Tuesday, August 23

Bikini Collection

Hello my lovely rays of sunshine,
This morning I was sorting one part of my wardrobe which is a huge mission and came across one of the bags of bikini's that I have that need sorting out for Thailand.
I have a bit of an obsession for Bikinis and I have no idea why, it's not as if its ever sunny here in the UK- anyway I'm currently at 26.. I am absolutely dreading deciding which ones to take away with me.
These are 14 of the ones I seem to pick out the most.

They aren't all brand new..a few have been in my collection for a year or so, but I've only worn them like once, which is a bit naughty and probably a waste of money.
My obsession continues and theres a cheeky couple I have my eye on at the moment from Beachy Bunny Swimwear.. a little pricey so if I do decide to ever buy from there- It will be an absolute treat.
I hope you're all super xx
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  1. I love that Geri Halliwell bikini but couldn't find it in my size. Plus, my holidaying days are over until next year *aigh* :(

    Carly x

  2. I'm currently looking for some places to buy bikini's from as I have a holiday in November, any good websites that you would recommend? Or that anyone else could recommend? x


  3. Adore this post :)
    I love bikinis too, I go a bit ott!
    I need a good revamp though tbh, I haven't gone away this year & am on the podgy side, so need to slim down & get some ready for the sun next year

  4. Wow I wish I had that many, they are all gorgeous. I find buying bikinis so difficult as I have a large bust and I don't want to spend £25 on a bikini! xx

  5. wow awesome collection!!!nice post girl !!



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