Tuesday, January 20

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich

I've been using the original formula of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream* for quite a while now and actually wrote about it back in July, however, a couple of months ago I sadly came to the end of the tub and wasn't too sure whether to give the new Ultra Rich formula a go or not. 

The Ultra Rich title put me off a little bit, in fear that it would be too thick or heavy, like the majority of products described as ultra rich often are, however, after researching it, I came across Caroline Hirons post which totally swayed me into breaking the seal.

Perfect for dry or dehydrated skin, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich ups the normal Marine Cream game and has worked a little wonder for my current dehydrated and lifeless skin. My skin is pretty dehydrated at the moment, in fact it's struggling a fair bit, and so it's loving drinking up the goodness that this richer formula has to offer.

 Combined with amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and seaweeds- it works to nourish, comfort, tone and firm skin and I personally can't get enough. As I mentioned, I had worried that it would be too thick and heavy for my skin, even though I am suffering with dehydration, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's still in my opinion quite a light formula and glides onto the skin as beautifully as the original cream-gel, hydrating it incredibly.

Along with fearing that it would be too heavy to sink into my skin (which it isn't, it sinks in perfectly), I was concerned that it may be too oily to use underneath my make up, but just like the original Marine Cream, it's so lovely. I really do love how make up applies after using this moisturiser in the mornings and I honestly can't fault it- except for the price that is, which I must admit is a little eye watering(!)

Very similar to the original formula in my opinion, with a few more beneficial ingredients and lot more noticeable hydration, this is a must if your skin is like mine, suffering from dehydration or dryness from this cold weather. 

Available from the likes of John Lewis and Look Fantastic, 50ml will set you back £80- but even though I'd rarely recommend spending £80 on 50ml of moisturiser, I do like it a lot.




  1. I have heard so many amazing things about this cream and keep meaning to see if I can get a sample x

  2. Love Elemis products! This one sounds amazing! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little

  3. This sounds like such a lovely moisturiser, I've heard great things about Elemis products!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  4. I would love to try this out! :)


  5. Wow! Price tag!? I've heard you don't need to spend a fortune on moisturiser so I will be giving this a miss and spend more on my serums xo


  6. I keep hearing about this brand, seems really great!


  7. I have my eye on this product although I will be buying it when LF have a 20% off offer!! :)

  8. I really want to take the plunge to try the Marine Cream! Elemis products are just so lovely xx

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  11. I just got my sample in the post for Elemis from http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-elemis-marine-cream/, and I must say its a really good product, by far the best cream I used, and would pay for a full tub of it.

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