Wednesday, December 28

My current every day make up

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC30
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35/MAC Studio Fix Powder NC42
Make Up Forever High Definition Powder
FashionistA Palette- Earth Star, Nude, Juicy Apricot, Blush
NARS Laguna
L'oreal Lash Architect 4D
HD Brows Palette

This is the contents of my current day-to-day make up bag. 
The only thing that really varies in my routine is my foundation, depending on whether I am tanned or not. 
I always reach for my FashionistA palette, particularly for the blushes. I really, really like a tiny bit of Juicy Apricot on my cheeks. It has just enough pigment and really finishes the look.
One thing I haven't included that I do wear everyday is lipstick, that's purely because it changes every single day and at the moment I don't really have a favourite- although I am very much in love with NARS Barbarella which I got for Christmas. 

I hope you're all well 

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Sunday, December 25

Happy Christmas!

In these photos- Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish, Nars Laguna, Lemon Body Shop goodies, Nars Barbarella, Make Up Forever HD Powder, Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, Flowerbomb Rollerball, iPad 2 (My dads), Yankee Candles Baby Powder & Christmas Cookie, Mulberry Wax Peace Bracelet, Filofax, MAC 168, Ralph Lauren Pyjamas, Forever 21 Pyjamas, Marks & Spencers Pyjamas, Topshop vouchers, DASH t shirt . 

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have all had a fabulous day.

I love every single thing about Christmas and this year has been absolutely tremendous. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to St Pauls Cathedral to see the Carol Service and it was such a dream. Today, I stayed in all day with my family and lounged about in my new pyjamas, watched Aladdin and the usual Christmas films (Miracle on 34th Street is my all time fave), burnt Yankee Candles, ate a huge amount of food (I don't intend to stop for the whole weekend) and got incredibly spoilt.
I'm not sure whether or not I'll be hitting the sales tomorrow, I've previewed them all online today but nothing really is standing out to me.

I'm going to settle down now with a Baileys, switch a few more fairy lights on and watch a little more tv.

Again, I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and carry on doing so.
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Friday, December 23

Floppy Hat Love

Hey sweets,

You may have seen me tweet a mirror shot of this hat ages ago, well ever since then (about three months?) I have been thinking about it. I'm not sure why because unless its a huge oversized beanie, I'm not really a hat person but this one got me.
I was in Westfield in Stratford the other evening and so decided to look out for it, I couldn't find it and was terribly disappointed. I was incredibly persistent and eventually found one in the middle of no where, meaning it was most definitely meant to be.

I really love everything about it even down to the fact that my boyfriend calls it my "Lydia Bright" hat. 
 I'm not sure whether I'll have the guts to wear it out but even if I don't then it will look beautiful sitting on my mannequin.

Anyway I had to share it with you, its from Forever 21 and costs £12.90.
You can get it online here if you love it as much as me. 

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HD Brows- Vamp

Two posts ago, I was rambling a little about eyebrows and how I was in love with my Shavata Brow Perfector and mentioned towards the end that I was slightly lusting after a HD Brow Palette.

Well a day or so after, the lovely Cat from A pocket full of dreams tweeted that she was thinking of selling hers and made me a very happy girl! I think she could tell how excited I was and got it sent out to me ever so quickly so I could have fab brows for Christmas- thank you so much!

I still love my Shavata Brow Perfector, I'm not going to ditch and replace it- however, after using this only a couple of times I must admit, I am in absolute love!

This is the 'Vamp' palette which is for darker brows- it is a mirrored compact and includes the shades Nude, Carbon, Dark Brown and Rich Brown. 
I will be using this primarily for my brows, however it can be used secondly as an eye shadow palette- a very good one at that, as the shades are all very well pigmented. 

I'm not sure why I am so brow obsessed at the moment- I think everyone kind of is?

Yesterday, my boyfriend jokingly/seriously asked me "So whats the difference between your brows and a scousebrow?" Probably nothing, but I think secretly he's becoming a little obsessed too ;) Either that or I just talk about them far too much.

This palette retails at £19.99 which is quite a lot, but if you look at it in a cost effective way- being that it can be used for brows as well as eye shadow it's pretty good.

I really love the effect this gives my brows, I used the shade Rich Brown and applied it with the High definition brush.

Slight foundation flash back here- I promise I matched with the extreme tan that was Lauren's Way Glam Tan!
My shirt is the Reverse Studded Sheer Shirt from asos, I didn't end up wearing it last night because I couldn't find the right shoes! Annoying, so you'll probably see it in an outfit post nearer NYE as well. 

I hope that you're all extremely well and having a great Christmas Eve Eve.
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Foxy Locks Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions


A while back I was contacted by the beautiful Imogen, who asked whether I would like to try some Foxy Locks extensions. I literally jumped at the chance and replied within minutes with a huge yes, as I have followed her YouTube channel and blog forever was fully aware of the brand and her products. 

Imogen colour matched me with Sunkissed Brown and very soon I had a beautiful delivery at my door.

160g 20" Deluxe clip in hair extensions in Sunkissed Brown.

The set comes packaged as pictured above and includes 10 pieces;
One x Approximately 8" wide with 4 clips
One x Approximately 7" wide with 4 clips
Two x Approximately6" wide with 3 clips
Two x Approximately 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x Approximately 1" wide with 1 clip

This is most certainly enough hair to give you fantastic length and volume.

These are the first extensions that I have tried properly. I have always been a little bit weary of wearing them, slightly scared that they would look obviously fake on me, but being so easy to use and matching my natural colour so well, Foxy Locks have now given me the confidence to wear them.

All of Foxy Locks extensions are 100% Remy tangle free human hair, which means that the hair has not been previously coloured and after being processed in order to be ready to wear- it's left so soft, shiny and beautiful for you to use without the worry of it going matted like you see some cheaper hair extensions going- another previous worry of mine. 
I am seriously impressed with how soft they were when I first opened them and how perfect they have stayed.

The clips on the hair are really simple snap clips and when clipped to your natural hair, are very well hidden. They secure to your hair really well holding in place for ages and when you need to remove them they clip off with absolute ease.

I wear mine mostly with loose curls- sprayed with heat protectant and curled with my GHD's or my Conical Wand. 

You can use these extensions just as if it was your real hair- maybe with a little more care.
They can be coloured, styled with heat, washed and conditioned and although not recommended too often- they can also be blow dried.

I have included a couple of photos that I have used in previous posts where I am wearing them.

Foxy Locks are available online here and this particular size costs £74 and is available in 14 different shades.

After using them for about two months now, I really would put these on my recommend list- after all, who doesn't want Foxy Locks?


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Thursday, December 22

Check In

Hey dollies,

I just thought I'd check in and say hello, I've been a bit of a terrible blogger recently and I am really sad about it- sorry!
I have so many products that I want to share with you but I've been a little bit poorly over the last few weeks and have just not really felt up to it.
It's not just the blogging thats suffered- I'm behind on everything. I haven't even started my christmas shopping! I tried to today but ended up in Boots buying medicine and coming straight home.
Tomorrows the day- with four days until the big one it's going to have to be really!

I've online shopped a little more than usual whilst I've been tucked up in bed, so I'll be sure to share my latest purchases with you as soon as I get back on track!

A few people have asked about my hair in the pictures above- I simply had a centre parting and used my Enrapture Heated Rollers all over. I really love the effect they create and would really recommend them if you are after volume or curls and have any space left on your santa list!

I hope you're all really well
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Saturday, December 17

A Brow update- HD Brows & Shavata Brow Perfector

Hi guys,

In October, just before my holiday I went for my HD Brows treatment and at the time absolutely loved it, however as soon as I got on holiday (maybe a week or two after) I had extremely quick hair growth both above and underneath the brow.
I was so disappointed and ended up having to buy tweezers and sort them out.

I think that the HD Brows treatment really created a great base and has noticeably helped to sort out the shape now they have grown back fully and I would like to get HD Brows again (as I mentioned in my post it is a process), however I'm not really in any rush because I'm for once happy with the shape.

I really would recommend HD Brows, its a great concept- I just didn't enjoy the in-between stage and felt like maybe doing it before my holiday when I couldn't keep on top of it was a bit of a waste. They recommended to me that I got it done every 3-4 weeks and I was still away during that time period.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may however have seen that I recently tweeted a picture and mentioned that I was really pleased with my brows and the product it was all down to was the Shavata Brow Perfector.
I got it about a year ago now and went through a stage of absolutely loving it. I'm not sure what turned me off of it for a while, but I ended up reaching for my pencil daily.
That's the past, I'm back using it and loving it more than ever.
It's definitely a lot more of a lighter option than the pencil, but I really like the effect. I do still often use a brow pencil slightly underneath just to make them a little more defined.

I did a post on the Shavata Brow Perfector when I first got it and it can be viewed here.

Herringbone Coat with Faux Fur Collar- Forever 21 £37

Another option which I believe is similar to the Shavata Brow Perfector is the HD Brow Palette, it's really popular at the moment especially after being sampled in a Glossy Box and I'm absolutely desperate to try it. I think after Christmas I may possibly have to treat myself.

Have you tried either of these products?


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The Saturdays

Hey dolls,

Last night I was lucky enough to go to see The Saturdays (again) at Wembley. I'm an absolute fan girl and have major hair and tan envy every time I see the girls.

They all looked so beautiful, Unas baby bump was fabulous and she announced her engagement which brought tears amongst the rest of the girls. 
It was a really nice show and towards the end of the evening they sang Christmas songs which to me, was an absolute dreamy delight and made the night.

In true Saturdays style, I wore FashionistA All fired up Red on my nails. I had kind of forgot about the shade amongst all of my newer purchases, but it actually was the perfect colour. The metallic in it really makes it a lovely christmassy shade and I think I will be keeping it on my nails for a couple of christmas events that I have coming up.

If you haven't seen them already, my posts on the FashionistA nails can be viewed both here and here

After seeing these girls in these fabulous silver sequins, I really can't help but want some sparkle myself.

I hope you're all fantastic and enjoying the festive period as much as I am xx
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Wednesday, December 14

Fresh Brown Sugar Muse Gift Set

Hey sweets,

I've never really been the a biggest gift set girl, I usually find I don't like all of the products in them and that you spend over the odds for all of the products gifted in a pretty box and don't really use them.
On first impressions and without researching into these products I think I had the same thoughts- how wrong was I! 
I don't tend to like to "omg" in posts, but OMG. If ever a product was to smell of my exact favourite smell/flavour then its this.
I love sugar, but the products in this gift set smell delightful and fruity. To me, the citrus and sweet scent screams Lemon Sherbets- one of my fave things ever!

This set comes boxed with Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum, Brown Sugar Body Cream and Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

This eau de parfum is so lovely. On the first spray its a little bit overwhelming but I find after a minute or so it smells just how I described above- a beautiful fruity scent especially Lemon, it really reminds me of the sweetest frosting on a cupcake or something. Its beautiful. 

It comes in a 30ml bottle which for me, is the perfect size to keep in my handbag. I'm not sure this scent is for everyone- if you like sweet then I'm sure you will love it. It may not be an all day, everyday perfume but I do think it will act as the perfect spray to freshen up with throughout the day. 

Some people may think the bottle is a little bit plain, yes its really quite simple but I quite like that about it. 

When I first twisted open this Lip Treatment I was slightly apprehensive about trying it. It is a tinted lip treatment and it looks very Red. Following the sweet theme, I was a little worried it would taste of Strawberries or Cherry or something (slight phobia), but I decided to just go for it and apply. Thankfully it didn't taste of neither Cherry or Strawberry and just has both a very light taste and scent to it. 
It isn't super pigmented and only has a very slight tint and sheen which I really like.

 It applies really softly and has quite a creamy texture when on the lips.
As you can see on the photo this lip treatment has an SPF15, which as I have said so many times- is very important and a winner for me.

It's quite a tiny size at just 2.2g, but its very cute and handy. 

Last, by by no means least is my favourite product of the set. The body cream.

I've expressed by love for the scent of these products and so this is just dreamy for me.

I can't stop applying this cream to my hands just to smell it. 
It's enriched with precious oils such as apricot kernal, sweet almond, evening primrose and Joboba along with the iconic scent. 
It also includes shea butter and Vitamins C and E which all together help create such nice creamy formula that rubs into the skin really nicely and keeps you beautifully moisturised and soft.

Again, with the same scent as the perfume- if you don't like sweet then this is not for you, if you do like sweet then I really can't recommend it enough.

This body cream comes in a 100ml tube, which for me is not enough as I know I'm going to fly through the stuff. For a gift set though, it is a nice size and I think that it would make the perfect last minute christmas present. 

Now there is some good news and some bad news about this Brown Sugar Muse set.
The good news is that it only costs £20 which I think is super reasonable but the bad news is that they aren't very easily available.
You can get yourself one in the Fresh Store in London but as far as I know, in the UK that is the only place you will be able to get your hands on one of these sweet little things.

I think that Fresh is a lot more accessible in America and I know you can get them online there on the Fresh website. 

I hope that this doesn't disappoint you too much, its sad when products aren't too accessible but fingers crossed that this sweetness soon spreads a little.  

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Gold by Giles at New Look

Hey sweets,

Designer Giles Deacon has teamed up with New Look to bring a little bit of the catwalk to your cosmetics.
Together they have created a cosmetics range which consists of 14 fabulous nail polishes, 6 nail wraps and 4 sets of eyelashes.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the nail polishes in three shades- a very true Black (also featured on this previous post), the Reddest of Reds and a lovely Coral shade along with two packs of nail wraps in Turquoise Zebra Print and Pink Leopard. As you can see by the packaging of the nail wraps, they have been produced by Nail Rock which is absolutely everywhere at the moment. 

Out of the three nail shades, I particularly like the Red- it's super shiny and I imagine it will live on my nails throughout the festive season.

Please excuse my terrible nails in this photo, these photos were taken before my return to the fake side..

The Gold by Giles nail polish, nail wraps and lash range launched exclusively at New Look stores as well as online mid November, so are available for you to buy now.
The Polishes are priced at £2.99, nail wraps, £5.99 and lashes £4.99 which I think are pretty reasonable. The polishes especially. 

Available online and in store, will you be heading to New Look in search of some Gold?


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Tuesday, December 13

Elegant Touch Nail Candy

Hey dolls,

It seems that false nails and nail art especially are everywhere at the moment doesn't it?
I'm not complaining as I love a bit of nail love and so when I was sent these a while back I couldn't have been more excited.
I have a little bit of a thing for Black nails. I always have, I think with the right outfit they can look quite edgy and I like it.

This Nail Candy kit comes with 24 Black Nails, Glue tabs and two packs of Nail Art design wraps.
They're not necessarily the designs I'd normally go for, however I thought the gem designs would create a beautiful Christmas inspired nail.

I decided that I would save the false nails for another time with another wrap and instead painted my Short Classic French Elegant Touch nails with a new Black nail varnish that I have just got from the new Giles at New Look range (post coming soon). It's the Blackest of Blacks and very shiny so I thought it would act as a great alternative.
I thought that rather than go over the top, I would use just one of the Envy Wraps from the gem pack for a pretty little accent nail.

The wraps simply peel off and stick onto your chosen nail (fake or real!)- it really couldn't be any easier.

It's the perfect nail design for all of the Christmas parties happening at the moment and I am really enjoying how it looks. 
It's also adding to the sparkle of all the fairy lights in my house which is absolutely fabulous.

Have you tried any of the Elegant Touch Nail Candy Range and will your nails be featuring a little sparkle over the Christmas period?

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Monday, December 12

A quick Foxy Locks snap

Hey dolls,

I'm absolutely loving playing around with my Foxy Locks clip in extensions at the moment. 
As promised a while back, I do have a full review coming up on Foxy Locks but I'm having a few camera issues at the moment and only want to bring you the best quality I can, so please bear with me a few days!

I thought I'd share a few Photobooth snaps of what they looked like today. I really love wearing them with a slight wave, these waves are just where the curls have dropped from the previous occasion that I wore them- so I just fluffed them up a little and voila!

Now it's the festive season I'm loving wearing them with a little fur headband or stole, or even under a little winter hat, I think they look absolutely adorable and I can't get enough of them.
I can't believe that I was an extension virgin for so long!

I hope you're all absolutely fab

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Saturday, December 10

Maybelline Baby Lips- Energizing Orange

I picked this up in Boots in Thailand purely because I thought it looked quite sweet, I liked the name and I hadn't seen it before. The powers of marketing!
I thought I had found something new but then I saw someone tweet about it a couple of days later, and though I haven't seen it at home- I'm guessing that it is? (I can't seem to find out online)

Really, this is just another lip balm, but it's Maybelline and it's Orange flavour- delish! It tastes very lovely.

This did work a little treat on my holiday and actually replaced my MAC Lip Conditioner.
It did the job well and kept my lips very moisturised. With the SPF20, it also kept my lips from burning which was probably the most important thing.

It cost me a little under 80 baht- which is about £2.

"After 4 weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guaranteed" - I have been using this for 4 weeks now and my lips are in good condition for this bitter cold weather, but I do think you would get this effect from using most lip balms- Carmex, Chapstick etc. 

It is a nice little product and its pretty in your handbag but I would only recommend purchasing it if you actually need a new lip balm- don't do what I did and just buy it because its Pink and Orange, well you can if you like.

If Orange isn't your fave like it is mine you can get it in three other flavours- Relieving Menthol, Anti-Oxidant Berry or Smoothing Cherry.

I hope you're all fantastic xx
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Friday, December 9

MAC Studio Fix Powder

The night before my holiday I decided that I wouldn't be taking my make up with me- well I would, but minimal. Bronzer, mascara, an eyebrow pencil and one lipstick to be precise. However, we all know the temptations that come with being in a duty free environment and whilst I didn't intend to I was lured in by the clean Black displays and decided to peruse the MAC counter.

This immediately sent me into panic mode.
Should I have brought make up with me?
What if I need my make up?
Will I cope for a month without my foundation?
I think the lady working that day read my mind as she asked me whether I was looking for a foundation for my holiday.
Yes, yes I was.
She lead me to the Studio Fix Fluid Powder Plus which is essentially a powder and a foundation in one. Now I'm not and never really have been a fan of powder foundations, but after a little advice and a tiny bit of persuasion it was in my basket.
I ended up with NC42- which even now I don't think is correct- it's too shades darker than I would go fully fake tanned, but she insisted that would be what worked for me and to be fair, for my holiday with a slight tan it was fine. 

I only wore it on holiday if I went out with people other than my boyfriend- not that I didn't want to make an effort for him, of course I did, but it was more of an occasion going out with other people.

It worked really well on my skin, I had to apply it with the applicator that it came with. I wouldn't do this normally, however I didn't bring a brush with me and wasn't going to buy one just incase.
Although it wasn't first choice, it actually worked well.

It applied really easily and felt so soft and velvety to touch, had a surprisingly nice holiday coverage which was very buildable and left my skin with a nice matte finish. It didn't slide of my skin in the heat but at the same time it really allowed my skin to breath and didn't feel too heavy at all. An overall winner in my opinion.

I always wear bronzer with my make up, but I found that with this powder you definitely need to wait for it to set into your skin until you put anything on top. Not long, maybe a minute or so but if you don't- well if I hadn't have waited, I definitely would have turned into a tangerine dream. 

With being on holiday, in the most extreme humidity you can imagine, I didn't want a really matte look. I would look pretty ridiculous, and wanted to glow so I finished my make up with a spritz of the miracle that is Fix + to give me more of a fresh dewy look.

I feel like the colour really adapted well with my skin and when I caught the sun etc. 
I've included two pictures that were taken in completely different lighting but one at the beginning of my holiday and one right at the end to show how the colour really seemed to work for me right the way through as well as showing you how buildable the coverage is.

I haven't been very well since returning from my holiday so have been make up free, but I'm not sure than when I do return to putting my face back on I will be using this product. This powder did prove me wrong and whilst on holiday I did enjoy using it, but I'm not sure whether it will suit me for being at home. I like using a liquid foundation and am pretty sure I will continue to reach for my Studio Fix Fluid.

I hope you're all well xx
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Saturday, December 3

I'm back

Hello my sweets,

After a month away in Thailand I am now home.
My boyfriend and I had such a fantastic time and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life so far.
Every single day was such a brilliant adventure full of picturesque islands, beaches, animals and if we wasn't off exploring then we was relaxing enjoying the most amazing massages and mouth watering food- or shopping. 

Our trip covered Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangnan, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Chiang Mai. 

Whilst in these delightful places I was fortunate enough to be able to do some really fabulous things but my highlights of the trip definitely include Elephant Trekking, Monkey and Tiger feeding, Island trips, Snorkelling amongst tropical fish, Thai cooking classes and viewing the most beautifully designed temples.   

It really was so wonderful and I am slightly devastated that it is now its time to get over the jet lag and get back to reality. 

However, in saying that, I am terribly excited to put up my christmas tree and get back to blogging- I have tons of brilliant things to share with you and cannot wait to get back into the swing of things.

I hope you're all fantastic and in the christmas spirit.


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Saturday, November 26

L.A. Colours Nail Varnish

Hey dolls,

I just wanted to share these bargain little nail varnishes that I picked up in Beauty Base (a cheap perfume/cosmetics shop in Westfield Stratford) just before my holiday. 
They are an absolute treat and costed just 99p. Yes, 99p!

I saw them in there a while back and to be honest thought at 99p they wouldn't be very good, but since have heard so many raves about them and could not wait to get back there to get a couple. 

I got the shades Summertime and Plum Wine. 
I especially love Plum Wine, thats definitely my colour. Every Autumn/Winter without fail I tend to live in Maroon/Plum colours.
I decided on Summertime as my second because who doesn't need another Pink nail varnish in there collection?

I hope you're all fabulous x

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Saturday, November 19

Tanatomicals- Body and Face Instant Tan

I was recently offered the chance to try a couple of the new tanning products from Tanatomicals. With fake tan being my must have- of course I said yes.

When I first opened this product I did chuckle a little, but in all honestly wondered if it was all a little bit of a joke? But then it clicked, slowly that Tanatomicals is apart of the Anatomicals range- a slow moment on my part! If you're aware of this brand then you'll know that they do like a cheeky or funny little name on there products and I don't think theres nothing wrong with that. It's a fun approach and it's definitely something makes you remember them.

'Get a tan without looking like your gran' Body and Face Instant Tan 125ml

This is the tan dedicated to "creating a flawless and instant matte tan that easily washes off" 
I was a little apprehensive when it came to trying this and rather than wearing it for the first time on a night out, I decided to apply it just for around the house- what a waste because this tan is delightful and definitely deserves to be shown off more than just in my house.

"because to us, white ain't right"

The lotion comes in a 125ml tube which is a handy little size, especially with being an instant tan- lovely size for popping in your bag to go and get ready with the girls?

It's a Dark Brown lotion- with almost Red tones running through it but on application its very much a golden tan colour. Both the consistency and colour remind me very much of Fake Bakes Matte Instant tan which is my favourite of the instant variety.

On the box it says that its lightly fragranced, but I wouldn't necessarily call it light however I wouldn't describe it as strong neither, its actually quite nice. It smells sweet but isn't at all overwhelming. They are infused with fresh tropical Pina Colada- Coconut and Pineapple and infact smells very similar to my Australian Gold products that I have been raving about.

I applied it with a mitt and it's really easy to blend in, a little goes a long way which is always good.
It isn't the quickest drying instant tan, which can be a little bit of a bother because if you're like me- when I apply instant its because I'm in a rush to get tanned. It remained a little sticky on my skin for about 2 minutes but by then it had completely dried and was okay for me to get dressed.

In the directions, it mentions that it easily washes off. This is does, theres no scrubbing needed. It literally will run off in the shower- which if you're after an instant tan is just what you want.
One thing you're risking with an instant tan that washes off easily is that if you do get caught in the rain- this will run and streak.
Fortunately when I have worn this, I have been indoors or just haven't been caught in the rain but I have been in the past with a certain Fake Bake at the World Cup Party incident- disaster.
Bare this in mind when deciding to wear your instant tan.

Left- No Tan
Right- Tan
The lighting here makes my legs look slightly Orange, but I promise that in real life this tan looks a lot more of a natural brown. I love that the tan is matte, as I've said so many times I really don't do glitter ball tans.

I haven't yet used this product on my face, I'm actually really pleased with the colour on my face for once and I don't want to start messing with it, until after my holiday at least. I will however keep you updated on that.

Get a tan without looking like your gran costs just £6.99 and is available from Superdrug now.

Have you tried any of the Tanatomical range?


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