Saturday, October 30

Glamour Mag- Nails inc.

What a delightful little surprise I got when my fix of Glamour Magazine came through my door today with a little gift :)

Nails inc. Hampstead Heath.
This is definately my colour for the season andI love to wear this kind of shade nail and so was extremely happy to get it as a free gift.
The results from the pictures below are after two coats, without a base or top coat.
It dries ever so evenly and quick.
I would definately urge you to go out and get this edition of Glamour!
I think for this weekend especially, it would work as the perfect deep blood red halloween nail..
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Saturday, October 23

What I'm Wearing

On Thursday it was my friend Danielles birthday and we was heading out for a mid-week drink or two ;)
So you know when you really want to look nice? But when it comes to getting ready. FAIL!
I did my make up about 3 times and couldn't decide what to wear. I don't know how many of you go through this on a regular basis, but I do..and I get so wound up and throw a few little strops in the process.
I ended up in the Primark Jump Suit. £13.
I twitpic'd a few photos during my panic and the lovely @JRosellenM and @1CheekyBeauty helped me and told me what I needed to do in order to sort my mess out.
I added a brighter lip and brighter cheek and it made me lots brighter and happier.
Thank you beautiful girls..

-Xen Tan Dark Lotion
-Studio Fix Fluid NC40
-Benefit It Stick
-No7 Eyebrow Pencil which I blended through with a brush
-Myth to begin with..However I finished and brightened it up with St Germaine
-A Ruby and Mille Pink blush- I'm afraid I don't know the shade!
-The natural part of Haute & Naughty mascara
-Sleek Corner eyelashes with a few Eyelure Individuals on top
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Britains Next Top Model Live 2010

On Friday 22nd, me and Nikki took a trip to Britains Next Top Model Live 2010, at the Excel London. It was an absolutely fabulous day. I love these days fashion, beauty days out! I hadn't heard of this event until about 2 weeks ago..Its pretty much the Clothes Show Live with a different name, very-very-fab!
This is what I looked like..

My Top is from Topshop and costs just £20, I really love it.. I just wore a cheap £1.50 vest from Primark underneath.

My necklace is from Miss Selfridge.
and this is what I got up to..
- I met Pixiwoo!! How fabulous. We watched a make up tutorial for a "goth" look. It was amazing to see them in real life rather than on YouTube. The presenter lady kind of took over a bit, I would have preferred to listen to the girls but hey!
-We got given lots of freebies :) Including a little Urban Outfitters bag of bits.
- I met all of the Britains Next Top Model girls and got a chance to talk to them and take photos :) This was probably my best part of the day
- We saw the Kiss 100 Team and Diana Vickers performed..Alesha Dixon was also there with her Jewellery Range, she did a question and answers show and to be honest..She couldn't have been any more uninterested which was a little bit disapointing as everybody else couldn't have been any nicer if they tried..
-The Fake Bake team were there, tanned boys offering free spray tans- oh hello!
- I got to shop at some of my fave stalls ever including Never Fully Dressed and Junk Jewels.
From Never Fully Dressed I picked up the Taupe Alexandra that I had wanted for a while :)
- Lots of free photobooth photos
-I'm not into fakes or copies and it's the first I have ever got one, but I picked up a leather Pandora Style bracelet in cream.. It was only £5.
-We jiggled around on power plates- eeeek!
-Bobbi Brown and Adee Phelan were there.
- The fashion show which included all of the models and a little trolley dolly bit which made me smile lots.
- There was alot of cupcakes!
The shows on until Sunday and you can buy tickets on the door, so if this is your kind of thing or you just want a casual shopping, cupcake eating, fashion full day out- I would definately recommend that you hop along.

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Wednesday, October 20

Put on your dancing shoes..

I had to share this picture of my dancing shoes from when I was a little girl.
I'm so in love with them.

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Umberto Giannini Glam Hair..Volume, Volume, Volume!

"The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips"

Introducing my two new favourite hair products..
-Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Sex Bomb Massive Mousse
-Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle..
They are FAB!

I am a huge fan of big hair. The bigger the better. The more volume, the better I feel.
I picked these two products up in Boots on a 2 for £7.50 offer, probably because of the packaging to be honest but I am very pleasantly suprised. I am forever backcombing, spraying, backcombing, spraying..and it does it no good whatsoever- but with these two products..this isn't neccessary.
The mousse comes in 200ml and is for all hair types. I use a little squirt of product and scrunch it through towel tried hair and blow dry upside down.. and voila- the biggest, beautiful hair.
I've used so many volumizing products and the majority of them leave my hair feeling sticky with alot of build up but this is really light and clean feeling, almost invisible.
The backcomb in a bottle comes in a 200ml spray. It promises to give instant texture and the volume of backcombed hair without the damage and thats just what it does. It also provides a really strong hold.
For work, I have to have my hair up- so I wear it in a huge bouffant quiff.. People are forever asking whether I have a hair piece in to keep it up so high but my secret is this spray. Its an actual wonder.
If your like me and are constantly on the look out for that volume product- this is it!


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Friday, October 1

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