Friday, May 31

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer in Medium

Having really been into anything that carries too much shimmer, but loving bronzer for as long as I can remember, it's always been one of my personal cosmetic-missions, to find the best current bronzer (mostly matte) on the market and this Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer in Medium* has met my summer bronzing criteria perfectly. 

As mentioned in the name, this bronzer is apart of the fabulous limited edition Bronze Goddess Collection ands sits in the range amongst two of my current favourite products; Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent and Pure Colour Illuminating Gelée in Heatwave. Homed in a large panned tortoise shell compact, which is reminiscent of so many of my sunglasses so screams summer to me, this product is so lovely to use and I love how it warms my complexion up. I'm usually all about the contouring with bronzers similar to this, but I find that the tone of this bronzer works better on me to create warmth to all over the face, usually applied in a three motion through my temples, cheeks and jawline and then down the centre of my face focusing on my nose and top centre of my forehead. 

The finish of the powder is what I would describe as mostly matte. It carries a small amount of shimmer, but nothing crazy and only enough to create a light reflecting finish, rather than a glitter ball one. I really like how soft it is to the touch and how it sits on the skin and find it doesn't apply too heavy which is great, although it is buildable should you want to add more colour to it. 

Something I really like about the range, is that it is available in four shades; Light, Medium, Medium Deep and Deep, which is great as I often find brands that only offer one shade of bronzer don't always compliment all skin tones.

This limited edition Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer costs £30 for 21g and is available along with the rest of the collection online and in  BootsSelfridgesHouse of Fraser and Debenhams.

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Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir

Last night I attended a rather fabulous Juicy Couture party that was all in the name of celebrating Juicy Coutures latest fragrance launch- Viva La Juicy Noir*. 

Held in a beautifully prestigious location, lit with very Juicy Couture Pink lighting and decorated to impeccable standards, model Amber le Bon was celebrity DJ for the event alongside Becky Tong and together they created a great atmosphere to sip cocktails, mingle amongst some fabulous people and have a few spritzes of what is honestly, an absolutely beautiful new scent.

Following Juicy Coutures very popular and fun signature look in terms of packaging, Viva La Juicy Noir is slightly more on the darker side, held in an extremely weighty Fuchsia Metallic Pink glass bottle and finished with a pretty Black satin bow. It sits in amongst the range perfectly and although I know the bottles are always pretty controversial and love or hate, there's no taking away that the scents themselves are absolutely stunning.

Viva La Juicy Noir follows Juicy Coutures sweet trend, which I personally love, and carries the most perfectly blended notes;

Bold: Wild Berries, sparkling Mandarin and succulent Mara Strawberry
Sensual: Lush Honeysuckle, Gardenia Petals and Feminine Jasmine
Arresting: Amber, Caramel and Creamy Vanilla with a hint of Sandalwood.

I absolutely love this fragrance and with the majority of the notes being perfectly sweet, it's definitely a scent that will see me through Summer.

The bottle pictured above is 100ml and again, is pretty weighty, making for the perfect bedroom fragrance. Fortunately, it is also available in two smaller bottles, which I will be most definitely be purchasing as a more travel sized option.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir will be available nationwide in late July costing 30ml £35/50ml £47/100ml £63.

Do you like Juicy Couture fragrances? Are you excited for this addictive sweet scented addition?

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Wednesday, May 29

Susan Posnick ColourEssential Lipstick in LA

A perfectly Pink lipstick that I have recently been introduced to is this Susan Posnick ColourEssential Lipstick in the shade LA*. As a new addition to the range for Summer, LA sits amongst five other beautiful new shades and is the pretty Pink of the group.

On the lips, I find LA looks a lot more how I expected it to from the description, than it does in the bullet. Before trying it, I didn't think it would give the the pale, flirty Pink shade that it promises to, as it appears quite dark and almost marbled, but once applied onto the lips it's a truly lovely shade that carries both Gold and Silver through it, creating a lovely sheen. I'm not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks or those that carry any shimmer, but I find this looks really pretty on the lips and carries a nice amount of pigment.

Formulated with Olive Oil as well as rehydrating antioxidants and Vitamins A and E, the formula of the lipstick feels super moisturising on the lips and stays put, looking fresh for a really long time. The shade supposedly adapts to different lip colours, and I'm pretty pleased with how looks on me. I tend to build up the colour as much as possible, creating as much opacity as possible, but even though it is pretty sheer and out of my usual comfort zone, I'm really pleased.

These compact and magnetised Susan Posnick ColourEssential Lipsticks cost £18.50 and are available to buy online in fifteen shades, including the new Summer Corals, Nudes, Reds and Berrys. 

What do you think of this lipstick? Do you like sheer baby Pink shades?

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Saturday, May 25

No7 Stay Perfect in Gay Geranium

No7 Gay Geranium, MAC Watch Me Simmer, MAC Vegas Volt, MAC Morange

As of lately, I have been really impressed with No7 products, especially their lip ranges which seem to be continuously growing and following trends. Some really lovely dupes of higher end products seem to be popping up all the time and I personally can't get enough, especially of No7 Stay Perfect in Gay Geranium* which was picked out for me at the Boots Lets Give It A Go event and in all honestly, has very quickly made it's way to one of my most loved lipsticks.

On my initial swatch, this product immediately stood out to me to be similar to something that a MAC Amplified lipstick would be; creamy, super bright pigmentation, easy to apply and opaque. It reminded me of the MAC Watch Me Simmer, Vegas Volt and Morange family, which is why I thought I would include a swatch of all four. If you're into that kind of tone like I am, especially through the summer, its beautiful Orange Red tone will be absolutely perfect when the sun is beaming and I can't recommend No7 Gay Geranium enough. 

Unlike MAC Amplified lipsticks, I do have to wear this over a balm as on its own it is a little too heavy and drying, which does sadden me a little. The colour seems to be a lot more vibrant applied on its own, which is how I would ideally wear it, but applied with a balm underneath it is still very lovely. 
The pigmentation of this lipstick is pretty insane; the tiniest amount goes a very long way and is completely opaque which I love. I imagine it could actually be a little troublesome and messy if you go in to apply without knowing how pigmented it actually is. In terms of how long this lasts on the lips, as I said, worn alone I found it pretty drying so it needed a fair bit of attention, but with a balm it stays put a reasonable few hours without need of a touch up and continues to look nice and vibrant.

A little history surrounding this product that I found pretty interesting, is that when Boots was relaunched after WWII, Gay Geranium was launched into their Fifties Collection and is the only product that still exists in their line, similar to the story behind Revlons Fire & Ice, which is actually pretty similar in tone too. The Queen has also been known to be a fan of both No7 and specifically Gay Geranium, and quite frankly, if it's good enough for a royal..

No7 Stay Perfect in Gay Geranium costs £9.50 and is available online and at No7 Counters in Boots.

What do you think of this shade? Is a bright, vibrant and super pigmented lipstick something you enjoy to wear?
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Friday, May 24

Room Tour, Dressing Table and Make Up Collection.

Malm Dressing Table- Ikea, Dressing Table Stool- Out There Interiors (French Furniture Category)*, Three Drawer Acrylic Storage- Homebase, Mirror- Matalan, Two Drawer Acrylic Storage- Muji, Large Ridged Lidded Glass Jar- Laura Ashley*, Small Ridged Lidded Glass Jar- Laura Ashley*, Restored Bedside Table- Junk Shop, Lotions & Potions Storage Boxes- Next, Wire Baskets- TK Maxx, Schreiber Provence Bed- Homebase, Beaded Mirrored Tray- Laura Ashley*, White Flooring- B&Q, Antique Style Candle in Jar- Laura Ashley*, Cutlery Inserts- Ikea, Cotton Wool Jar- Dot Com Gift Shop via Amazon, Large Glass Jar- Sainsburys.

I recently moved into a new bedroom and for the first time in a long time, I have had some space to play with. I decided that I wanted to create a very clean and simple yet chic, White bedroom and after putting a a fair bit of work in, I am ever so pleased with the results.

Clutter and "stuff" really dampens my mood and so for a while now I have longed for an area to keep all of my make up organised nicely and have found the Ikea Malm to be the perfect home for my ever growing collection of cosmetics. With the long, shallow drawer holding everything perfectly, it's the most wonderful space to both store my beloved collection and sit and do my make up without causing too much mess. Originally, I was looking for an antique French style dressing table, but struggling to find one with apt storage, I made the decision to get the Malm. I am so pleased with my final decision as I absolutely love its simplicity and found a way to compromise and incorporate a few french touches into other areas of the room, which I love.

I picked up an unloved single bedside table in a junk shop local to me and after restoring it with lots of love and a coating of White paint, it's come up absolutely perfectly and is the perfect corner storage, homing all my nail varnishes in an organised, seasonal order. It sits perfectly in my bedroom with my White floor and furniture and is in fact the perfect match to my White stool, which I adore.

My products all sit in an old Ikea bookcase, which I like to describe as a little bit of organised chaos. To look at, it's slightly overwhelming, but everything has it's place and I know where to find it when need be. I need to decide on a few final touches, as I keep moving things about and swapping bits around, but overall I'm throughly pleased.

In my opinion I have organised my room to near-perfection, which personally makes me extremely happy. I'm a strong believer that a bedroom should be airy, peaceful and clutter free and with my new beautiful Schrieber Provence Bed and calm surroundings, it's the most relaxing place to spend time and I couldn't be happier.

I have uploaded a full room tour and product collection video to my YouTube Channel and would really love to know your thoughts. 

What's your idea of a nice bedroom? I would love to see your make up/product storage solutions! 

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Monday, May 20

Selfridges Limited-Edition Summer Beauty Box

Typically, beauty boxes are pretty hit and miss with me and with most of them being associated with the "surprise" type subscription boxes, I've never really been too convinced, however, as much as I find they can be a little risky, they are great opportunities to try luxury products if like me, you're obsessed with products.

 This Summer, Selfridges have put together a Limited-Edition Summer Beauty Box*, that costing just £25 hosts nine fairly good sized products, all of which I think are great additions. Fortunately, these aren't surprise boxes and pictured above is exactly what you will receive. With a combined value of £70, Selfridges really have put together a bargain box here, that I'm sure like myself, you would be super pleased with.

An Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer, a Models Own Neon Nail Polish, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 50ml, Molton Brown Aqua Shower Gel 100ml, Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml, St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml, Jane Tran Hair Clips, Erborian BB Cream 12ml, Lancaster After Sun Tax Maximizer 40ml and a St Tropez The Ultimate Tan in-store offer voucher make up this box, and although I'm sure the full contents won't all be to everyones tastes, I'm honestly pretty impressed with every product. My least favourite product would probably be the Jane Tran Hair Clips, but even so, retailing at £8 on their own, they make up a fair part of this exciting box.

The Selfridges Summer Beauty Box is available to buy now and if you are interested in ordering one of these boxes, I would highly recommend that you head here to Selfridges asap, as if the past boxes are anything to go by, I'm sure it will be out of stock pretty quickly. 

I'm really excited to finally give Caudalie Beauty Elixir a go and think it's a stand out product in amongst this box, what do you think of this Selfridges Summer Beauty Box? What products stand out to you the most?

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Sunday, May 19

Yogi Pearl White Fat Barrel Hair Wand


Since having my hair coloured, I have found the only way to keep it looking sunkissed and avoid it looking in any way streaky, is to style it with a little more shape and volume and my go to hair tool for the last couple of months to achieve a bouncy somewhat more fancy look, has been the Yogi Fat Barrel Hair Wand in Pearl White*.

With the biggest part of the barrel measuring 32mm and the smallest part 25mm, it's a fair sized curling wand and helps me to achieve a bigger, bouncier curl as opposed to a tighter one, which is definitely the look I prefer. When it comes to hair tools, including this one, I've only ever used a couple without a clamp and although I must admit I do tend to burn my fingers a little more often, I find it so much quicker which I find is fantastic for me.

 In terms of how I style my hair with the Yogi Fat Barrel Hair Wand, I'm not one for having my hair too uniform or neat and never really have been, so I don't tend to go too neat or precise with the sections. I grab around six to eight sections either side of my parting and wrap the mid-lengths to ends around the wand in an outwards direction and leave for about 10 seconds. On release the curl is initially a little tighter and neater than I like, but my hair tends to drop slightly anyway, which leaves me with a bouncier wave and a lot more shape. If it doesn't drop once it's started to cool, I give it a little hairspray and brush it out with a wide toothed comb and it does the job perfectly.

If I'm honest, before being introduced to Yogi on this occasion, I hadn't ever come across the brand or the tool, but I'm really impressed with the quality of it and after finding myself reaching for it most days over the past couple of months, I would highly recommend it.

Its White design isn't completely too my taste and I don't think the flimsy plastic tube packaging that it comes in quite suits the price tag, but with its fast heating technology, lightweight base and 360 degree swivel lead, I find it such a quick and easy tool to use and I can't get enough.

Costing £64.95, the Yogi Fat Barrel Hair Wand is available to buy on their online store and in Boots.

Have you ever tried a Yogi Hair Wand? What do you use to achieve a curly bouncy look?

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