Monday, September 30

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

It's no secret that I have become one of Bourjois biggest fans this year, continuing to launch fantastic products that all carry fabulous quality for the super reasonable price tags that they hold, it's hard not to be impressed with them and I've grown very fond of the drug store brand.

Re-launched just last month was Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java Loose Powder* and honestly, I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to share my thoughts on this fantastic radiant boosting powder.

First launched back in the late nineteenth century, it was an international success and with Bourjois celebrating their 150th anniversary this year, they have re-released it using todays technology with all its scented, fine and pearly Pink glory.

Far from the girl that used to despise anything that even resembled a slight shimmer, I've recently been loving anything with a subtle amount of sparkle to input back in some radiance to my normally, quite matte look. This very finely milled powder carries a soft shimmer that once on the skin, although it looks pearly Pink, sits translucent, looking really natural and glowing. If I'm being completely honest, I'm not too keen on the scent of the powder, as I find it quite strong, but with the pretty radiance it puts back onto my skin, I can get past that easily.

Versatile enough to be used both on its own and to set your make up, this loose powder is perfect at adding an overall radiance to the face. I like to use a duo fibre brush to sweep it over my forehead, down my nose and over my cheeks, just to put a little bit of a glow into my base. 

Available nationwide in Boots, Superdrug and Selfridges, this incredibly soft to the touch powder costs £9.99.

Are you a fan of Bourjois? Will you be picking up a Java Rice Powder?

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Saturday, September 28

Headmasters Camden Treat Time

Last week I was invited to Headmasters newly opened salon in Camden to celebrate its opening and very kindly was given the opportunity to have a few inches cut off and a given a darker, richer colour for Autumn.

I've been toying with the idea of going that little bit darker again for Autumn and after browsing the colour charts with the extremely lovely staff, we decided that I would go for an Ash toned Brown. I tend to always be given warmer tones, which is a little bit odd because I much prefer Ash tones and don't think warm really suits me as much, but we was all in complete agreement that an Ashy tone would suit me and the look I prefer more. 

In terms of the cut, I honestly couldn't be happier. I've kept it at a mid-length where I'm most comfortable and just had a few inches off the ends. I had a few additional layers cut in, paying particular attention to the front to frame my face more when I loose curl it. This aspect isn't great for work and requires a few extra spritzes of hairspray, but overall I couldn't be happier with it and will for sure be heading back to the new Camden salon for another cut and colour in the future.

Of course being a new salon, it's incredibly fresh and clean but there was a really such lovely vibe in there, with really cool staff who couldn't have been more accommodating and professional.

A lot bigger inside than it appears from the high street, the Camden salon is made up of a few rooms, my favourite being the back room which homed the wash basins and the most incredible massage chairs.

If you fancy heading to the Camden Headmasters and you're quick, they're currently offering 50% off cuts, colours and blow dries with an additional treat of exclusive gifts which is pretty incredible. This ends on Tuesday 1st October, but even after then, it's definitely worth a visit if you're in need of a haircut and you're in that area visiting Camden Locks.

What do you think of my new hair? 

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Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

Made famous by Mario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashians ultimate highlighted look, Ben Nye Luxury Powder is a must have for anyone looking for a Yellow tinted finishing powder and after lusting for it for such a long time, I'm extremely pleased for it to now be apart of my collection.

A translucent powder, though with a Yellow pigment, Banana Powder creates a finish and sets any make up on skin, whilst also adding a brightening effect through its Yellow hue, counteracting darkness and creating a naturally soft and subtle sheen.
I personally like to apply this specifically underneath my eyes, on top of a yellow concealer or my MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost and although I've seen this powder used pretty heavily in tutorials, I personally like to be quite subtle with it, as I find it can end up looking ever so slightly cakey and dry in areas if I go too overboard. Applied gently with a small finishing powder brush and dusted onto my skin, I find it both looks and feels really soft and I personally really enjoy using it.

Ben Nye Banana Powder costs £11.50 for 3oz and is available to buy in PAM and widely available on eBay, although I fortunately was able to get mine at IMATS.

Do you like Yellow tinted products? Is Ben Nyes Banana Powder on your wish list?

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Friday, September 27

Estée Lauder Companies & Elizabeth Hurley Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Earlier on this week, I attended a very lovely and extremely touching event. Estée Lauder Companies and Elizabeth Hurley once again joined forces in their ever growing Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and I was very touched to have been invited along to a talk given by the lovely Liz Hurley herself who is Estée Lauders Spokesmodel and Global Ambassador, the Estée Lauder team and leading Breast Cancer Research Professors. 

Turning more than 200 famous landmarks around the world, including the BT Tower Pink to raise awareness, on the 25th September, Estée Lauder launched their new campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which holds the incredibly powerful slogan; "Let's defeat breast cancer. We're Stronger Together."

The A star charity works to raise awareness and money for ongoing research and inspire people to take action against the growing disease, whether it be via spreading the word, supporting those suffering with Breast Cancer, checking yourself regularly or even booking in a mammogram. 

Launched in 1992 by Evelyn Lauder, daughter in law of Estée Lauder and co-creator of the Pink Ribbon, the global movement that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month has helped to saved millions of lives and continuing this October, here is how you could do your bit with Estée Lauder BCA;

Using social media, the 2013 BCA Campaign invites people from all over the world to join together and create their own circles of strength. Friends, families, co-workers and loved ones are urged to create circles and agree to make healthy lifestyle changes, make regular doctors appoints, self check, organise a mammogram or join together to raise funds for BCRF and in turn, help to advance research and work towards eradicating breast cancer all together. With the hashtag #BCAStrength, content will be shared throughout social media and onto to enable people to feel stronger together. 

As well as working together to defeat breast cancer, fundraising products will also be available to buy and here some of my favourites;

Breast Cancer Awareness is no doubt an incredible charity to be apart of and if you want to create a circle to help defeat breast cancer, you can do so on and

Let's work together and this October wear our Pink Ribbons to defeat breast cancer. We're stronger together.

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Tuesday, September 24

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette & Eye Kit

I've never been a huge fan of colour and in theory, with always tending to stick to neutral based shades, I should hate this Anastasia Lavish Palette*, but I just can't. 

Doubled up as a palette and a portable eye kit, this Lavish palette is made up of 10 incredible shades, a mini Covet Eyeliner, a mini Perfect Brow Pencil, a full size Anastasia Beverly Hill Tweezer, a how-to booklet and a duo lining and blending brush and I can't get enough. From the moment I saw the shades, I couldn't wait to start creating looks with it, and strangely enough, went for some of the less subtle shades first.

Cream, Antique, Rum Cake, Moss, Truffle, Ballet, Orange Soda, Sienne, Pink Sapphire and Black Diamond make up the pull out palette and all being incredibly pigmented and easily blendable, they work as the perfect eyeshadows. I'm particularly taken by Rum Cake and Sienna on the eye and find Rum Cake all over the lid with Sienna in the crease to be the absolute perfect duo. Though it's certainly not my everyday kind of look, I think it's definitely one for the fall and I imagine I'll most definitely be rocking it pretty often. 

I'm new to Anastasia Eye Shadows, but having already tried some of Covet Eyeliners in the past, it's amazing to see that included in this kit is a pretty good sized miniature along with a brow pencil which quite frankly wins me over in an instant. 

The packaging isn't really to my taste, but with it being all about what's on the inside anyway, I'm sold.

Costing £26 and available to buy on Cult Beauty, this is an absolute steal and I highly recommend that you give it a go, even if you're like me and tend to stick to your neutral palettes. 

What do you think of this palette? What shades stand out to you the most?

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Saturday, September 21

YouTube: Autumn Haul

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may well be aware that I decided to start filming content for my YouTube channel again. With it nearing the end of a busy Summer at work, I am hoping to have a lot more time on my hands and thought I would make the most of spare time, uploading regular videos in the form of hauls, vlogs and of course beauty related content. 

Last week, I uploaded my first haul which featured my latest purchases from Urban Outfitters, River Island, New Look and Topshop and I would absolutely love to know what you think. I really enjoy the process of making and editing videos, but most importantly want to create content that my readers and subscribers want to see. If you have any ideas or video requests, I would be super appreciative to hear them and I will be sure to jot them down for inspiration over the coming weeks.

My Room Tour video seems to have gone down pretty well with my blog readers and YouTube subscribers alike and so if you would like to see more make up collection type videos, I would be more than happy to film them.

If you haven't already, I would absolutely love for you to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe here.

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Thursday, September 19

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils

I was recently introduced to these Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils via Birchbox UK and can honestly say that I was completely impressed with both the colour pay off and the formula from my first application.

Far from the crayon balm like formula I was expecting, Ring Of Fire* and Wolfman* have incredible creamy pigmentation and apply to the lips like a dream. Though I thought I would prefer Wolfman because of its dreamy Pink hue, Ring of Fire is the perfect Red and if I'm completely honest, I can't remember ever applying something so easily and pigmented as this. 
Wolfman is an incredibly me shade, but unlike Ring of Fire, I unfortunately don't find it as comfortable to wear alone. Paired with a nude gloss, it soon becomes the perfect product and just like Ring of Fire, it stays around on the lips for a fairly long time. Something I really enjoy about these products, is that even once the initial application naturally comes away from the lips, you're left with a really nice stain of the colour on the lips rather than an unflattering, feathered fade.

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencils offer such a soft and creamy application and with their twist functions, they are super handy little products. 

Available in four shades on the Birchbox shop, these Fat Lip Pencils cost £14 and I for sure will be collecting the other two. 

What do you think of these two lipsticks? Will you be adding any Laqa & Co into your collection?

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Wednesday, September 18

Butter London Colour Clash Collection

 I thought I would include a few more bright shades to brighten up your days before the month of September completely comes to an end and Autumn well and truly arrives.

Butter Londons Colour Clash Collection* is made up of Giddy Keeper- a creamy dark shade of Blue that carries ever such a slight shimmer to it, Cotton Buds- a fabulous true White shade, Cake Hole- a bright Pink, Wellies- a lovely Lime Green, Silly Billy- a bright shade of Orange and Pimms- a very true sunshine Yellow. All possibly a little bright for my personal day to day wear, my favourite of the bunch is definitely Cotton Buds. There's no doubt that White nails are completely love or hate, but I personally love them and have been wearing this shade non stop since it arrived. 

A clean bright White and very Tom Ford, it's super opaque and not only do I find it to be a fabulous shade to wear day to day, it also works perfectly as a base for any other polish, to brighten and in some cases, completely change the look of the polish. It's become my current favourite polish and if you're after a White I highly recommend Cotton Buds.

I have found that Butter London polishes are all really great formulas and the Colour Clash Collection is no different. Drying in a reasonably quick time and only ever a couple of coats needed, they are always lovely additions to my collection and if you're into brights then I definitely recommend this collection.

Costing £12 each, Butter London polishes and the Colour Clash Collection are available to buy on the Butter online store and in Boots, Harvey Nichols, Look Fantastic and HQ Hair.   

Though brights are set to be huge on nails this Autumn, I'm not sure whether I could personally rock the bright bold hues at that time of year. What do you think? Can you?

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