Monday, January 31

Cross Tee & Ring

I managed to get these two beauts in Manchesters Urban Outfitters.
Truly Madly Deeply Animal Tee- £28
Gold Sideways Cross Double Ring- £12
I've wanted them for a while so am glad I finally picked them up.
The tee fits me just nicely, the sleeves come to a couple of inches above my elbow, but I turn them up because I personally don't like them at that length.
For those of you that are thinking of picking one of these up without trying one on, I got mine in Large. I couldn't go any smaller and I'm a 10/12. Its not as long as I normally like in tees, but!
There both available online at
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Sunday, January 23

"Air hostess, I like the way you dress.."

Today the postman placed a fantastic piece of news through my letterbox..
I have been invited back to flying for the Summer!

I'm overwhelmed with excitement, butterflies and goodness.
This time in two months, I will hopefully have finished my training course and be reunited with my beautiful dolls, flying the summer skies of the world.

Tonight I was meant to have been going out and was looking forward to some celebratory beverages, but instead rather than putting my make up to waste, I started practising my work hair.

I have been growing it since last summer in hope that this year it would become easier to style for work. I don't like having a plain pony tail, so I usually go for a similar style to this.
-Backcomb hair a little (or quite a lot in my case)
-If the front is already quite thick just pull back from face and pull ends towards the crown and secure with a hair grip.
-Turn head upside down, add a little hairspray and create the shape. Hold into place and clip.
-Scrape all remaining hair into a ponytail.

I have to then secure every single hair with a huge amount of hairspray which by the end of a long flight can look vile (oh the glamour of an air hostess). I use L'oreal Elnett as it is quite fine and brushes out easily.
I also have to cover my hairband with a piece of hair, and as my hairs quite thin I use a babyliss hair piece that has a magnet clip and just wrap it around the band. I got this in Boots for £4.99.

Extra goodness is that I now have a reason to buy some new lipsticks and nail varnishes as they have to compliment each other and be immaculate. Exciting!
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Wednesday, January 19

What I'm Wearing

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35
St Tropez Bronzer
MAC Gaga Lippy
Cover Girl Lash Blast
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

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Friday, January 14


This is a little bit of a random post, but I just wanted to share a few pictures that I have found on whilst I was looking for a little bit of 'Roomspiration'.
I've been meaning to change my room for a little while now and have been looking for the perfect dressing table but haven't yet come across it.
My current room is featured on this room tour post that I did almost a year ago. I adore pretty vintage things and love "old" looking victorian-floral-shabby chic-french antique furniture and bits
I want it to be a lot more airy and pretty ready for the summer. I'm lucky that me and my mum love to decorate so its not going to be a chore- I can't wait to get started!

Apologies if its a little picture heavy.

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Thursday, January 13

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous

Those of you that are regular readers to my blog will know that I am a big fan of BIG hair. The bigger the better in my opinion and I am constantly searching the shelves to find a new way to make my hair huge and full of secrets.
Whenever it comes to me doing my hair- to be honest, I'm pretty lazy. Maybe I live in "big messy" hair because for me.. its an easy option? Either way, easy or not- I love it.
I haven't really got a favourite but off my bathroom shelf I will usually go for one of these products;
John Frieda Volume range, Avon Volume Leave in-conditioner, Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Massive Mousse and Bed Head Superstar Queen for a day.
I have never had any problems with these except the product build up but I think unless you have a really light product this is to be expected with Volumising hair products.

In one of my christmas posts you will see that my lovely mum compiled me a "bits a box" full of lots of new things to try and have a play with. A couple of the products were Phil Smith Be Gorgeous- "Big it up" volumising mousse and dry clean shampoo.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous- "Big it up" volumising mousse
75ml £3.99
"Adds volume and hold to fine flyaway hair"

I find that mousse is the best product to use alongside hairspray for the huge look, it's applied to the hair when its wet and dried into the hair for a longer lasting effect.
The way that Phil Smith instructs this product to be used is exactly how I go about doing it myself; "Dispense into palm of hand and apply to hair from roots to tip. Blow dry your hair upside down to leave your hair looking fuller and feeling thicker." I use roughly one or two squirts, the size of the lid.

This particular product works SO well, its not sticky and leaves the hair full and bouncy.

The smell is AMAZING and fresh, it really reminds me of something fabulous but I can't quite put my finger on what it is- if you have any ideas please let me know! Up with Bed Head products, this definately receives top marks for the smell.

The size of the bottle is quite tiny, but good enough for £3.99. I would call it more of a travel size product which suits me better because I tend to carry everything around with me, so I do not need another huge 200ml bottle in my bag!

I think its definatley worth trying if you haven't already. I've used it a few times now and had great results each time.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous- "Dry Clean Shampoo"
75ml £2.99
"Revives hair in-between washes"
Where would I be without dry shampoo? Seriously, there would be many a time that I would have had flat disgusting and dare I say it..greasy hair. Lets face it, everyones hair needs that little hair pick me up mid-week?

Phil Smith directs to "Spray onto the roots from 16cm and massage through with your fingertips following by brushing throughly." Personally, I spray onto the roots and massage with my fingers but I don't brush after? I don't use so much of this product that I need to brush it through but if I did, I wouldn't want to flatten by hair, so I spray underneath a layer of hair onto the roots and just "boof" it up a little bit.
I definately recommend that you spray from a distance especially if you have dark hair because you don't want to end up with grey/white looking hair. I'd also recommend that you try this and any dry shampoo product before an emergency hair situ, just incase you can't work it well. Nobody wants to be at work or shopping and have someone say "Is that grey hair?"..I'd give it a little try at home if you haven't used dry shampoo before.

I have always got a bottle of dry shampoo to hand just incase and am so glad that I have come across this little beaut. Just like the mousse, its small bottle- travel or handbag size in this case which is perfect.

The smell, like the mousse is also beautiful. Your hair really does feel freshened and revived after using it.
My mum picked these up in Sainsburys (a supermarket in the UK) for me. I don't actually think there available in any drug stores?
I'm not sure if this is a correct way to use dry shampoo- but I also find on clean hair it works so well to give it a bit of volume? I'm not sure if its because it drys it out a little, but I sometimes use it on roots before a little backcomb? Thats probably a little bit naughty but it works for me.

I'm sorry for the small essay.. I'm just very passionate about big hair.
I hope your all very well
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Tuesday, January 11

Belles Boutiques Birthday

Belles Boutique is 1 today!

"Happy Birthday to Belle, Happy Birthday to Belle, Happy Birthday to Belles-Boutiqueeee...Happy Birthday to Belle"

How brilliant, I'm so happy that this time last year I finally joined the world of blogging!
I've had so much fun sharing all my little joys with you and have made some wonderful little friends in the Blogging-Twitter world.

This week I reached 550 followers which to me is HUGE, I never dreamed I would have such wonderful followers so thank you SO much to all of you and thank you also for everyones nice comments that you leave me. I really love to read through them all and each one truely puts a smile upon my face.

Love to you all
This is apart of my Krispy Kreme birthday cake that I had for my 21st, I thought it would be rather appropriate- Yum!
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Sunday, January 9

Barry M Lip Paint- 147 Peachy Pink

I've been meaning to pick up a few Barry M Lip Paints for a while but have been a little bit reluctant to because of a few things I've heard. I've heard that some of them can be quite drying and don't last on the lip very long.
I wanted to pick a few up whilst Superdrug had 3 for 2 but I kept putting it off and missed the promotion! Seriously annoying, especially seeing as the promotion was on for like 2 months and I finally decided what I wanted the day after it ended!

Anyway..I decided to pick one up in the end and it was 147- Peachy Pink.

I really like it, I'm not sure if its super me but its a very pretty colour. I tried to get a photo of its true colour but it seems to look different in every light which I find a little bizarre?
When swatched it, it looks as if it belongs to the same family as my Make Up Store Pretty Baby, but on the lips its a few shades different- less bright.

In terms of what I had previously heard..I get it. I don't think that its the most moisturising on the lips nor is it very long lasting but thats not really a problem. The lipstick cost £4.49 and so you really can't complain I don't think. It does the job, and if you have to reapply- so what?
After my first application went a little dry I reapplied with a bit of Carmex and it worked fabulous.

I'm definately going to try a few more of the Barry M Lip Paints! I'm excited to try 100? I do love a Pink!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Benefit Hoola
Sleek Corner Havana Lashes
No7 Eyebrow Pencil Brown/Black
Eyeshadows from my Pure palette
Barry M Lip Paint 147!

My blouse is from H&M and costs £14.99
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Tuesday, January 4

Nailene- So Natural Short Length, Square Shape

Hey Ladies,

I mentioned in my Christmas Eve 'what I wore' post that I used Nailene nails but didn't go into much detail because I wanted to get some wear out of them so I could give you a proper opinion rather than first impressions.

I had previously heard all good things about this product which is why I chose this brand over the hundreds of different ones in Boots. I chose the Short Length, Square Shape purely because I'm not used to long nails at all.
I used to get acrylics done every 2/3 weeks and eventually gave up because of
1. The damage they caused to my nail
2. The cost.. Monthly it was costing about £45 which is a little bit silly.

I wanted to have pretty nails for Christmas time and so I got these in Boots for £6.99.
I am SO happy with this product. If I'm honest, I was a little apprehensive and thought they would ping off but they didn't! Yay. They aren't recommended for wear after 7 days, but I was interested to see how long they would last and it wasn't until 12 days later when one became weak so I removed them all. My nails are still in a good condition and have actually grown! I'm so happy about this, I was worried my nails would be like they are with acrylics and left thin and in terrible condition but they are fine.

I have had so many compliments over these and nobody could believe they was falsies.

They are really comfortable to wear, they have "Comfort Flex Technology" which makes them have a "3x longer wear". I can't really compare these to others on the market as these are my first but I would definitely recommend that you try these.

Each pack comes with a nail buffer and file, nail glue and a 24 nails with a choice of 12 different sizes.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dollies!

I hope you all had a wonderful time seeing 2011 in, I certainly made the best out of a not so lovely situation. Struck with horrid flu, I counted down the chimes with my family; underneath a flashing of fireworks, by the heated bonfire with a selection of beautiful food including a selection of Cupcakes that I baked and Chinese lanterns.

2010 was full of up's and downs for me.
I was fortunate enough to experience some of the most fabulous times but with the good came the bad and I also went through a huge loss thus lots of sad times.
I can only wish that 2011 brings lots of goodness and smiles to us all.

My blog is almost turning one and I can't believe it. It was almost a new years resolution to begin Belles Boutique and I am so happy that I did it. You have all supported me hugely and given me the nicest of feedback and comments and I am absolutely so grateful.
I hope that you carry on enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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