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When we moved into our new home, we decided from the offset that we wanted to have a smart home in the sense of having products installed that would make life somewhat easier; with both convenience and ease. 

We decided that Hive was the plan for us and since installing a range of their products, we have been very much impressed with the results and love using the service in and around our home.

With little children, it's important for us to have a homely cosy atmosphere and with our newborn in particular, Hive has helped to make small moments like bath and bedtime that little bit easier and special. 

We have a variety of Hive Active plugs, heating and colour changing bulbs around our home; which paired with the Hive app on our phones work a treat. 

With the use of the Hive Active plugs, the nursery lamp is turned on from my bed ready for those nightly feeds and changes, our kettle is switched on in the mornings ready for my first coffee of the day and lights are scheduled to turn on and off when we're away from the home for security purposes. 

With our British Gas installed Hive Active Heating, we use the Smart Themostat to control the schedule of our heating and to create a boost of warmth throughout the home as and when we need it. I most often find myself using the app before bath times as well as setting off home from a day out, to ensure that we arrive home to warmth as well as again, from bed in the mornings. It's an invaluable product which now, I genuinely don't believe I could be without. The convenience is second to none and I thoroughly enjoy using it.

One of the products that we have in two rooms of our house are the colour changing bulbs; a dimmable cold to warm white one in our bedroom- perfect for creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere for the baby in the evening and a colour changing bulb which we have downstairs- perfect for both playtime for our toddler Harrison and nice for creating a slightly different ambience, particularly at Christmas time when we found we used it a lot.

The final product of our Hive Home range, is the door sensor, which whilst admittedly I was a little unsure of before, I am now thrilled with. I'm alerted on my phone each and every time the door is opened and closed, giving me complete peace of mind when I'm out as well as giving me the very helpful service of switching on the hall lights automatically when I arrive home, which is so helpful in the evenings.

Hive has made little parts of our day so much easier, as well as making moments with my family that little more special and cosy and I'm really excited to extend our plan around the home further in the future. 

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