Thursday, October 4

What I'm Wearing- Wish Want Wear Tibi Dress

Tonight I was lucky enough to be nominated in the Established Beauty Blog category at the Cosmo Blog Awards so headed down to the Rose Club in London for the ceremony.

It was a lovely evening and it was so great to catch up with some lovely ladies as well as meet some fantastic bloggers that I have been wanting to meet for quite a while.

Wish Want Wear very kindly gave me the opportunity to choose one of their dresses to wear for the evening and I chose this amazing Dellal dress from Tibi*. I'm usually all about the highstreet but after swooning through London feeling like Carrie Bradshaw in my designer dress, I finally get it. This dress is so beautifully made and although I don't think I'll be spending a fortune on designer dresses for a while yet (though I would love to!), I think I will be making use of the fantastic service that Wish Want Wear offer. They give you the opportunity to rent an "on trend" and current dress or accessories for a fraction of the price that the products would cost to buy alone which is great for formal occasions or parties, because lets face it- we never end up wearing that dress again, right? 
It's really super simple and takes the stress out of getting ready for that day/night out. You choose what dress you love, they send it out to you super quickly in the sizes you need, you wear it, look fabulous and then send it back to them! 

I really love this Tibi dress and honestly, if I could afford the price tag that this comes with to buy, it would be a staple in my wardrobe. For now, I will just have to look back at the photos and remember how good it felt to be wearing it. 

Wish Want Wear offer amazing designer dresses to suit so many occasions as well as great accessories and seriously incredible bags at such reasonable rates. It's definitely worth checking out if you're on the hunt for a dress for something special.

What do you think of this dress? Is a service like what Wish Want Wear offer something that you would use?


  1. Congrats on being nominated - love the dress, very 'retro' style :) x

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

  2. such an elegant dress ,and what an interesting concept ! x

  3. You looked stunning in that dress! Was so lovely to see you xx

  4. I love the dress, it totally suits you. I think Wish Want Wear is a great idea - who can afford frock after frock for events?


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