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HARRISON LOVES: iCandy Raspberry

When it comes to picking your child's pushchair or pram, finding something that suits both you and your baby is essential. For me, I have to make sure it ticks a whole array of boxes, fulfilling the needs of both the family and our lifestyle.

Comfort, ease of pushing, ability to fold easily in a rush, style and storage are just a few things that need to meet my criteria and the iCandy Raspberry is just perfect.

Now I must admit, I'd always wanted an iCandy pram, from way before I was even expecting. "Cool" mums that knew of pushed their babies around in their shiny aluminium wheels and I always found myself making a mental note in my broody thoughts that one day, when I was a mum, I'd have an iCandy. It sounds daft, I know- but prams are one of those things to me, and have been since I was a little girl.

The iCandy Raspberry is known as their Urban Stroller, which works perfectly for rushing around the streets, swerving between crowds, jumping onto buses, tubes and taxi's and even hopping up and down curbs.
I've been putting it to the test for a good year now and it's come on many an adventure with us and seen the sites of New York, the bumpy paths of Central Park and even made it's way to Cornwall, on a rainy country staycation where it worked a dream. 

Perfectly designed, the Raspberry iCandy is both parent and world facing, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one through their younger days and allowing them to take in the world as they get older. Harrison loves taking in the views from his iCandy, although I do miss having him parent facing, where I would often catch GoPro footage of him on trips out (see here and here). 

It's a really lightweight frame which holds an adjustable handle which makes it really easy and comfortable to push. I've pushed prams in the past that have left me feeling like I've had a huge work out, and for a parent that is most likely already knackered- who needs that? The iCandy strolls the streets with ease and folds nice and quickly, which for me is an absolute dealbreaker, especially for use on a city trip like New York, where we were jumping in and out of taxi's.

The base itself has a three-way recline which works in both positions, making it suitable from newborn all the way to toddler. We use it the majority of the time in the upright seating position, although if we're out about and Harrison has a nap, it's really easily moved into the lie back or flat position, which is super handy.

The storage basket beneath the pram is the best that I've personally used. It homes a "secret" storage pod which is perfect to hide away your rain cover or day to day essentials, or if you're anything like me- snacks and cameras!

Available in seven colours, or flavour packs as iCandy call them, it's really easy to change your prams look from time to time, whether to suit your mood or the time of the year.
I have Atlantic and Beetle which I switch between, although I do have my eyes firmly set on the Red for this Summer to brighten things up.

Overall, comfort is key when it comes to picking the perfect stroller for your little one, and honestly, it's clear that iCandy have put a lot of thought into it. From the incredibly soft and padded liners and straps to the front and rear suspension of the wheels, iCandy clearly know what they're doing and have found the perfect balance of safety, comfort and style.

I'd love to know what you think of the iCandy Raspberry and whether you have your eyes firmly set on one for your bundle of joy?

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