Friday, April 29

The Royal Wedding

beautiful, romantic, wonderful, grand, real life disney, magical..
29/04/2011 11:00am

I woke up at 8am to watch the wedding, and I am so glad that I did. It was so fabulous.

Kates dress was absolutely beautiful. When it was released that she was wearing Alexander McQueen, I think the whole world was excited. I think its such a wonderful choice. She looked so elegant and held herself with such poise.

Rumours are that Kate did her own make up, I'm not sure if this is true but if it is, she did a wonderful job. She looks absolutely breathtaking.

Everybody really looked wonderful, especially Kates sister Pippa Middleton. Shes so stunning!

When Kate reached Prince William at the alter, he apparently said "you look lovely, you look beautiful.." ahhhhh, expected on your wedding day but how romantic and lovely!

I'm so excited and loved up by this day and cannot wait to see more photos and the famous Balcony scene- I wonder if they have sneaked a little kiss in private yet!

I hope your all enjoying.
Photos from Google Images and weheartit.
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Wednesday, April 27

My weekend in Gambia..

Hi my loves,

I've just got back from Banjul in Gambia with work so I'm just checking in to apologise for being a little bit quiet on the blogging front. I thought I'd share a few little photos with you from my trip.

It was absolutely beautiful. The sweetest little monkeys and peacocks everywhere, perfect 40 degrees heat and the kindest people ever.

I hope your all fab.

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Thursday, April 21

The shorts are out in London..

You know your at the beginnings of Summer when the Denim shorts come out.

I went shopping in London yesterday and it was super super hot, so decided to wear my comfy boots, denim shorts and a baggy tee.

These pictures are rather tragic, my hair is a state, I'm either mid-laughing or looking depressed, but hey ho- I wanted to share my outfit!

Personally, I don't think that my tan looks too horrific, but whilst in the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street a silly horrible girl decided to make some really nasty comments about me and my tan, causing me to get a little bit defensive and upset haha.

I picked up a really fabulous fringed top in Selfridges but I'm going to include it in a collective haul very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope your all fantastic xx
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Tuesday, April 19

Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Body Butter- holiday in a tub

Imagine your by the pool in your favourite holiday destination, your in your fave bikini, your eyes are closed, your iPod holiday playlist is on repeat, your oiled up and you can feel the warm rays bouncing off of you..

What can you smell?
That holiday smell; the creams and the oils, the fresh air, the cocktails..I love that smell, it makes me happy.
That smell is..
Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Body Butter

I first got this last year, but have repurchased it since.
It is the most delightful, delicious, addictive, holiday smelling scent ever.
Its not the typical coconut smell, to be honest I can't really describe it. I urge you to smell one next time your in Boots, Superdrug etc..Its amazing!
I've had it on today and all I want to do is book a holiday. Thats what it does to you- aswell as super moisturise your skin and help maintain your tan.
It isn't just for holidays, its actually for all year day and night use. Its amazing- please please try it if you get the chance I am pretty sure you will all love it as much as me and my bestie do.
Its about £9 but at the moment in Boots right now its buy one get one free on the Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat products.

Last year I managed to get one in Asda for about £4 which was fab. I'm going to keep my eye out this year and stock up if I manage to get it for that price again.

(Excuse my nearly naked bumpy tum) xx

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Marks and Spencer Mint Nail

I really love this colour, I totally forgot that I even had it.

I purchased it last March in M&S and it features in this little post.

Its nameless unfortunately, but it is the most beautiful minty/aqua/turquiose colour which at the moment is my favourite.

It came in a set of four pastel colours, I love the pinky/lilac colour and have been wearing that to work recently and have received so many compliments on it- post to come!

Marks and Spencers isn't somewhere you would really think to go for things like nail polish, but honestly they have the nicest colours and they are so affordable so I really recommend that you have a look if you haven't already.

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Monday, April 18

Models Own Pro- Green Envy 012

Introducing Models Own...Pro!

Models Own have created a new range of nail polishes which is there Pro range.

I was sent this shade in 'Pro 012 Green Envy', which is limited edition.

Its an absolutely lovely shade. I usually go for really dark nail colours or really light and this is perfect for when I fancy a darker nail.

Its an dark Emerald Green shade with a constant dark Blue shimmer undertone.

It's been mistaken for Black on my nails in different light, which I don't think is a bad thing. I like nail colours that play different colours in different lights.

Up close you can definitely see the shimmer, but from a distance it just appears as a shiny clean colour.

Its a fabulous application and only needs one coat to achieve a really nice finish.

Drying in under a minute, I really enjoy using it- I'm a little bit of a 'nail fail' because I'm not very patient, so I need a polish that dries fast.

The new Pro range prides itself on being "A fantastic formulation which includes Vitamin E to promote nail growth, and UV filters to ensure a long lasting flawless manicure".

I'm yet to use this on my real nail, as I've had false ones on, but I think the fact it contains Vitamin E is fantastic. I sometimes feel like I suffocate my nails, but its nice to know your putting a little bit of good into them.

I have never had a problem with Models Own polishes chipping and this one is no exception, it really stays flawless on my nails until I remove it which is usually after about 3 days.

This range costs a few pounds more than the original range, at £8 a bottle. In the reflection of the quality, I think this is a fair price.

The complete range features 41 different shades from all over the colour spectrum.

I'm yet to see them in my local Boots, but I have heard they are out there so its very much worth going to have a look. They are also available on Boots online.

It is limited edition, but if like me you love your nail polishes, I think its definitely worth getting your hands on and adding it to your collection.

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Thursday, April 14

a trip down memory lane..

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my hundreds of tweets of the things I found today whilst rummaging through the lofts with my mum.

I am very much a "family girl" and really love these days of going through old things.

I found so many little treasures, from photos and tickets to my first clothes, video tapes to my home made "radio shows", my toys to my school work and letters to my mum and dad which went a little like this;

"To mummy and daddy, I'm sorry for being so naughty. I love you lots and lots love Laura aged 7"

I was completely blown away by all of these lovely things and memories came flooding back.

I keep absolutely everything and can't wait until I'm older and can go through it all with my family.

I really recommend these days, some of my friends find them boring but I think there really such "feel good" days.

I could spend hours and hours looking through memory boxes and photos, its definitely one of my favourite things to do.

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Wednesday, April 13

A month into Project RapidLash

At the beginning of April I was sent some RapidLash Eyelash Enchancing Serum and literally couldn't have been happier.

Naturally, I have quite bland lifeless eyelashes and at Christmas time I had a little bit of an false eyelash mishap. I can only blame my laziness on the removal of my false lashes for this, but it really upset me. I was left with a huge chunk (probably only a few lashes) missing, and it terrified me.

I commensed "Project RapidLash" on 8th April and am therefore 4 weeks into this little test. Rapidlash promises to;

"Thicken and improve the appearance of your lashes and brows- in just 8 weeks!"

I have only been using this product on my lashes, but from tonight may start on my brows also.

I apply this as instructed; once daily every night before bed, directly onto the base of my eyelashes.

I definitely feel as if my lashes are alot more healthier looking, they seem to me as if they have grown a fair bit in length as well.

The ends of my lashes are still very thin and 'barely there', but at the base they are so much thicker, so hopefully as I carry on with using this, as they proceed to grow, my entire lash will be thicker and more voluminous.

I still have to wear mascara of course, because my lashes are so light but I feel like they look so much better when I apply a layer of mascara now.

When applying, its a very light amount of product and at first, I certainly felt like I wasn't actually applying much to make any difference whatsoever. But I'm certain that this is working wonders for my lashes.

My only fear is that I will become reliant on this product, as I am scared that when I stop applying my lashes will go downhill again. It is recommended that once you reach your desired appearance of your lashes, that you continue to use RapidLash to keep them nourished, conditioned and looking healthy. Each container, based on using it for your brows and lashes should last 1-2 months so hopefully, with me only using it on my lashes so far it should last a little longer.

I'm really pleased with the results so far, and although I am currently a little weary about paying £39.99 a go for this, I do think that its very much worth it and I more than likely will be repurchasing.


- Potent Polypeptides help increase the thickness and volume!

Powerful Polypeptides provide effective protection against breakage and naturally supports stronger, more voluminous lashes

-Vital proteins and vitamins help replenish and fortify!

Panthenol activator combined with rich minerals help replenish and rejuvenate lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that provide strength and shine

-Moisturising and rejuvenating agents help add shine and flexibility!

Unique moisturising agents in the serum provide superior hydration to lashes by locking in moisture while improving flexibility and elasticity.

I will check-in with Project RapidLash in another 4 weeks, however if you have any questions in regard to how I'm getting on- feel free to comment or send me a little message.

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What I'm wearing and a little updo..

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35

No7 Brown/Black Eyebrow Pencil

L'oreal Glam Bronze Pearls- Brunette

New CID Cosmetics Coral Crush

No7 Iced Pink with a little bit of MAC Costa Chic

New CID Cosmetics Brown Black i-volumise- Which I now love. I have got used to it now and it actually works wonders on my lashes. I know a few of you didn't think much of this product but I really recommend that you keep at it. It did take a while to get used to, but I really enjoy it now.

My hairstyle was a bit of an accident, but I'm quite happy with it. I just twisted and pinned it whilst I was getting ready but it kind of works. I like the messy look! xx
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Tuesday, April 12

A few days in images

A few days in photos..

-Got a new bikini on Dorothy Perkins with 25% off.

-My brother went to India

-I met a few friends after work

-Did my first ski flight to Austria which was super pretty

-Repurchased bottles and bottles of Waitrose Clementine and Ginger Bubblebath. Its huge, smells fantastic and is only about £1.

-Took my little cousins to see a show in Camden and spent 5 hours shopping the beautiful stalls, vintage markets and having lunch with my mum by the lock.

I have been working loads and I realise I have been an absolute fail on the blogging front.

I have loads to review and share with you, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope your all well xx
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keep calm and be reem

t "Look reem... smell reem... be reem... Reem."- Joey Essex.

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Tuesday, April 5

What I'm wearing..

Today I decided it was time to use some different products. I have so much make up but I find myself reaching for the same products all the time and it gets a little bit repetitive.

make avatar

I decided to wear..

Rimmel Recover concealer

Revlon Photo Ready in 005 Natural Beige mixed in with a little bit of..

Benefits "talk to the tan"

No7 Bronzing Pearls L'oreal Telescopic in Black

Rimmel Brown eyebrow pencil

MAC Costa Chic

MAC Fix + xx

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Monday, April 4

Duty Free Spree

Hello beauts,

I picked up a few bits whilst I was passing through Duty Free on the weekend and was only looking to repurchase what I always use (Studio Fix, Flowerbomb blahblah), but I won't bore you with them.

I have always wanted these two products but was completely pursuaded to buy them by the wonderful Vivianna from vivannadoesmakeup- you probably already follow this lovely lady and watch her videos on YouTube but if you don't then you must. Shes so so wonderful!

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder

MAC Fix +

I'm yet to really use them, so I couldn't really give you my opinion but I would love to hear your opinions and how you use them?

Whilst I was on my little travels, I found that BA sell Liz Earle on board which is very reasonable. It was a travel set including the 100ml Cleanse & Polish and lots of other goodies for about £35? (I could be totally wrong here, but it wasn't alot). In there magazine they also have a really good feature on Liz Earle, with interviews and stuff which kept me more than occupied.

I onboard now, sell some very exciting products which include the Naked Palette and some fab Benefit goodies. I am sure I will be blogging these products when I give into temptation and spend everything I earn at work- at work.

I hope your all well,

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