Tuesday, May 24

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick

44 Nude Lavalliere, 47, Beige Blouse, 48 Smoking Plum, 51 Rose Saharienne

I've always been a fan of YSL lipsticks and love adding them to my ever growing collection. All the way from the packaging through to the products formulation and ability wows me and so when I heard of these Oil-In-Stick Rouge Volupté Shine launching, I honestly couldn't wait to try them.

Before trying them, I was so excited to apply them for the beautiful application, shade range and the taste-ahem that the YSL lip products always have and I'm pleased to report back that they're just as good- if not better, than previous products.

The formula of the new lipstick is made up of six oils as well as Pomegranate extract, Macadamia butter and Hyaluronic Acid creating a pleasing, smooth and problem-free application. The swatches above are one sweep of product- they're amazing and the fact that they sit so beautifully on the lips, providing the freshest of tones, shine and comfort as well as moisturising qualities make them a winner for me. 

The packaging of the Rouge Voluputé Shines has always been a favourite of mine and always make for a very pretty display. I've spoken about them many a time online and in real life, and thankfully, nothings changed with their exterior. They're the beautifully designed Gold tubes and now with the 12 new launches available to buy, theres a whole 30 shades to choose from!

Available to buy now, in stores and online, YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick lipsticks cost £26 each and if like me you're very much into lipsticks, then I truly believe they're worth every penny!


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Saturday, May 21

Bobbi Brown Malibu Nudes

I've recently been sporting a bright Pink lipstick, which nowadays, I must admit is slightly out of character for me. Whilst it hasn't been my go-to shade since well, becoming a mum when I decided that lighter shades are much easier to upkeep throughout the day, Bobbi Browns Malibu Nudes collection wowed me and this duo of products have been reached for very frequently and have received a fair few compliments.

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (£20.00) are chunky pencils, that can be used as both a liner and a lipstick alike. With what I would describe as a semi matte finish, they're comfortable on the lips and now come in a delightful range of eight bold shades thank you to the Malibu Nudes collection. Punch is a bright Orange Pink, perfect for warmer days and as stand out shade, I've recently loved wearing it as a focus point in my make up.

Malibu Nudes also saw the creation of four blush duos (£29.50) which include Pastel Pink, Tawny, Sand Pink and Plum/French Pink which is swatched above. Inspired by flushed cheeks after a day in the sun, the duo has been created to use both shades together, the darker shade on the apples of your cheeks and the lighter up your cheeks, for a subtle flush of colour.

I normally wouldn't wear Pink cheeks with a Pink lip, but in this case I really like the combination of both of these products.

This collection has been out a little while, but is still available to buy online and at counters in stores such as Selfridges and the like.

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Wednesday, May 11

Jo Malone Limited Edition Nashi Blossom Cologne

 Jo Malone fragrances are what I deem as special scents. Everything about them, from the store they're sold in to the scent itself is pure luxury and I personally cannot get enough.

Nashi Blossom is the latest Jo Malone fragrance that I have added to my collection and it's one of, if not my favourite that I've tried to date.

The packaging of this cologne is slightly different to the classic look of Jo Malone, and has a very cute and girly look of polka dots which personally, I really like. Stood amongst the other bottles, it stands out perfectly and adds a lovely touch to any dresser.

Citrus notes are my favourite, but sometimes it's hard to find a citrus fragrance that doesn't carry too many strong notes, which can often be overbearing and resemble a spritz of something you would clean your home with. 
Nashi Blossom is a delicate, pretty and fresh scent and with lighter juicy notes of Lemon, fresh notes of Nashi Blossom and a base of White Musk, it's incredibly beautiful and delicately put together.

Lingering throughout the day, I'm hit with different notes throughout the day and I like that. It leaves me feeling refreshed, which is perfect for summer and if you're into zesty fragrances with a floral touch, then this is so for you.

Limited edition, Nashi Blossom is available in 30ml (£44.00) and 100ml (£89.00) and can be purchased online, in store and on Jo Malone counters.


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Tuesday, May 3

Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2016 Collection

Every single year, the Clarins Summer collection pleases me to no end and I eagerly await the release of their yearly Limited Edition Bronzing and Blush Compact. It's one of my favourite bronzers which has never let me down.

This year, the collection has a very appropriate Summer name; Sunkissed and it's full of glowing and rich tones which compliment both long Summer days and evenings.

Complete with of course, the Bronzing & Blush Compact (£30.00) which once again has a beautiful embossed design on the product itself, four Limited Edition Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream which I adore, a new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in the shade Red Berry, another new launch in the form of Clarins Fix' Make-Up Mist and the Double Fix' Mascara which doubles up as a waterproof top coat for lashes and a brow tamer, this collection is just as impressive as previous years and has some products within it that I am so impressed with.

The launch of the new Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream Colours in the shades 01 Golden Peach, 02 Golden Sand, 03 Silver Taupe and 04 Copper Brown (£18.00 each) are set to be winners this Summer and I personally cannot get enough of them. I've been using Golden Peach and Golden Sand on rotation for a while now, and used as both a base and as a singular shade, they work beautifully. Gliding onto the eyelids and blending in nicely, these sit on the lids and provide the beautiful shimmer that they promise, illuminating to perfection whilst holding to the lid for a fairly long time. I haven't found that they break up or crease, like some cream shadows do on me and having tested them out in high climates, I can assure you that they are waterproof and dazzle beautifully in the sun.

I'm a huge fan of skin mists and I must admit that I was shocked by Clarins decision to add a mist into their range. I'm not sure why, as they do everything so well, but I just didn't really see it coming. Thankfully, it hasn't disappointed and although it's not a product that I've found myself gravitating towards daily, it does do the job and a great one at that.
Including refreshing skin beneficial ingredients such at Aloe Vera to maintain hydration, Allantoin to soothe and an anti-pollution complex to protect the skin, this is beautifully cooling and a lovely product to have to hand throughout warmer days. 

I'm so into brows and so it will come as no surprise that the fact that the Double Fix' Mascara (£20.00) teaming up as both a lash top coat and a brow tamer pleases me endlessly. Unlike most in my collection, this is completely clear. Including Bitter Orange Tree Wax, which helps the product to be waterproof, this product helps to create a waterproof coat to your lashes and brows both over product and on its own, which for the Summer or on your holidays, is amazing.

I've been a fan of the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils (£19.00) for a fairly long time now, more than year in fact, and so new shade releases always impress me. This collection sees the launch of Red Berry, which holds a very light Berry tint which is extremely wearable. Of course, the products still the same as the original, which is is the perfect in between of a gloss and a balm and leaves your lips feeling incredibly supple.

The Clarins Sunkissed Collection is available to buy now, what things will you be picking up?

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