Monday, August 18


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  1. This made me feel slightly nauseous (I hate blood), and then made me cry about 15 times. You've ruined me, congrats to you both, and I'm so happy he arrived safe and sound into the world. I hope you've recovered ok too!

  2. Congratulations to you both, what a gorgeous little boy :) Thank you for sharing your birth story, Wow! I've had two children and I never knew they put their finger up bottoms x

  3. This was such a lovely video Laura, I had a few tears when I watched it. Congratulations to you both, Harrison is gorgeous x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  4. Laura I LOVED this video! It was so tastefully done and it was so nice to hear your story!


  5. Congratulations! Loved this video, I'm due in December and this was a really detailed video of the sorts of things I can expect. I feel like One Born dust over the nitty gritty details haha.
    Great video :) xx

  6. This made my cry! You did so well :) I could never have done my labour without pain relief :) congratulations :) Harrison is beautiful :) xxx

  7. This is so lovely Laura such a magical experience and story. Seeing and hearing how much love you have for Harrison is truly heart melting, watching you crying made me cry aha I cannot begin to imagine the emotion and love you have inside of you for that little boy. Harrison is so gorgeous, a perfect little bean and he is very lucky to have a gorgeous talented mummy! Congratulation again babe wishing you and your lovely family all the best and luck in the world. Lots of love, Kirsty xxx

    1. p.s I also loved the lipstick you were wearing in your video <3

  8. Just sat and cried my way through watching this video. It has made me look forward to my labour in the next few weeks (although I know it will hurt!). I love how obvious your love for your baby is. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little boy.

  9. I´m pregnant with my little boy at the time, in the whole Video he was so active and kicked me so hard, but still lovely.... I'm now so emotional, i can´t stop crying. We got a few months to go and i cant wait to hold my Baby Boy in my arms! Sorry, I cant write a correct sentence, you now, the hormones ;) I Wish you and your Family all the best - Kat

  10. Congrats, what a beautiful baby! He probably is so much bigger now :) Love your blog.

  11. I cried so much during this video and I'm not even pregnant! Beautiful xx


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