Thursday, September 30

DIY: Ombre

I've loved the whole 'Ombre' thing for ages now and have looked at photos of it with major hair envy..I've also wanted my hair a little lighter for ages now, so yesturday, I finally took the plunge and did it!

I didn't want to have a major colour contrast and the whole concept of bleach kinda scares me, so I was a little weary..
There isn't many highlight/bleaching kits in Boots and Superdrug, some of them look pretty darn scary! The only normal looking one was this..Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme. It cost £5.99 which I think is pretty fab.

My hairs in desperate need of a cut so I thought "what the heckkk, if it fails, I get the ends chopped"..
In the box you get a little cap for normal highlights. You do not need this.
All you need is the sachets and colour developer, mix it together and voila- the fun begins!
I used my hands to put it on no way did I put it on "perfectly" as I didnt want a straight line, I put it very rough so that it blended well. The colour started to take really fast, I only left it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. I then applied the conditioner :)
It was already lightened, but I decided to lighten the very ends a little bit more so blow dried and repeated the process. There so much product left that my best friend Nikki also did hers.
My hairs a little bit all over the place when it comes to colour anyway, but I feel like its really lightened around my face. My camera doesnt pick it up very well, in "real life" its alot more natural. I love it!
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DIY: how to fix a pretty baby..

I was horrified when my Make Up Store lipstick Pretty Baby started to die on me.
Its happened before with a few lipsticks, one that comes to mind that it happens quite alot with is creme d'nude, but with Pretty Baby I was very devastated. I love it alot.
Last night I went to the store in Westfields and was so happy to get another. I asked the lady in the store why this happened to my last one and she said its a problem they have with a few of there lines and it has been put to the manufacturers. The casing is too big for the actual lipstick so she said its important that when you use it, you literally only twist it up the tiniest amount- a little bit of a pain but I can deal with it as it is my fave.

I have no idea why I hadn't done this already, but she suggested that I put the remaining product I had into another pot and use it in lipbalm form..
The lady in the store couldn't have been any more helpful, she gave me a little pot and instructions of what to do!

Step One
Remove the lipstick from the container and put it into a small pot.
Step Two
Put the pot into the microwave for about 20 seconds at a time, checking to make sure that it isn't that hot that its bubbling.
Step Three
Make sure its all melted evenly into the pot.
Step Four
Pop into the fridge for a few minutes.
Easy peasy.
You can also do this for any broken concealers. How exciting!
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Wednesday, September 15

What I was wearing- A day in Ottawa

Evening dollies,
Last week I had a little flight to Ottawa for work..For those of you that haven't been- its an absolutely beautiful city. I was pleasantly surprised. I was only there a day and a bit, and I wanted to do so many touristy things and of course get a bit of shopping in there aswell. The weather was so lovely and so this is what I chose to wear..
Waistcoat- Primark £6.00
Vest- Topshop about £8
Trousers- River Island £29.99
Sandals- River Island £34.99
Sorry the photo quality is very poor, I only had my iPhone with me :(
After having lots of fun in the mall parading myself around Sephora, MAC, Sears, American Eagle Apparel and eating a divine portion of Pancakes and Syrup I went into one of the drug stores to get some Crest White Strips but unfortunately they was all sold out :( However, I did manage to pick up some Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion for about $11 and lots of Canadian sweeties :) I'm heading back to Ottawa in a few weeks and can't wait to do a little more exploring!

This mascara promises to give you more Volume and Length.
I'm really happy with the results, it gives you a very clean and even looking lash. It isn't a very dramatic mascara, but I do believe it does the job nicely and works well as an everyday mascara!

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Friday, September 10

Latest purchases

I'm really happy with my two latest primark I thought I'd share them with you!

This wonderous sleeveless little jacket I saw whilst rummaging through this weeks magazines a few times and when I saw it in the shop I was throughly excited :) It had a lovely small price tag of just £13..but it scanned at £5! I love it when that happens.

I love this jumpsuit, I know a few people that have it already but I thought I'd still purchase. It was only £13 and is so comfortable. I took the black belt off of it and replaced it with my Topshop leather belt. I use this belt on practically everything, I love it.

I know some people have a fear of brown on black but I'm always a fan :)
I'd really appreciate your opinions on these leather boots. I picked them up in Debenhams, they was quite a bargain. They was £50 with 30% off, so I got them for £35 which I'm pretty impressed with.
I have fallen in love with two "distressed" colour pairs, one in All Saints at £160 & one in Aldo in Canada for $130. I'm heading back to Canada in a few weeks so hopefully I'll have made a decision by then..
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