Monday, February 28

Benefit Ooh La La

Thought I'd sport a lip thats not from the barbie pink family for once. I'm not really a fan, but I thought I'd share it with you.
Its Benefits Ooh La La..
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Naked Silky Smooth Starflower Body Wash

When I received this in the post I was very intrieged as I haven't used any Naked products before but have heard lots about them.

The intial thing I do when I get a new body product is smell it, I don't like using a product that I don't like the smell of because I really won't enjoy using it at all. Theres no risk of that with this product, its a very soft floral smell and it really reminds me of a hand product that I used to use when I did Beauty Therapy. Its not an overbearing smell and it is a delight to use.

When applying it to the skin, I like to use a body puff as it lathers up a beautiful fluff of product. Its quite a thin consistency which I like, it works into your skin really lightly.

Its called Soft Touch for a reason. Instantly your skin feels very, very soft and freshly cleansed. It contains alot of GLA which is an essential fatty acid which improves the skin's protective barrier and helps to combat the signs of aging.
I really like this product and recommend that you try it out. It retails at £3.99 for a 250ml which is FAB, and is available here.

I really like the whole concept of Naked products, there very natural and it seems to me as if they are a really honest company.
When I was looking at the packaging which is a really quite simple, I noticed "97% Natural" and thought hmm. After a little bit of research into what the further 3% contains I read that:

"The remaining 3% is made up of things like the preservative system (stops the product going bad after opening ) plus things like emulsifying agents which are necessary to stop ingredients from separating ( we don’t like divorce ). However some of our products are actually 99.5% natural as they didn’t need as much help to behave."

I really like the way that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

The company seem really willing to tell there customers everything. When looking on there website I read there Values and something that I really liked was there down to earth approach honesty.

"The appearance of these bottles is slightly flawed – they have a greenish/brown tinge and the odd black fleck and may look poor quality. The truth is quite contrary as recycled materials are a more expensive option and great time and care is taken in sourcing them. We haven’t passed on the cost to you though, as Naked has never increased its retail price since launch in 2005.
We do believe that, with beauty, it’s what’s inside that counts and our fabulous lotions and potions look and smell as good, if not better, than they ever did."
This explains the simple packaging that I touched on.

I know that I certainly will be purchasing more from this company because I really feel as if I can trust them.

-They literally seem to have removed all the bad things from products and put in place good things.
-They only use ingredients from sustainable sources.
-They "don’t believe in testing on Bambi, Lassie, Skippy or any other animal – not any of our ingredients"
-Although some of there products use animal-by products (milk, honey and beeswax etc) these products state that they are not suitable for vegans.
-They are suitable for Vegetarians.

"We are 97% natural, but 100% transparent. We're honest about everything we do- no covering up here"

I really urge you to have a little look on there website ( its really interesting and they have a fabulous range of products.

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Body Shop Satsuma Shower Goodies

I have been using these for a while now and I'm in love.
I'm very much a Citrus girl and always have been. I really love anything Orange or Lemon so when I started using these beautiful little wonders I couldn't have been happier.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel 250ml £4.00
This is the most beautiful, sweet, mouth watering, zesty shower gel I have ever used. Its true Satsuma and is just wonderful. The smell is very natural, coming from the Satsuma Peels natural oils.
A little really goes a very long way, its very soft on the skin and leaves your skin feeling very clean.
Its soap-free which is very friendly to your skin and is full of moiturising ingredients including Community Trade organic soya oil from Brazil that "helps to repair the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness".
For £4 you really can't go wrong and is definitely worth trying.
One thing I don't like about it is that its got a few different Oils in it and I usually like to Fake Tan after a shower in the evening so when I use a product packed with oil's, I can't. Boo!

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish 200ml £9.00
This is something that makes me very happy. As mentioned above and throughout my whole blog, I love to tan and an essential part of my tanning routine is exfoliation. Most exfoliators that I have used are marketed as a weekly exfoliator or advised that you only use 1-2 times a week because they can be really harsh to your skin but this beauty is a "Gentle daily exfoliation and cleansing" polish.
At £9.00 for 200ml it could be seen as a little pricy for a shower product but its worth every single penny.
"A gel-based, foaming polish loaded with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and loofah particles, the sensational Satsuma body polish leaves the skin soft, supple and delicately scented."
It really smells so mouth wateringly gorgeous, provided by the goodies that its packed with; Orange Essential Oil, Satsuma Juice that gives the colour aswell and Community Traded organic honey.
After rubbing it into your skin, you really feel as if your skin is deeply clean and refreshed. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and if you are a tanner- the perfect base. I would however, suggest that you don't tan immediately after.
This product really does deserve a place in everyones shower.

The Shower Gel is also available in 60ml for £2
The Body Polish is also available in 75ml for £5

The Satsuma line also offers Lipbalm, Home Fragrance Oil, Body Butter, Body Lotion and Soap.

All available online and in store.

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Sunday, February 27

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

A bit of a random post but a few months ago when I was in Canada, I needed to buy a Toothpaste so I picked up a couple of Crest 3D White ones.
Living in the UK I hadn't really heard of it but it was advertised everywhere there so I decided to get this one.
I only ever use Whitening toothpaste,- usually Macleans Whitening. I'm a little bit obsessed with teeth- I think a nice smile is very important.

Amazon product description says:

Whitens teeth by removing up to 90% of stains in just 14 days for a noticeably whiter smile. Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid brings whitening toothpaste to a whole new level. Not only does it feature micro-cleansing whiteners that coat your teeth to loosen surface stains and gently polish them away, it also acts as a whitening protector to help prevent new ones. Add Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid to your oral care routine for: * Up to 90% reduction of surface stains and a noticeably whiter smile in 14 days * Protection against new surface stains.

This toothpaste is AMAZING! It really is quite wonderful. I'm not sure about 14 days because I didn't really follow it, but it definately gets them whiter and keeps them whiter. It really makes your teeth sparklely and white.

Unfortunately, mine has all finished now but I found it on Amazon (Click here) for £6.35 which is fantastic, so I'm going to buy a couple more.
I purchased them in Canada on promotion in Shoppers Drug Mart (LOVE THAT SHOP) but I'm sure they was about $7.
I really recommend this product.

I got this image also from Amazon, because mine is all squeezed and swashed up now :(
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Saturday, February 26

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight & Overnight Repair Transform Creme Serum

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight & Overnight Repair Transform Creme Serum.

These two new products are absolutely AMAZING! I have always been a fan of John Frieda products- normally the volume range but these are literally just fab.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight 100ml £6.99
"Transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts upto 3 days."

3 day straight is marketed as a Semi-Permanent styling spray. Its full of Keratin Protein which when is heat activated with Hair Straighteners, wraps each strand to seal long-lasting straightness without making weighing it down.
You apply this to wet or damp hair and use 7-15 sprays depending on the length, curl and thickness of your hair. Brush or comb it through to ensure that it has been distributed evenly and blow dry.
Once your hair has been blow dried, you may feel like I did at first- "eek, this feels like a disgusting product build up" but I assure you, once you set your hair straighteners on your locks that feeling will disapear and what you will feel is extremely straight, soft, silky smooth hair.
It really leaves your hair feeling so soft and light, as if you've had a conditioning treatment. Just like that initial feeling after you have had your hair done professionally.
My mum used this at the same time as me and was so pleased with the results aswell. Its genius!
Thats just the initial feeling.

I don't buy products expecting them not to work, but its quite frequent that I buy a product and think "yeah ok..." but really, this works. My hair is left completely straight for days at a time. By 3 days, I wash anyway but inbetween I really don't find the need to straighten which is just fantastic.
If anything, I feel like I need to boof my hair up a little bit because it literally makes my hair completely straight- but that is not something I am going to complain about.

3 day straight states that is safe for colour treated and chemically treated hair aswell!
To see the results of 3 Day Straight 2 days on, I have recently added a post of photos click here.

John Frieda Overnight Repair Transform Creme Serum 50ml £7.39
"Mends dry, damaged, frizzy hair for a smooth silky-soft texture. Leaves no residue on the pillow"

I have never seen therefore never used an overnight repair serum on my hair so I was very excited to try this out.
Its packed with Chamomile extract and "Damage mending technology" that mends each strand of your hair to a deep luxurious level whilst you sleep. It "visibly repairs breakage and split ends and deeply nourishes to add back much needed moisture".

You simply use about a 10p size of serum (depending on length and thickness of your hair) into your palms and distribute into your DRY locks, concentrating on the ends of your damaged ends and leave overnight. Then you go to sleep, wake up, wash and style your hair as normal.

When you have dried your hair the following morning your hair feels so soft and in a much better condition. My hair is in mega need of a cut, but my ends feel so much better and alot more sealed.
I've used so many treatments on my hair, and this one genuinely feels as if your hair has had miracles worked on it.
I'm so, so pleased with this product.

As for the pillow test, that is an absolute winner too! No residue on my pillow- yay! I was a little concerned it would leave my pillow feeling a little greasy, but it kind of just dries into your hair.

I picked up these two products in Boots, whilst they was on a 2 for £7.50 offer which they regularly run which I think is excellent but I think that at the moment, they have 3 for 2 on all professional haircare so I really would reccomend that you pick these two little wonders up.
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Tuesday, February 22

Mavala Spring/Summer Carrousel Collection

I was very kindly sent 3 Mavala Nail Varnishes from the new Spring/Summer Collection to try.
I've never tried any other Mavala products so I was very excited to sweep these colours over my nails.

They colours I got were
-Blush Pink
-Smoky Blue
-Lame Gold

In comparison to other brands, these bottles are really quite small. I really like that about them because I find I never get through a bottle of nail varnish and there really convenient to keep in your makeup bag.

Blush Pink
This shade is a really pretty pale romantic Pink. Its very soft and has a slight shimmer to it leaving the colour with a really nice finish.
It's quite a thin consistency even when shaken so I needed to apply 3 coats because I have false nails with tips on them which were showing through too much.
It is quite a transparent colour but could be built up if you wanted to have a more opaque finish.
I do however think sometimes a more transparent nail colour can be pretty, it looks a little more natural and often more flattering.

Lame Gold
This isn't really a shade that I would normally pick out of a collection but I am really glad I have tried it because I really like it.
Its very much a light gold, with a shimmer running through it to make it shine and ever so slightly sparkle.
It's a really natural looking shade, which isn't too obvious to the eye.
My mum doesn't really wear anything on her nails but she applied this aswell and is absolutely loving it.
Like the Blush Pink, its also quite a tranparent colour that could be built up but I think that it really works well for it. If your wanting more of a natural looking gold, then this would definately be perfect colour for you.
I think in the summer when I'm wearing gold little sandals this will be such a flattering colour.

Smoky Blue
I really love this colour. In real life, it is a little darker. I tried to photograph the "true" colour but it wasn't working very well at all. It's a little deeper and slightly more Navy?
It applies really well and I only needed two coats to get the perfect finish.
It stays really shiny for such a long time aswell which is lovely. I hate when a nail varnish starts to look a little dull.
Unlike the Blush Pink and Lame Gold, this is a very opaque colour. I'm not sure whether thats just because its darker but it really is a lovely colour and finish.

All of these colours dried pretty fast. I applied the second coats before the first coats had completely dried and they still dried really quickly and smooth. I'm currently wearing the Smoky Blue and it feels so smooth to the touch.

The smell of the varnishes is quite strong when applying. This isn't something that particulary bothers me, but my mum did comment on it so I thought I had better add in it. There is no smell when the product has dried.
The full range of the Carrousel Collection is;
Blush Pink, Lame Gold, Bronze Green, Rococo Red, Darling Pink and Smoky Blue
They retail at £4.10 which I think is a fantastic price and you can pick up these beauts from John Lewis, D

These beauts retail at £4.10 each which I think is a fantastic price and are available to buy at John Lewis, Debenhams and Salons nationwide 01732 459412.

I really want to try the Bronze Green! It looks amazing.

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Sunday, February 20

New Look Real People Campaign

New Look to me just keeps on getting better and better.
I've mentioned it a few times recently and felt for a couple of reasons it deserved its own post.

I really feel that it has quickly gone from a High Street store that I used to shop in throughout my teenage years and would have only shopped in occasionally to somewhere I visit alot.

I know that they have always sold fantastic shoes at amazing prices and so maybe I was just oblivious to the fashion before but there clothing has to me, become amazing.
There so quick with trends and I have found myself looking in there for dupes of higher end fashions and on trend fashions more and more.
There accessories are also especially fantastic. I'm loving there wired headbands and bikinis at the moment. I can't wait until the full range hit stores for Summer.
There prices are so reasonable and on top of that they run some really fantastic offers.

I know I'm not alone here as I'm seeing so much more of New Look posted throughout so many blogs.

We all know that I'm a sucker for Topshop but I really think New Look are upping there game!
I recently picked up a few Blouses, Peter Pan Collar pieces and Oversized tees, that I know Topshop and other more expensive High Street stores have such similar items to that cost alot more.

I do however find that I find more beauts on there website (click here) than I do instore, but that might just be because my local store is quite small.

Whilst browsing there Facebook page I came across there new campaign. Similar to what some companies have already done but fantastic nevertheless.

Its there Real People campaign. There using "Real People" as apposed to Models for there Mens, Womens, Inspire, Tall, Maternity, Kids and Teen ranges.
I think this is so refreshing.

It will be so refreshing to go into a store and see "real people" advertising the clothes- there customers modelling there ranges.

I know for New Look this is very exciting and unique but I do wish that more stores would work more campaigns like this.

Theres more information about this on there Facebook Page and here on there YouTube channel.

Happy shopping!
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Late night Leopard nails

01:12am and what am I doing? Painting my nails into a leopard style effect because I can't sleep as per usual.
I know there not perfect, but I wanted to share with you nevertheless!

I just used nail varnishes that I had in my little box;
Rimmel French Manicure in Cafe Au Lait
Rimmel Lasting Finish in Mover
Sally Hansen French White Tip
Gosh in Chocoholic


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Saturday, February 19

What I'm wearing..

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30
Avon Loose Powder
Evie Glam Coral Blusher
Benefit Hoola
Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick
Rimmel Eye Pencil in Brown
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in Black
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Models Own Nail Polishes. Pink Sorbet, Lemon Meringue, Beth's Blue

I recently received these delightful Models Own Nail Polishes and couldn't be any happier with them.
It's very fitting as recently I have been purchasing quite a few different shades and am really enjoying brightening up my outfit with a pretty nail.

From left to right
Pink Sorbet
Lemon Meringue
Beth's Blue

Pink Sorbet
This Pink definately falls into the OMG, daring, barbie, almost neon bright Pink category.
It is a gorgeous colour and would be any Pink lovers dream.
It has quite a purpley/blue shimmer undertone and applies to the nail really well.
It dries less than a minute which is very handy.
I personally think to get the best out of the colour 2 or 3 coats would be best.

This is available for £5 in the Pink section here on the Models Own website.
Lemon Meringue
Mmm a delicious pastel. This is such a beautiful, creamy, pastel yellow. Its a very soft yellow and extremely dreamy.
When it comes to colours, I love pastels, so I'm currently in my element.
Lemon is everywhere at the moment especially in Topshop so this is the pefect colour to pick up for Spring/Summer.
It applies to the nail so smoothly and dries in less than a minute. Its beautiful and creamy with two coats.

This is available for £5 in the Pastel section here on the Models Own website.
Beth's Blue
This is another one of them beautiful summery pastel colours.

It is a light creamy blue- though it is very much borderline Lilac.
This is my favourite of all three.
It dries in less than a minute and you are left with what I can only describe as an opaque, velvety, pastel bluely/lilac, creamy dream.
I can't wait to wear this in the Summer with a little summer dress.

This is available for £5 in the Blue section here on the Models Own website.

The consistency of all these nail polishes is perfect but I would suggest like the bottle says that you do shake well before use. This makes application alot easier and the final results even more beautiful.
The finish of all the colours are lovely and smooth and they also seem very chip-resistant. Mega plus!

Theres often special offers running on the Models Own website so its definately worth a peek!
Currently Buy 3 Save £3, Buy 5 Save £7 19/02/2011

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Friday, February 18

I went to see The Saturdays!

So last night me and my best friend Nikki went to see The Sats at Hammersmith! The ultimate girls night out really- lots of drinks, lots of dancing, lots of singing and then onto a club! Fab.

It was a really good show. I have a slight Frankie obsession so I was super happy. They all looked absolutely amazing...
They performed all of there standard songs but did a little Rihanna "Whats my name" and "Only girl" bit in the middle!

There was a few more celebs in the crowd, including JLS. Droooool!
This is what I wore..

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Saturday, February 12

Your best moisturiser?

Hi Ladies,
Just a little question..
I'm in desperate need of a FAB facial moisturiser!
Flying the skies can be horrible for your skin so I need one thats;
- Super hydrating
- Works well with my make up
- Light
-Long lasting
If you have any suggestions please do comment and let me know.
Love you all lots

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Friday, February 11

A new dress; LOVE at Topshop.

Tonight I went for a lovely meal and cocktails at Rosso in Manchester- an Italian restaurant owned by Rio Ferdinand. It was such a fabulous night and the food was incredible, I high recommend going there if you ever get the chance.
I had to rush to the shops this afternoon to pick up a dress and was in utter panic mode.
I literally had about two hours to find one, get home, shower, wash hair, tan etc.
I ended up picking this dress up. Its very much everything I already have in my wardrobe, I had to pick something safe because I didn't have time for changes and things.
Cream with a little brown waistbelt.
Its from Topshop Concessions and is from LOVE. It was £38 and I got it in M/L. I can't help but think I should have got a smaller size, but its too late now! Do you think it looks too baggy? I'm usually a size 10-12, is that M/L? I dunno..I'm tall and have no boobs whatsoever. I had to wear a helpful little bra with it to fill it out a bit.. I'm clearly such an indecisive person! Teaches me for leaving things to last minute.

Thank you Vikki from the fabulous Victorias Vintage for telling me the website for LOVE, I now know that I got the right size. Fab!
This dress is available at
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Monday, February 7

17 Nail Polish & Matte Nails Top Coat

I needed an emergency cheapy nail varnish to get me through the week here in Manchester, so I headed into Boots for a little look. I didn't want to spend much because I have so many at home and wasn't even sure what colour I wanted so I decided on these from 17. They was on 3 for 2 at only £2.99 each and I decided on colours that would go well with my gold accessories that I have with me for the week.
Fast Finsih Mint Choc Chip and Nightshade.

I was looking for my third item and got so excited as since reading Lizs post (see here) on Rimmels Matte Finish polish, I have wanted to try it- and 17 had there own version. Yay!

I tend to always prefer matte to shiny for some reason or another so I was very excited to get home and apply!

Before- Shiny
After- matte

It really works so well, it's such a lovely finish! I can't wait to try it on top of different shades.
It applies really smoothly and dries so quickly. It leaves your nails feeling perfectly like velvet aswell.
I'm really excited about this product. For £2.99 I don't see any need to try any others on the market as this one does the job perfectly!


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Saturday, February 5

No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara & No7 Facebook Competition

Introducing No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara..

I was recently sent this mascara to try and couldn't wait to get my hands on it because
1. No7 products always please me. I have never been disappointed. From skin care to make up, I have never regretted purchasing a No7 product.
2. My lashes are normally pretty much a fail. There lifeless and so when I find a volumising mascara, I seem to stick to it- so trying something new on my lashes is very exciting to me.

What they say
"No7 Exquisite Curl mascara, for curvy lashes with a sexy flutter. Lashes watch out – the latest mascara offering from No7 will coax them to a more beautifully curved and volumised look, with long lasting curl!"
To the eye the Exquisite Curl packaging is sleek and rounded with a purpley-grey and gold shimmery finish. Its a nice sized mascara- its not too chunky and not too long.

The wand glides out of the tube smoothly and presents you with a wand with just enough product. I hate when a wand presents you with an overload of product, leaving you with no option but to scrape the residue off and inevitabley waste it.

The wand is about 41/2 inches which is a comfortable size for application.
The mascara brush itself is curved and quite thin. This is my preferred brush type. I find it difficult to work with comb or really thick brushes on my lashes, and think with a curved smaller brush I can get into my quite small lashes and coat them rather than coating half of my lid/undereye aswell.
As mentioned before, there isn't too much product on the brush. I think inside the tube works really well to remove excess product from the brush which ultimately will leave you with a much cleaner application to your lashes. No clumps, yay!
The product itself is such a nice consistency. Its not too wet and its not too dry.
Though I prefer my mascaras to be more wet than dry-I can't stand the mess that some make. I think that No7 have found the right balance. I put a little bit of product from the end of my brush on my hand and its quite soft and creamy.

The product does have a little bit of a smell. Its not a horid smell, so its not a bad thing at all. I just personally prefer to have a product that doesn't smell at all.

I don't ever really have to buy hypo-allergenic products, I don't suffer from sensitivity but I think that if a product offers that- then thats only ever a plus and this one does.

This mascara applies with such ease, it really does! It almost has an "invisible" feel to it. It glides on and does exactly what it promises to do.
It lengthens, volumises and curls.
Most importantly to me are its lengthening and volumising qualities but its curl is just fantastic. I've applied it a few times now and love that as it creates the perfect curl, it also seperates. Its really quite fantatstic.
My top lashes are noramlly quite literally a fail, the have endured many false lash disasters, there bland, all completely different in length and even some missing. Maybe the perfect palette to base a review on because this mascara has definately worked well for me and have automatically woken up my eyes with a quick couple of coats. I think for extreme volume, this would be achievable with another coat or so.

The mascara is available in Black and Brown from Boots stores and online- Click here.
Its currently on a £3 off promotion until 23/02/2011 and is also on the fabulous 3 for 2 offer!

Before. Lifeless, bland, tiny.


Do you want to win a No7 Exquisite Pampering Weekend, including a makeover by No7 make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge or a No7 Goodie bag?
Simply 'Like' the No7 Facebook page and get your flirty wink on!
Record or upload your flirty wink photo or video and you could be a winner judged by the Lisa Eldridge, Keeley Hawes and Dawn Crookes.

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Tuesday, February 1

Peacocks Evie Glam Blush.

Today I went on a little "bargain" shop. I visited all my local cheap and cheerful shops for toiletry goodies and happened to walk past a shop I have heard lots of good things about recently, but have always thought of it as a little bit *eek*.. Peacocks.

To be fair, I still will still probably think of it in the same way as the store was a complete mess, the staff were rude and there was nothing worth looking at other than a few bargain pairs of tights and this beauty..

evie glam blush in Coral. It's very similar to alot of the blushes we are seeing more and more of in drug stores. Sweetly boxed in a very benefit way, this litle wonder is priced at £3. Yes, £3!

-It's depth is probably half the size of the benefit boxed powders, but thats not a bad thing as I find them a bit of a pain to carry about sometimes.
-The colour is very coraly-peachy-pink. It isn't the most pigmented product I've ever come across but on your cheeks it does leave you with a slighty shimmering, pretty finish. Very impressive for its such small price.
-The brush is very cheapy as I expected but I wouldn't have used it anyway.
-I'm not sure if theres two shades. There are two in store, but they both state they are coral and have the same numbers, they just have different colours on the front- one being slightly lighter than the other. A little bit confusing.

I only picked this up today, so this is no review whatsoever, its simply just a little bargainous buy that I wanted to share with you. If you have a Peacocks local, then its definately worth a little look.

The photos that the Blush is pictured on are from this weeks Fabulous magazine.

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