Wednesday, April 21

New Purchases

Oh hi Spring/Summer! :)
I loveeeee this weather. It's making me so happy

Cardi- Topshop
Dress- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
Lipstick- MAC Viva Glam Gaga

I was shopping in Reading on Monday and went into a shop I never shop in. TK Maxx. I've said this before, but I only go in there for my St Moriz. The one where I live is just pretty disasterous, but the one in Reading is a lot smaller and tidier. I rummaged through the "young fashion" section and found some amazzzzzzing things. The prettiest floral skirts for like £9.99 and this amazing little playsuit pictured below. Omg, I love it! It was only £14.99! I tried one on in Topshop that was about £40 and was no where near as nice as this one. Off the hanger, it doesn't really look as nice, but it fits perfectly and is just so cute. I can't wait to wear it, I think I might wear it to one of my work leaving parties! Excited.
The shoes above I think I'm pretty much in love with. I got them in Next- How good has there shoe department got??!
I really love them. I've been looking for a clogg type heel for a while, and these suited my brief just perfectly. They are also quite possibly the most comfortable shoes ever.
The strap is also velcro which is great because you can adjust how tight they are to the back of your foot for the perfect fit. That photo was taken with the flash on- in real life they are a little darker, I'd describe them as a distressed grey.
They cost me £45.
Below are some more little gladiator type sandals, I love them! They are Primarks finest. I saw them when I was out shopping with Nikki but they didn't have a size 6, so I took a photo to show my mum what they looked like and she got me them as an Easter Gift. I love them. There so comfortable. I think they cost about £12? Unbelievableee. I can't believe I hated Primark a few months ago.

Please excuse the gross feet.

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Introducing my two little Polly's.

I got this wonderful bracelet from the lovely website

It is such a pretty site and sells such lovely little bits.

When I saw the Polly Pocket pieces I knew I had to get one.

They actually was being sold as necklaces, but I'm much more of a bracelet girl so I emailed the lovely dollybowbow and asked if I could have a custom made one. I chose to have Vintage Pjyama Polly and Vintage Waving Polly on a pink leather bracelet. She was so kind and more than happy to help and made me this beautiiiiful little piece.

The Polly I wanted to begin with had already been sold which I was super sad about, but I am in love with these two :)

The pricing is so reasonable, this love cost me just £9.99 which I think is quite perfect & postage and packing is free in the UK. I had to pay a little bit when it arrived, but maybe that was because I wasn't in and I had to get it from the post office. Either way, I'm so very happy with it.

I treated myself to it on Easter Sunday and it arrived two weeks later, dollybowbow said on her YouTube about delivery of items taking a little while due to the bank holiday and the fact that she has to make them all individually which I think is perfectably acceptable.

Knowing your item is being made to custom makes all the difference and makes it so much worth the little wait.

It also came in the cutest little pink pouch with little star sparkleys!
Thank You Dollybowbow!!

If any of you are wondering what nail varnish I am wearing in these photos. It's GOSH 571 in Wild Lilac. I'm not sure if they still sell this colour as I got it quite a while back and forgot I had it. I hope they do because it is such a delicious colour!


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Tuesday, April 20

A little update

Hey Dolls,
Sorry I've been a little bit quiet over the last couple of weeks, I have been meaning to blog but I really haven't had the time- I've been such a busy girl!
I spent last weekend at interviews for a Cabin Crew job, I was so nervous and spent the days prior to that revising and preparing myself for it..
It all paid off because two days later I found out that I got it! I am so over the moon.

I had to hand in my notice in my current job immediately as I start my training in just under two weeks! eeeeeeek!
I really want to put my all into this job and be completely focused so I plan on making the most of the next two weeks, to make up for all the hard work I'm going to be putting in!
On Friday I went with my parents to Brighton for the day, it was super lovely! I love Brighton, I love the atmosphere and I love the pretty little streets and shops.

I really enjoy a good boot sale, I love to have a rummage and find goodies and I found a shop that was exactly that! It was a boot sale shop. Full of wierd and wonderful things, beautiful furniture, things that reminded me of so many memories, old toys and games, cute jewellery and lots of old fashioned greatness! I spent about an hour in there. Below are a few pictures of some quite wonderful little things I found.

I was in a horrid 2 hour traffic jam on the m25 coming back from my boyfriends this morning and took the time to jot down a list of a few new products and posts that I want to share with you hopefully over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!
I'd also like to take this opportunity to say hello to all of my new followers..
I really love seeing all your beautiful faces appear, your all so wonderful.
Over the next few days I'm going to rummage through all of your blogs and share some of the love.
Most of you probably found my blog through the Guest Blogger feature on the beautiful, amazing, lovely Milly's blog
Thank you so much Milly, I have already personally said thank you, but it was such a lovely thing for you to let me be apart of and I appreciate it so so much!
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Monday, April 12

Wildfox Summer 2010

I really love this Wildfox Summer 2010 Collection! When I saw it I knew I'd have to do a quick post to share it with you all.
The Wildfox collections are always great, I especially love the Spring 2010 one but this one is just as fab.
The campaign is lovely.
I love barbies & dolls, so this is quite perfect.

I got these photos from

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Wednesday, April 7

What I'm wearing

Hey all!
This wasn't a planned post at all, but I had these photos floating around on my camera from this morning and thought I'd share them with you.
I washed my hair this morning with Boots Ingredients Lemon and Camomile Shampoo & Conditioner. I picked these up when I was on a bit of a rummage, they was only £1 and smelt really nice so I thought I'd try them.. The results have actually shocked me. My hair feels really, really soft!
The only product I used was a new product I got yesturday from Avon. Its the Advanced Techniques Volume & Texture lotion. I've only used it the once, but I'm happy with it, I find some Volumising products to be quite drying but this isn't. My hair is a little bit all over the place but thats just my poor blow drying skills!
On my face I used:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37
MAC Matte Bronzer
Fake Bake Legal Sunburn Blush in Peachy
On my eyes I used-
MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash- Not the biggest fan, but I may aswell use it..
and on my lips I used:
MAC Viva Glam Gaga!
I used my new contour and foundation brushes that I purchased from Avon. I'm pleasantly suprised! There really nice brushes, especially the foundation brush. Its really soft and applies the foundation really well. If you haven't already- you should definately try them!
Wearing a scarf in my hair is definately not me. I forgot I even had this scarf. Its been in my wardrobe for literally about 4 years. I got it in Topshop.
I'd probably never wear this, but for photo purposes I thought I'd try it!

Hope your all okay xx

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Tuesday, April 6

Bicester Village

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!

Yesturday, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip down to Bicester Village. It was such a lovely day!
I've never been before and I love little outlet shopping places- I've been to a few and this to be honest was by far one of the best.
It didn't have as many shops as some of the ones I've been to in the past, but it did have a few of my faves, including Cath Kidston! Eeeeek!

We didn't go until quite late, so I was a bit apprehensive of how it would be- especially with it being a Bank Holiday, but it was fine. It was open until 8 which was fantastic!

My boyfriend super spoilt me....

I am possibly the most indecisive person ever!
I spent absolutely agess deciding what I wanted in Cath Kidston, ended up putting it all down, going for lunch, going back and picking up completely different things!

I ended up with the Summer Saddle Bag, I've wanted one similar to this by Cath Kidston for a while and was tempted by eBay and asos to get one but I am so glad I waited. I got this for £30 and they normally retail at about £60-70!
I also got matching accessories. I got the cosmetic bag, the keyring and the Washed Roses zipped purse.
I am so incredibley happy with these!
They also had a luggage bag, which I couldn't decide whether to get, I loved it but wasn't sure I'd get lots of use out of it as I have quite a similar Abercrombie one. However, I've been thinking about it alot today and think I might go back..
My second favourite shop was Jack Wills. I really like there stuff. I really wanted to get a couple of hoodies, some jeans and lounge bottoms but to be honest, I really wasn't in the mood to rummage in there. Its a really small shop and I was getting a little bit cross at people. Especially after having to queue in a "one out, one in" situation to get in!

I ended up leaving, and going in again just before we went home when it was a lot less busy.

I still didn't manage to get quite what I wanted due to the Cath Kidston luggage bag still being on my mind and trying to decide what would be better and after following my mums advice of "if your not sure- just leave it"- I left with just one tee.

I quite like boyish tees and so I picked up this little bargain one- sorry its sideways, It was £14 down from £35. I love it.

Below are a few random shots from the day- please excuse the bad quality, they was taken with my iPhone, I left my sd card in my laptop! Grr.
Vivienne Westwood

Jack Wills

Alexander McQueen & Jimmy Choo

Cath Kidston, Luella & Villandry- The nicest restaurant!

The wellies in the bottom left were in the Ugg shop.. I thought I'd take this moment to share my new wellies with you. I love them. There from Office and I was only £15. I can't wait to be able to wear them.


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Sunday, April 4

What I'm wearing

I like to pull faces.

I really dislike these photos, but I've been asked to do some more "what I'm wearing" posts and these were some photos I took yesturday.
Raw Edge Gillet- Topshop £30
Cream body- Topshop £14.

This is my Revlon Photoready Foundation in Natural Beige, well kind of. It was a little bit light for me, so I did a cheeky little thing and mixed it with a bit of Studio Fix. The result was okay.
I'm going to do a review on Photoready when I've worn it a little bit more. First impressions are that the "complete coverage" is a bit of a lie..but we shall see after a few more applications.

On my lips I'm wearing Pures Nude- again.

On my cheeks I'm wearing St Tropez bronzer.

On my eyes I'm wearing very subtle colours from Pure's "Day" Palette & Zoom Fast Black Lash- anyone else hate this?
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My Bedroom

Hey Dolls,
Happy Easter! I hope you've all had a lovely day with lots of chocolate. I got a few eggs and a pair of sandals :) I love this day. I've spent the day watching movies & lounging around eating far too much!
I also made the cutest Easter Cupcakes with Pink, Yellow & Green Butter Icing, Sprinkles & Mini Eggs. Loveeely!
This isn't beauty/fashion related whatsoever, but I really enjoy watching the "Room Tours" on YouTube & thought I'd do my own little blog version.
Welcome to my world..

Above is one of my current bags- I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend. Its from Topshop and costs only £35. Its a pretty amazing bag. I lovee it
This is just my little space where I put the random tickets and stuff. At the moment it has tickets from Britney Spears, Wireless Festival 2009, Mary Poppins on Broadway, A Lottery ticket, MAC leaflet, "Laura for Topshop" tag, House of Fraser gift card, Hairdressers vouchers, MAC Bag, Pauls Boutique Duck, Benefit Key, Hair Bows, Katie Price tag & a Beauty and the Beast Mirror from when I was about 6 :)

This is my underwear & paperwork drawers. On top, I have my jewellery on the stand and the little chest on the right, and in the middle I have a cute box where I keep my cameras. Yes. Cameras.
Plus two Creme eggs & Lemon Sherberts. Yum

My gorgeous mannequin. I got this from next and it was only about £45. I hang my bags, umbrella and hangers on it. Also a little stand that I usually keep my laptop on, but its too full of magazines and books at the moment.

The bags I have on the mannequin at the moment are my Pauls Boutique clutch, A vintage bag I picked up in Urban Outfitters, it was £40 I think- I use it soo much and a little cheap navy one from Primark!

My poor, poor clothes! Look how squashed they are. As you can see theres some hanging on the door :( I need more space! I cleared out bags full and had to put them in the loft. I have decided if I don't want to wear any of them within the next month, then I'm gonna give them all to charity. But I get worried I'll get rid, and then want it. Agh

Organised chaos.
From Top to Bottom:
Sunglasses, Belts, Hats
Vests & Tees
Products that don't fit anywhere else
The clothes were once in colour co-ordination, but then I got myself into a product overload, and thats become too much hard work to keep up!
On my shelf I have a wax mould of my hand from Madam Tussauds, A snow globe from the Empire State Building, Sony digital photoframe and yet another jewellery box.

My Sony Vaio.
I really love reading these kind of posts, so please, I'd love to see yours. I'm not gonna tag anyone specific. But please? :)

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