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Enrapture- Extremity Heated Rollers

Hi Dolls,

Some of you may have seen the Enrapture advert screened on television last night featuring some fierce hair that definitely caught my eye. I had a rush of excitement as I have been one of the lucky ones that managed to get to try one of there new products out.

I fortunately was given the opportunity to try first hand the Extremity Heated Rollers and what a pleasure it has been.
As you are probably aware, my hairs normally pretty much always in the same flat 'boof' like style- a little bit back combed and well a little bit of a mess to be honest so you can imagine how excited I was when I was offered to try these little wonders.

I have never really used rollers. I've tried, but it usually ends up a huge fail. I was however assured that with these it would be easier and quicker than ever- and right they was.
I've never really been one for curls- tight or loose, but what I do love is volume. Any volume is good volume in my eyes and so that is what I set out to achieve with these rollers- "extreme volume"

"The ultimate styling tool for extreme glamour and extreme volume. The luxury new Extremity Heated Rollers allows yo
to easily create big luscious curls, soft waves and root lift."

Each stylish gift box contains a case with a heated core, ten medium rollers, ten large rollers, twenty butterfly clips and a style guide as pictured below. 

How do they work?

These rollers differ from other heated rollers in that the butterfly clips provided also emit heat from two metal plates inside them. 
The heat is provided overall by the core heat system in the base, in which the rollers and butterfly clips sit. They sit over four rows (two medium, two large) and are heated ready to use in just two minutes. 

Once the LED light indicator at the front of the case shows that your rollers are heated, you simply pick a roller from the casing (with slight caution however there is slow heat release for when the rollers in your hand so it isn't burning hot or uncomfortable), roll a section of your hair (no wider than the roller itself) up with the roller and use the heated butterfly clip to secure into place. The duo heat technology will then magically start to lock your curls into place. 

For different looks (volume, soft waves, extreme glamour), the rollers are obviously placed in different locations- roller placement is explained in the style guide however I think we all know how our hair falls and what we actually want so it's often just best to often use your own judgement. For instance, the way my hair naturally falls isn't the way I like it parted or styled, so like I would normally blow dry my hair in the opposite direction I placed two large rollers in the opposite direction (I know what I mean!) in order to get my fringe looking and falling the way I like it to.

For the look I have gone for in these photos, I used all of the large rollers on the top of my head and the medium rollers on the bottom. I left them to cool down over about 15 minutes, which gave me just enough time to do my make up in between and then removed each clip one by one, brushed the tight curls out, gave it a shake and sprayed it.
 My hair has literally never been so bouncy and full of life. Within a few hours I have had so many compliments- I'm so thrilled! 

Note- This product can be used on Caucasian, Afro and Asian hair however when it comes to extensions and wigs they can only be used on 100% real human hair extensions. 

So where can you get hold of these?

You can get yourself a set of the Extremity Heated Rollers or any of the Enrapture stylers for £74.99 in either Boots, Argos, Currys, Bentalls, John Lewis, Debenhams or Selfridges and online at Boots, Argos, Currys and Very. 
Each set of Extremity Heated Rollers comes with a 3 year guarantee so if you're like me and like to think of bigger purchases in a 'cost per wear' sense- these would cost you just £25 a year for three, who can put a price on fabulous hair anyway? 

I would recommend that if you do purchase these little wonders- you don't use them for the first time getting ready for a night out or anything as if you haven't used heated rollers before, like myself, you will probably need to play around with them for a bit to get used to them. It doesn't take long, but I would hate for you to end up in hair panic mode! I've been there and it isn't pretty.

For more details on Enrapture, to look at the Style Guides or simply have a look at some fierce hair- have a look on there website here

I hope you're all fabulous



  1. I swear by my rollers, I wear them all the time! So this is really interesting. They do look brilliant Very expensive for 74.99 though...phewww! Mine were from ebay for £20 haha!


  2. Great review. I was after some new heated rollers recently and have now decided I need these in my life!! xxx

  3. You look amazing! I'm definitely going to have to experiment with my rollers once again x

  4. I love your hair & lipstick! super pretty :)

  5. wow your hair really does look stunning! x

  6. oh wow! how gorgeous! i love that they have clips inbuilt so you don't have to bloody bobby pin the hell out them! these are excellent! xxxx

  7. WOW these looks amazing! You look absolutely beautiful with those curls :) xx

  8. I looks natural and I like your hair colour too

  9. Omg they made your hair look amazingg! I want them!

  10. your hair is beautiful and shiny

    Sophie ox

  11. You look amazing- your hair is so shiny and the curls look so natural too xxx

  12. your hair looks gorgeous! Nothing can ever hold curls in my rebellious hair! xx

  13. You look lovely! The hair looks so nice and soft, I really must start using my hot rollers again. I find that they take a lot of time and I'd usually rather curl my hair with a curling iron. But nothing beats the soft curls rollers give you! <3

  14. your hair is looking so good!

  15. I'm dying of how gorgeous your hair looks!

  16. awesome review, Ive been thinking about getting heated rollers for ages, I just cant seem to curl my hair properly with GHDs, these look perfect, love that the rollers actually clip into the hair, love how yours is sitting after!!
    thanks for sharing :)


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