Friday, January 29

Nude Lipsticks

Since becoming a huge fan of Nude Lipsticks, my favourite has always been MAC Myth. I find it really easy to wear and always repurchase. I do find that sometimes it can be a little bit chalky, so I usually wear it on top of the delicious MAC Lip Conditoner or mixed in with a bit of MAC Crème d’Nude- a Cremesheen, or MACs dsquared collection- Nude Rose. Other than Nude Rose, you'll be able to find these Lipsticks at a MAC counter, retailing at £12.50.
From left to right
Crème d’Nude
Whilst being a self-confessed MAC addict, I've recently been looking for a cheaper alternative that I can keep in my bag as back up, maybe something a little more glossy. I found it! I've read about this product on a blog before, and couldn't find it in my local Boots for ages, but they have finally started stocking it- and it was half price! Half Price off of all PURE products. Here it is..

This is Pure's Hydra-Colour Nude Lipstick and its extremely similar to what I make up with MAC combinations. It has quite a sheer finish, its highly pigmentated and I really like using this product!! The only thing I dont really like about the lipstick is the packaging, I think it could be little bit smaller and the squared finish could be a little less sharp. Other than that, this is a great alternative, normally retailing at about £7.50. But I have stocked up, whilst its £3'ish!
I want to try Gosh Darling next- Any suggestions of other Nude Lipsticks?
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Monday, January 11

Happy 2010!

After 'mmming' and 'arrhing' about whether to make a blog, I decided that what better a time to start one than the new year?

When I'm online I spend the majority of my time watching YouTube tutorials and hauls, reading product reviews and typical "all things girly" blogs. I imagine thats pretty much what my blog will be- minus the YouTube tutorials!

Wish me luck!

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