi wanted to create products that made a smoking hot look incredibly easily. Incredibly pigmented and creamy, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liners* offer anything from a sultry soft look to a defined dramatic look with the use of the incredibly blendable formula and built in smudger. 

Available in six shades; Black Coffee, Pacific, Noir, Storm, Jade and Black Amethyst, there's no getting away from the fact that these are highly pigmented and super long wearing. Although they work perfectly on first application, like any product similar to these, I like to work them into the back of my hand to warm them up a little bit, ensuring I get the maximum pigment and creamy texture that the Palm Kernel and Japanese Fruit Wax that makes up the formula aim to provide.

When I was at the counter, I was given quite a strong look by the artist and had Black Amethyst run across my lid and smudged out, as well as underneath my eye ever so slightly with a final touch of it run along my waterline. Although that's not the kind of smokey eye I would go for day to day, it made for a nice change and it stuck around for the whole day until removal with a strong oily make up remover was necessary. 

A smokey eye doesn't have to be full on Black drama and can instead be a really smudged out and subtle look and that's what I love most about these liners. Even with the colours that I wouldn't necessarily normally pick out the bunch, they're all incredibly easy to wear and work super complimentary for a day or night look.

Available now online and at counters in Selfridges, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liners cost £18 each. 

Do these liners sound like the kind of product you would use to create your smokey eye? Which shade appeals to you the most? 

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Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette

Oh Bobbi Brown, you've done it again. Yesterday I was given the opportunity to head over to Selfridges to the busiest Bobbi Brown counter in the world to experience the wonders that are the Bobbi Brown Smoking Hot look as well as be taken through some of the dreamy Christmas releases and this Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette* was one of the the stars of the show.

Launched into the Holiday Gift Giving 2013 collection, the Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette is a double decker compact that is cased in the most beautiful of sleek packaging. Incredibly light which makes it easy to carry around, it homes 10 gorgeous eye shadows that are all very Bobbi. Easy to wear and all carrying a variety of different textures including metallic, sparkle and shimmer, Ivory, Dusk Sparkle, Nude, Cool Ivory, Nude, Slate, Opal, Truffle, Twilight and Espresso are all very pretty and as you can see from my swatches, are pigmented beautifully with great colour payoff to create different so many different looks.
As well as the eyeshadows, which for me are my favourite part of the palette, are four Pink lip shades- Twilight Pink, Nude Pink, Pale Mauve and Bronze Pink. These are all incredibly creamy and applied with the lip brush that comes with the palette, provide a light natural coverage of colour, all of which will be perfect over the festive season.

This limited edition Twilight palette is incredibly good value for money, as it holds two Bobbi Brown original quality brushes- an eyeshadow and a lip brush, which just have smaller handles which is perfect and alone in full size would cost £46.

I absolutely love how compact and light this palette is and adore the make up box casing.

Available to buy alongside the rest of the Holiday Gift Giving Collection online and in Selfridges and John Lewis, priced at £59, this double decker compact is limited edition and already going down incredibly well, if you're interested in this 14 product palette, I'd recommend you pick one up sooner rather than later.

Do you love the look of the Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette? Will you be gift giving this to yourself over the Christmas period?

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