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Writing this post, I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant and in full nesting mode around the entire home. Creating the perfect atmosphere for my baby to come home to has been so important for me, thus has making a cosy and festive space for myself and my toddler Harrison to enjoy together during these last few days of just myself, daddy and the little one himself. 

We recently moved into what could quite possibly be our forever home and the first room that we wanted completed was our living room, ready for baby's first Christmas and the first in our new home. I wanted it to be a place with a warm and cosy finish that was calm and inviting- something with comfortable living room furniture that made it #toogoodtogoout. 

It's taken a few weeks for me to get it to where I wanted it to be, but with the help of the DFS Cuddler  sized Zinc Sofa in Blush Velvet, it is just that. It's my favourite room in our house and even sat on its comfortable cushions right now, I can't quite believe I have a pink sofa!

It's fast become a cosy space where our days are started with a cup of tea, a slice of toast and toys on the floor and where evenings come to an end with candles burning, a soft and warm ambience and blankets draped over us ready to wind down. In fact, nothing quite beats snuggling up with Harrison on the sofa, reading a bed time story with him and talking about our favourite parts of the day. They're the moments to really be cherished.

I'm a firm believer that the most important memories with children are made within the home; it's where they sleep, where height is recorded against against the door frames, where tears fall down their faces over scraped knees and broken toys and hugs are given to make them better. 

This evening, five days away from my baby girls due date, Harrison and I set aside a night to "pop some popcorn", watch some Christmas movies and read a new book and it was better than I could have ever imagined. There was no where I would rather be and it was certainly too good to out.

*The DFS Zinc Sofa that features in this post was very kindly gifted to us as part of the too good to go out campaign.
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