Monday, October 3

Sleek Pout Polish- The Afterparty

Hey sweets,

Whilst I was at Westfield Stratford on Saturday, I fortunately managed to pop along to the Sleek Pop Up Shop for a little look. 
When I finally found it, it was pretty busy however I did get a little look around.

In the pop up shop, you was able to be colour matched, have your make up done, mix the pout paints to get your desired colour amongst other exciting little make up based things. 
All of the stock was 3 for 2 and I'm now incredibly annoyed at myself that I didn't pick up any Havana lashes- I was so tired at this point and I didn't even think about it.

I was given a little Sleek Pout Polish in 959 The Afterparty for simply giving my name and email address, which I was pretty happy about. 

I'm really pleased with this product, I wore it today and it feels and looks really nice on the lips. It feels just like the MAC lip conditioner that I use everyday which isn't really what I expected at all. 
It's not as bright as it looks in the pan which is nice too, I think in the pan it may be slightly too pink for me. It gives a lovely tint to the lip- I think over a lighter shade of lipstick this could look beautiful.
 I'm really not much of a glossed look girl so I didn't build it up too much, however I imagine it you would be able to create a bold lip with this balm-like formula it if that was the look you was going for. 

I'm a little bit of a Sleek make up virgin but I think that may possibly change now. Theres a few things I have my eye on- mainly the very popular Contour Kit and Pout Paints so watch this space!

A few little photos I took in Westfield before my battery died- including the Sleek Pop Up Shop itself. 

You can browse the Sleek Website and the Pout Polishes yourself here.

Do you have a favourite Sleek product and what would you recommend?



  1. I haven't been to Westfield Stratford yet, it looks really shiny and new! But I definitely need to check it out soon. That lip gloss looks good too, I hadn't heard of Sleek before but I'll definitely keep my eye out for them!

  2. I've never been to Westfield before, mainly because I live about 350 miles away hahaha. I love Sleeks Storm Palette, it's a mixture of lovely day/night neutrals xxx

  3. Im also a Sleek virgin, hoping to get my hands on the natural eyeshadow, blush and lip balm set as well as a few lip tints and the contour kit! :) xxx

  4. I neeed a Pout Polish, just which shade to get?!

  5. I need a pout polish in my life! seeing as though the mac ones are wayyy out of my budget, this seems like a very good substitute:)xx

  6. never tried sleek. probs will do now!
    Thank you for recommending it!

    Sophie ox

  7. ooh i love this.. i really want one myself:) the color looks so yummiii :)


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