Saturday, May 29

Big Apologies!

Hello dolls!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I'm planning on getting back into them really, really soon. As some of you know, I've just started my new cabin crew job, and the training has been really, REALLY intense. Very fun. But intense.
As soon as I've been getting in, I've been hitting the books, preparing for exams for the next day so I haven't had a spare moment to blog :( However, I have missed you all very much!
I have had the most fun catching up with all of your beautiful blogs tonight :)
I haven't had the chance to really shop and so haven't really anything to share with you.
I would like to ask a incy teeny little favour?
If anyone has any tips on how I can wear my hair for work please help!
It has to literally be all away from my face, but due to my layers- Buns don't work, doughnuts are all too big because my hairs quite thin. I hate my hair in a ponytail because its so short & I end up having to hairspray it all because of my "wispy" bits. All in all, I end up looking disgusting :(
Love to you all
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Saturday, May 1

Eylure Lashes

My favourite thing at the moment has to be individual lashes. As much as I love make up- I really don't get on very well with mascara. My lashes aren't very fab, and no amount of mascara will help them.
I'm sorry this isn't my own picture, I really don't like doing this, I got it from the Eylure website. Half of mine are missing and so the photo wasn't very attractive.

This is the Eylure Collection -Individual Lashes.

You can buy exactly the same thing for half of the price in a standard packet, but I do prefer them in a plastic case because they stay protected.

They cost about £10 and I got them from Topshop.

They are really easy to apply. I used 2 medium and a large on the outer corners of each eye with a little bit of the Eylure Glue and a pair of tweezers.

In the picture above if any of you are wondering- I am wearing a little bit of MAC's Victorian Lippy over a little bit of Myth.

I really enjoy wearing false lashes. I have quite small eyes, so if I wear strips I have to half them, but even then strips are a little bit too much for my eyes.
Yesturday I picked up Eylure Corner Lashes from the Miss Eylure Collection in Superdrug. They are actually brilliant. They are pre-glued which made me wonder if they would last, but they lasted through a really big night out which is wonderful.
I get the impression these are like the "beginners" lashes, which suits me fine because they are so easy to apply. They are completely reusable. You get two glued strips in each pack aswell as the one the one thats already on the lashes to begin with.

They come in lots of little styles, I got the corner ones named "Flora- Enough clothes? I don't know what you mean" - cutee! They are alot shorter than the original corner lashes from Eylure, which suits my eyes alot better.

They only cost £3.49!

Look at the cute little plane necklace my best friend Nikki got me to wear on my leaving night. Doesn't really match, but fits in with the whole thing that I'm starting my Cabin Crew job next week! Excitedd! Love, Love it!

Last year at the Clothes Show Live in London I purchased some Sleek Corner Lashes.
They was amazing! I loved them, I got 3 packets and unfortunately I can't find any sleek counter that sells them anymore- Please help! I'm hoping they will have them this year. If you know anywhere that I can get them pleasee let me know!

I also am on the hunt for somewhere that does Eyelash Extentions in London really well? I'm interested in getting them done, my lashes need some love :(
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Liberty of London- Peachstock

Hey there beauts,

I know it is a little bit late to be blogging about Peachstock as it has been around a little while now and I have seen quite a few posts on it, but I have been very busy with leaving my job this week & all the leaving parties that comes with that.

It was all very lovely, I made 35 cupcakes every evening through the week to take for my work colleagues and they all went down very well- Yum!

This is MACs Peachstock from the Liberty of London collection and I heartttttttttt it!
Its definatley one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment.
When I first saw this I knew that it would be a very me shade. I was not wrong.
Its absolutely me.
Its a satin finish which I personally prefer to the others aswell.

How cute is the packaging?? I love the classic MAC packaging, but it is nice to have a little summery change in the make up bag.
This is the only product that I got from the collection, there wasn't anything else that really caught my eye other than Everhip which I do really want but is always sold out in my local counter. Boo!

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