Tuesday, March 30


First of all, let me start by saying a massive thank you to my followers! I can't believe I have reached 100!
I started my blog three months ago and to be honest I didn't think I'd get many at all, so to be at 100 is just amazing.
If one of my reviews or recommendations helps one person, then I'm a very happy girl.
I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you, and love reading your comments :)
As a celebration and thank you, I will be doing some kind of "100 followers giveaway", but you all kind of creeped up on me and I wasn't prepared- so watch this space!

The last couple of weeks has been quite a busy time. I've been working quite alot, as well as celebrating my boyfriends 22nd birthday!
A group of about 15 of us went to Funky Buddha in Mayfair and had such a great time.
Me and my best friend Nikki were stuck on a tube for an hour, and then it rained and although I had my umbrella I still got all ruined and felt a bit rubbish looking. I had my haircut the day before, and maybe I'm the only person that feels like this- but I hate freshly cut hair.
So the rain + "fly away" freshly cut hair= not such a cool hair do..
I was going to add some photos of the night, but unfortunately they didn't turn out how I hoped!
I wasn't too sure what to wear, but decided to wear my J'adore L'amour body from Topshop. Those of you from Twitter will know how much I wanted this top, I couldn't wait to wear it. I wore it with a little navy skirt and heels from Office.
It was only £20 too! I loveee it
A few bits I've picked up recently..
Pink floral vest- Topshop £14
Coral & Navy Dotty dress- Primark £5
Cream body- Topshop £14
Denim Bow Dress- New Look £20
I seem to be buying far too many cheap little primark dresses. Now, theres nothing wrong with Primark..but everyone wears them. I'm going to change the buttons, these ones are a bit cheap looking, and wear them under a little cardi.. I'm not so much of a polka dot fan, but we will see- for £5, if I wear them once then there still an absolute bargain!
I also got a really nice blue and white stripy shirt in Primark, it has a brown belt and think it will be really nice in the summer or maybe on the beach over a bikini! I didn't manage to get a photo because its in the wash.

Hello gorgeous Marks & Spencer Nail Varnishes!
I was underwear shopping in m&s and came across these beauts..
I saw them all in singles and was in the queue ready to pay and I spotted this little set of mini versions! So I thought I would get these just to trial them. Singles were £2.50 each whereas this set is only £5 for the 4. I did pick up a yellow single, but I think I've left it at the boyfriends! :(
Marks & Spencers do a really nice range of cosmetics and stuff.
I love there bubble baths!
There all such good value for money, I got a bronzer in there a while back that was only £2.50 and actually is really quite nice to use.
After 2 coats, these nail varnishes leave a really nice colour and finish. Right now, I'm sporting a multi-colour look, kind of like when I was 10- but I like it.
Whilst me and my boyfriend was in House of Fraser looking for an outfit for him for his birthday, I found this absolutely wonderful bracelet!
I didn't know House of Fraser sold Disney Couture, and so always have tended to just look at it online.. So I was super excited! I had to get this!
It's from the Alice in Wonderland collection, which I love! To be honest, I'm all for Alice in Wonderland anything.
I really love this bracelet. It only cost £25 and is so good for the price.
I love the little tag on it- "Made with care in Wonderland"
I picked these up today in Outfit.
The top two are necklaces that were in the sale-
Flower, Eiffel Tower & Key- Was £10 Now £5 Diva in Miss Selfridge
True Love Little Birds- Was £8 Now £4 Diva in Miss Selfridge
The bottom two are-
Pink Bow Hairclips- Dorothy Perkins £4.50
Butterfly, Bird, Flower, Anchor, Flower and True Love Bracelet- Freedom Topshop £10
I lovee the True Love Bracelet, I love the colours! Its very "Spring". It also matches my multi-coloured Marks & Spencers nails today.

In other news.. I'm extremely excited that I managed to get Lady Gaga tickets! I cannot wait. Me and my best friend Nikki managed to get fantastic tickets to see her in May, It's going to be amazing! We also got tickets to the Clothes Show London & The Style Awards. I love that day. I went last year and got so much stuff and saw so many celebrities. Thats in June and it's by far one of the best events of the year! Excitteddddddd.


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Monday, March 22

nice things

This is a bit of a random little post..
First up, I fell a little bit in love when I saw some of the Boots Original products advertised.
I went up to Manchester on Friday so whilst I was at Euston I popped into Boots to have a little look for them. I was particularly interested in getting the Cuticle Oil, but they didn't have it. They had quite a small range so I picked up the hand cream. Look at the sweet packaging! I've said this before- I'm such a packaging lover.
Its Lavender which to be honest, I'm not always too keen on. But this one smells quite light. It really reminds me of a hand cream that I used to use on clients when I studied Beauty Therapy. Its just one of those really classic scents.
I needed a little hand cream to keep in my car, and for £3.99 you can't go wrong.
The little book that I have put my hand cream on is just the nicest little notebook. I needed a new one that was unlined to keep in my bag and this just seemed perfect. Its brown paper inside and is just so sweet. I got it in Paperchase and it cost me about £4.50.
I like to keep a notebook in my bag to note down things like products I see, book names, things to remember from magazines, quotes, to do lists and its always handy to have there for doodles or a game of naughts and crosses :)

I love cupcakes. Cupcakes to eat. Cupcakes to look at. Cupcake everything.
However, I've never made them with butter icing. Until today!
I decided that I wanted to make them for Easter time, so I had to practice.
I went to Sainsburys and purchased an electric whisk, some sweet cases, a few food colourings, mini eggs, sprinkles, an icing bag, icing sugar and got baking.
Below is how they turnt out and I'm really happy with them!
A random regret of mine is that when I was in New York, I went to the famous Magnolia Bakery and didn't actually buy a cupcake because the queue was far too long. I looked at them and took photos but didn't actually get to taste one. They looked incredible though.
I am a huge magazine addict.
Its a little bit ridiculous really. Towards the end of last year I put a myself on a little bit of a magazine ban. I would buy about 2/3 magazines a week? Which is a little bit unncessesary. The pile would grow in my room and because I loved the photos I wouldn't get rid. Aghh!
I've been known to spend 20euros on a magazine just because it had very cool wording and photos.
I also worked out one day how much I spent on OK Magazine alone in a year, and was horrified.
For Christmas I got a Glamour subscription, and I still treat myself to OK! if theres photos I really want to look at but hmm..
But I saw this one and had to get it.
Company High-Street Edit.
It cost £3.99 which does seem quite a bit, but the quality of its just fantastic. It's also the Spring/Summer 2010 edition, which means the next one won't be until September which makes it very worth while.
It really is so lovey. The pages aren't glossy, they are just devine. It's like reading a book rather than a magazine and there is also a great article on Bloggers which is also very fab! :)
It's full of the greatest trends and fantastic pictures and is definately really worth a look.
I love it!
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Monday, March 15

Hair Products

My hairs pretty much a big mess the majority of the time. Right now it's in desperate need of a cut and colour but I can't quite decide what I want to do with it.

Like many of you, I have soo many hair products- I couldn't possibly write about them all, but here are some of them.

I've tried so many different volumising Shampoos and Conditioners. I really hate my hair to be weighed down so I try to find light volumising products.
I have been using the John Freida Collection for about 2 years now. I find it works really well with my hair. I use the Thickening Shampoo twice and a small bit of Thickening Conditioner when washing my hair and before blow-drying I apply some Thickening Mousse on the roots. It really works wonders with my hair. They really last such a long time. They cost about £5.50 each? Which is pretty good! When I finish these bottles I'm going to try Redkens Body Full. Any recommendations?

I buy so much of Lee Staffords stuff.
1. Because I love him alot.
2. I spend so much time in Boots.
3. It's always on 3 for 2.
4. It's such a big range and I find most of the products work really well- although one of them smells hideous. I think its the Shine Spray?
Here I have As rough as you like scruffy hair clay, All shagged out powder wax, Messed up hair putty and Messed up light spray wax.
They are all really good products to mess up your hair and give it a bit of texture. I like to rub a small bit of clay, powder or putty into my palms and work through my roots. Its important not to use alot of it, you'll end up with greasy looking locks- never a good look!

Tigi Bed Head
Ego Boost- This is a leave-in conditioner, Split end mender. This is quite a good product, I have two bottles of this and can imagine it will take quite a while for me to get through them both. Its not a product that I use all the time, just occasionally when I feel my hair really needs some love.
After Party- mmmm I love this! Its a smoothing cream for "Silky Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair". Its absolutely wonderful. It smells great and really leaves my hair looking so much more silky and healthy. One thing that isn't so fab, is that it adds something to my hair that makes it grease up all a bit too fast, but I can deal with that!
Hard To Get- The most gorgeous smelling texturizing paste. I've used this product for yearsss! I really love the smell of it. It's used very similar to the Lee Stafford products that I spoke about, but this is much better just because of the smell.
Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner- I'm not a fan of the smell. I really dislike anything strawberry like. This makes me feel a little bit sick when applying but I really love the product. I wish they would sell it with a different scent. I've almost finished this bottle. It promises to "Pump up your hair! Condition, detangle, add volume and give light hold". Okay, so I'm not really sure on condition and detangle, but it definately does give light hold and gives volume.
Superstar Queen for a Day- I haven't actually used this product for a while, I kind of forgot that I had it until rummaging through my products. I'm definately going to start using it again, from what I remember it really works well. Its a thickening spray, You can spray either just at the roots, or all over for a more dramatic effect. It smells absolutelyAMAZING! So sweet and just utterly devine.
Nice n Easy Colour Seal- This is a conditioning treatment that you get with a Nice n Easy by Clairol hair colour. Its genius! You can buy it on its own in a smaller tube for about 96p! It has marked on the side how much for you to use in each go, and so should last 6 weeks. It honestly leaves your hair feeling so full and healthy- I love it!
Soap & Glory Hair Supply- This is a "Super gloss-giving radiance & repair mask treatment for all hair types". I picked this up in boots in the Soap and Glory promotion for £3.99 yesturday. It normally costs £6.99 and I really liked the bottle so I thought I may aswell try it. I used it last night and didn't really notice a huge difference but I'm not sure if I used it correctly. It promises to "Leave hair smooth & shiny, coat & control split ends". You can use it for a daily smooth by leaving it on for 60 seconds or a more intensive weekly treatment by leaving it on for 3-4 minutes. I did the second option and hmm, I'll let you know after a few more washes!
Charles Worthington Balancing Act Dry Shampoo- This is a new product in the Charles Worthington range, I thought I'd try it because I do love a dry shampoo to keep in my bag as an emergency. I usually use Boots Dry Shampoo or Bastiste- This smells a little bit nicer but does cost a little more and is a little smaller so I'm not really sure I'd repurchase, but its worth the try. I like to use it on my roots even if my hair isn't greasy, just to freshen and boof my roots up a little bit. Having dark hair I haven't been able to try the Talc trick to boost volume and add texture, but I've found that Dry Shampoo really does work!

If you have any hair recommendations or tricks please share them with me :)
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Tuesday, March 9

This weeks sensible purchases.

This week I have tried really hard to not spend any money. Its really hard but I think I am finally learning how to put things down if I don't really need to buy it.
However, I did make a couple of sensible purchases?

First up I got a pair of Black heels with Gold studs.
In the post I received a 20% off any purchase with my Outfit card- for those of you that don't have an outfit, its a great shop that sells Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins.
These shoes were £35, but with my voucher they only cost £28. I think that its a reasonable price for them.
I don't actually own any heels like this already, so this is a sensible buy.
However- I'm not sure if I'm too keen on them now..I've kept the receipt and am not too sure whether to keep them? Opinions please!
Next up is these lovely light pink gladiator style bow sandals.
For the last year or so I've kinda hated River Island. I find they ruin alot of there stuff with diamontes, glitter and the need to put plastic RV's all over there stuff. But more recently I have been pleasantly suprised.
I saw these about 2 months ago in River Island but the sales man said they didn't have them yet and that they was only on display? Huh!? - So they are displaying something they don't even sell?
I saw them in Glamour last month and got pretty excited and so this weekend when I saw them I had to buy them. I was going to get the next size up to mine, because they seemed a bit more comfortable but when I was trying them on- the sales man told me he had already sold them- Huh?! - So now there letting me try on a shoe they have already sold?
I got my size in the end, which are fine and they will look so lovely in the Summer.
They cost £34.99

Last but by no means least..

MAC Spring Colour Forecast 2- Coral Lipsticks in

Colour Me Coral and Victorian. These are both frosts and are beautiful!!

Thank you very much to the lovely Paula http://sweetcheeks1910.blogspot.com/ and Sinead http://daintydollymix.blogspot.com/ for teaching me about Back 2 Mac after I tweeted about it.

I swapped some of my Studio Fix Fluids that were pretty much done and a couple of finished lipsticks for these two beauts!

I also picked up this Red nail varnish from the Pure counter in Boots. It was 75% off because I think its being discontinued. So I got this classic red for about £1.50. I also stocked up on the Nude lipstick for about the same price.


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Monday, March 8

Alice in Wonderland

"Am I mad?" "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are"

I absolutely loved Alice in Wonderland. The film was full of such pretty props and beautiful costumes.

There was so many nice things to look at. I'm not really a huge fan of the whole 3d thing, but it really worked well in this film.

I'm so happy with all the Alice in Wonderland collections around at the moment.

Theres stuff everywhere.
I really need to get my hands on some of it. I was meant to have gone to Selfridges to see the Alice in Wonderland "pop-up shop" The Wonder room and display windows on the weekend but something came up :( However, it's on until 22nd March and I will be that way for my boyfriends birthday so I'll go and see it then!

Above I used a Dior Cherie Body Lotion Bottle & Tag from an All Saints Jumper, a Key on a ribbon that I picked up from the Benefit counter and a lovely little "Alice Bow" hairband that I got on the weekend from Accessorize which cost £5.
Below are a couple of articles of Alice in Wonderland inspired collections.

Above is an article from this months Glamour magazine by Sophie Goddard

These beautiful photos are from Fabulous magazine by Lynne McKenna and Shawn McDonnell.

The stocklist from these photos is:



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Thursday, March 4

MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Introducing the long-awaited Viva Glam Gaga!

I've wanted this Lipstick since I first read about it, mostly due to the fact that it had Lady Gaga's name on it, but secondly because the colour looked as if it would be absolutely delightful!
I'm such a lucky girl to have managed to get one of these, as there not due for release here in the UK until the 15th March now and I'm not sure I could have waited another 2 weeks.
A good friend of mine's kind, lovely sister picked me up this little wonder whilst she was in New York and I got my hands on it last night- Thank you so much! I cannot express how happy this made me. I was completely full of smiles and couldn't wait to put it on.
Above is a photo of the lovely tube with and without a flash. Its absolutely gorgeous!
It has Lady Gaga's signature on the tube which excites me alot!
Its a high lustre lipstick and its such a pretty pink.
I'm very much a nude & pink lipstick girl and this is just dreamy.
Its described as "light blue pink" and you can definately see that it has the slightest blue undertone once its on. This only makes it a more beautiful product.
It works really well on the lips- it applies beautifully. As I do with most lipsticks, I like to wear this more built up and this builds up really well.
I've been wearing it for about 4 hours now and it feels very moisturising in comparison to some other pink lipsticks that I have worn that end up feeling quite drying.
Below is a swatch of the product with and without a flash, and quite a few photos of the product on my lips in different lighting.

In this Viva Glam Collection Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga both put there names on the products.
Every single penny raised through the purchase of Viva Glam products goes to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support the fight against HIV and AIDS.
Retailing at £12.50 this is a must have. It is important that we all do our bit to help and by purchasing this beautiful lipstick we can.
Although theres rumours that this product will be around for about a year- this is a Limited Edition lipstick. I will definately be stocking up.
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Wednesday, March 3

Glamour Magazine- April 2010

My subscription to Glamour Magazine came on Monday, and how happy was I when I opened it and saw this little beaut?
I have been looking at buying products from the James Brown Scandalous collection for a while now. They sell it in Boots and it really stands out on the shelf.
Only last week the products were one 3 for 2 and I was extremely tempted, but I already have plently of hair products and figured I would only be buying these for the packaging?
I'm glad that I have stopped myself because this month Glamour Magazine is giving a full size tube of either 'Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment", there Shampoo or Conditioner. Normally retailing at about £7 each.
The magazine only costs £2 so I'll definately be buying one more of each!
On the back of the bottle James Brown states "In just 30 seconds the active conditioners will transform distressed locks into glossy perfection. Use it no more than once or twice a week. It's a temporary quick-fix and is not a replacement for your weekly repair treatment" and on first impressions this seems true. I used it yesturday and after I had blow-dried, my hair was noticeably more glossy. I had two comments that my hair looked better, maybe this was because my hair had been blow-dried properly and was quite "neat" in comparison to my normal "boofed, backcombed normal hair" but for now, I'm going to put it down to this product.
Stated on the back "The new James Brown London range Scandalous from James Brown and Kate Moss is available exclusively at larger boots stores nationwide"- KATE MOSS? Even Better!
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