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Acne, Skincare Stories, Myths and Advice? I want to hear yours

Blogging about all things that surround "beauty" for almost five years now, has meant that I've spent a fair amount of time researching the in's and outs of skincare. I'm not a pro by any means, but after trying a vast amount of products and reading into what works for others, I've picked up a fair bit of information and tips- be it advice from the industry professionals, or from like minded individuals, all with a skincare story. 

No matter how much we try to get away from it, our skin does play a huge part in our self esteem and ultimately, our confidence. I'm often contacted by girls who are struggling with their skin, those who want to know how to cover it up and women who are going through hormonal changes due to pregnancy and want to know how to keep their skin at bay. Frequently, I'm approached with some pretty shoddy skincare myths and I feel it's about time they were put to bed. Some that spring to mind:

"Chocolate and greasy food causes acne"- Myth
Completely unproven myth. Yes, some people have certain intolerances which could I guess mean reactions, but it's not yet proven that the chocolate bar and burger you indulged in at the weekend were the reason for your breakout. Sugar on the other hand...

"Acne is caused by poor hygiene"- Myth
A few causes of Acne are hormones, stress and bacteria. Dirt doesn't actually cause acne or spots. However clogged up pores do.

"Getting a tan dries up acne"- Myth 
It might reduce the look of your acnes Redness (temporarily), but being in the direct sunlight tanning could actually cause you further damage due to the extra oil production your skin will quickly get to work at making. Acne doesn't dry out. Skin isn't meant to dry out. Instead, wear a facial SPF suitable to your skin type and enjoy the sun safely.

"Toothpaste makes my spots disappear"- Myth
I did this once at school, and it didn't work. I actually remember waking up to an even more Red slightly burnt feeling spot. I'm pretty sure that goes for Sudacrem too *zips the nappy bag up*. 

"Make up causes spots/acne"- Myth
A few causes of acne and spots are hormones, stress and bacteria- not make up. However, make up can clog pores up and bacteria can be spread via make up brushes/fingers. That bacteria = potential problems.

"Oily skin doesn't need moisturising"- Myth
So many times I've heard of people not using oily/moisturising products on their oily skin because "it would make it more oily"-all skin needs moisture- even skin suffering with acne/spots/oily zones!

  I've personally never suffered with severe Acne or any major skin problems, but unfortunately for them, I have friends and family that have suffered with various skin conditions and Acne on quite a severe scale. Since back when we was at school to the present day, I have seen first hand how much it has affected some of my closest friends. I see how down they can be when they have big break outs, and I see their mood brighten when their skin begins to clear up due to either prescription medicine or their regular skincare routines and that's the way it's been for years.
 As I'm pretty involved in make up, skincare and the surrounding fabulous things, it's something we discuss on a regular basis and I would really love to further that conversation with you guys.

The internet and friends are my first call for any advice and I would absolutely love to hear all of your skincare tips, advice, myths and stories in the comments below and hopefully, they can in turn, help others too.

So please, get sharing and hopefully we can have a #spotlessxmas

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  1. This might help :-)

  2. The method that I use to remove my make up really affects my skin. If I just use make up wipes I am more prone to breaking out than if I properly remove all of my make up then moisturise after.
    My diet affects my skin too. Greasy food might not cause acne but if I was to eat packets of crisps everyday my skin would be terrible. Drinking loads of water and eating plenty fruit and veg definitely helps in the long term.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this, I hate when you mention to someone about having a spot and getting the whole 'it's your makeup' comment back. Make up does no harm as long as you can look after you skin too. But I must admit getting a tan didng help my skin spots wise but it's good for eczema! x

    tmzn loves | beauty blog

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  7. Notwithstanding the push to keep oils from the slick acne prone skin care routine there are some acceptable oils for sleek skin care. A genuine model is coconut oil which is significantly esteemed for its capacity to profoundly saturate the skin; added to this it is likewise viewed as incredible for the treatment of acne since it contains amazing subterranean insect bacterial properties.


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