Friday, May 20

St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse

fWhilst doing a little tan shopping online, I asked a question on Twitter: Whats your favourite tan?
I have my favourites, as we all do and tons of you came back with St Moriz Dark.

I have used St Moriz mousse and spray in the past and have a love/hate relationship with them.
St Moriz is cheap, it gives amazing colour but it doesn't last as long as I like and it is quite drying.
After weighing up the pros and cons, I have decided that St Moriz is amazing for a quick "emergency" tan, if your prepared to scrub well 2-3 days afterwards.

With this in mind, I decided to start my search for St Moriz Dark.
I found a bottle on eBay here for £3.99 with free delivery which is a huge steal.
The delivery was super quick and I couldn't wait to get it on.

I have been really naughty recently and have been using the Sunbed. This is only for preperation for my Summer holiday and I know its extremely bad!
Everywhere is tanning a lovely colour but my legs arent and its bothering me. I decided to just apply St Moriz Darks to my legs to begin with because of this and the fact that as you can see in the picture below, its very dark.

The picture below shows one leg with St Moriz Dark just applied against an untanned leg.
The photo was taken with my iPhone, so its a bit orange looking. The real life colour guide is very dark brown.

St Moriz Tips:
-Moisturise well
-Shake Bottle
-Wear Gloves and apply in a circular motion

St Moriz Dark dries on the skin very quickly, so I would recommend this to the "experienced tanner", otherwise what could be a beautiful brown glow could very quickly turn into a fake tan fail.

I was left with a really great brown colour on my legs for about 3 days before it started to crack and not look very nice, I will be most definitely be using this product, just not as my regular day to day tan.

Happy Tanning!


  1. did you moisturise your whole body first or just the areas that need it?

  2. This tan just does nothing for me! It goes on and literally washes off, no tan whatsoever! :( x

  3. I loveeeeeeeeee St. Moriz! But I haven't dared try the dark one yet!
    I'm so bad at applying it I think I would just make a horrific mess haha :) xx

  4. Kerrymarie-I moisturise everywhere. Its important that you do it quite a while before so that it is completely dried. Also, with an oil free moisturiser or it will turn to an icky mess!
    Kelly-Thats like me and Fake Bake, it used to but doesn't work at all on me anymore..I must find out why this is!

  5. I'm surprised you haven't Lauren Googer's tan 'lauren's way' yet! Xx

  6. I love this tan, mine never cracks or goes patchy :/

  7. I use this one for quite a while now and it does not crack or goes patchy on me either. Do you wash it off in the morning (or six hours after the application) as it's recommended on a bottle? What is left after, stays really long and looks flawless.


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