Wednesday, April 10

MD Formulations Peel Pads

Over the past six months or so, I've really been getting into skincare and when it comes to to polishing my skin into perfection, I've really tried to up my game slightly. 

Last year I noticed quite the little spurt in everyones attention to ingredients within skincare and products that contained Glycolic Acid and/or Salicylic Acid suddenly became ever so popular. I didn't jump too much on the bandwagon then, but more recently have tried quite a fair few products containing the said ingredients, including these MD Formulations Daily Peel Pads* which I was given the opportunity to try by Bellezo; a reasonably new online store that stocks some really fabulous brands and offers pretty speedy and free delivery. 

These md formulations Peel Pads contain both Glycolic and Salicylic Acid which along with the other ingredients work to refine pores and exfoliate away damaged and dead skin cells. After using them daily, even after the first week I started to notice really great results and noticed how clear my skin was beginning to look and how smooth it felt to the touch. The instructions do recommend to sweep each pad over the face avoiding the eyes, lips and nostrils and if you decide to try these, I would definitely make sure you do stick to their instructions- I got a little lazy and swept it over my nostril area one evening and noticed a fair bit of sensitivity in the area for a few days after which wasn't very pleasant. In terms of the tingling that is mentioned, it is normal but I only experienced it ever so slightly on the first use.

I did stop using these for a couple of weeks, purely because I wanted to give a couple of other products a go, but have since gone back to these and am now unfortunately nearing my last pads. This product contains 40 cotton wool sized pads and although I really do want to repurchase them, I am in two minds as I'm now also considering giving the Power Peel Pads a go.

MD Formulations Peel Pads cost £33.30 for 40 pads and are available on Bellezo



  1. looks like it could work on my skin however im not sure i could pay that much for it atm


  2. I really want to try a product with these exfoliating acids in and these sound good, but the price tag is a little steep

  3. They sound great the price is extortionate! Crazy price for 40 pads. xx

  4. Ooh these sounds pretty interesting, way out of my budget though I'm afraid xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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