Saturday, November 26

L.A. Colours Nail Varnish

Hey dolls,

I just wanted to share these bargain little nail varnishes that I picked up in Beauty Base (a cheap perfume/cosmetics shop in Westfield Stratford) just before my holiday. 
They are an absolute treat and costed just 99p. Yes, 99p!

I saw them in there a while back and to be honest thought at 99p they wouldn't be very good, but since have heard so many raves about them and could not wait to get back there to get a couple. 

I got the shades Summertime and Plum Wine. 
I especially love Plum Wine, thats definitely my colour. Every Autumn/Winter without fail I tend to live in Maroon/Plum colours.
I decided on Summertime as my second because who doesn't need another Pink nail varnish in there collection?

I hope you're all fabulous x

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Saturday, November 19

Tanatomicals- Body and Face Instant Tan

I was recently offered the chance to try a couple of the new tanning products from Tanatomicals. With fake tan being my must have- of course I said yes.

When I first opened this product I did chuckle a little, but in all honestly wondered if it was all a little bit of a joke? But then it clicked, slowly that Tanatomicals is apart of the Anatomicals range- a slow moment on my part! If you're aware of this brand then you'll know that they do like a cheeky or funny little name on there products and I don't think theres nothing wrong with that. It's a fun approach and it's definitely something makes you remember them.

'Get a tan without looking like your gran' Body and Face Instant Tan 125ml

This is the tan dedicated to "creating a flawless and instant matte tan that easily washes off" 
I was a little apprehensive when it came to trying this and rather than wearing it for the first time on a night out, I decided to apply it just for around the house- what a waste because this tan is delightful and definitely deserves to be shown off more than just in my house.

"because to us, white ain't right"

The lotion comes in a 125ml tube which is a handy little size, especially with being an instant tan- lovely size for popping in your bag to go and get ready with the girls?

It's a Dark Brown lotion- with almost Red tones running through it but on application its very much a golden tan colour. Both the consistency and colour remind me very much of Fake Bakes Matte Instant tan which is my favourite of the instant variety.

On the box it says that its lightly fragranced, but I wouldn't necessarily call it light however I wouldn't describe it as strong neither, its actually quite nice. It smells sweet but isn't at all overwhelming. They are infused with fresh tropical Pina Colada- Coconut and Pineapple and infact smells very similar to my Australian Gold products that I have been raving about.

I applied it with a mitt and it's really easy to blend in, a little goes a long way which is always good.
It isn't the quickest drying instant tan, which can be a little bit of a bother because if you're like me- when I apply instant its because I'm in a rush to get tanned. It remained a little sticky on my skin for about 2 minutes but by then it had completely dried and was okay for me to get dressed.

In the directions, it mentions that it easily washes off. This is does, theres no scrubbing needed. It literally will run off in the shower- which if you're after an instant tan is just what you want.
One thing you're risking with an instant tan that washes off easily is that if you do get caught in the rain- this will run and streak.
Fortunately when I have worn this, I have been indoors or just haven't been caught in the rain but I have been in the past with a certain Fake Bake at the World Cup Party incident- disaster.
Bare this in mind when deciding to wear your instant tan.

Left- No Tan
Right- Tan
The lighting here makes my legs look slightly Orange, but I promise that in real life this tan looks a lot more of a natural brown. I love that the tan is matte, as I've said so many times I really don't do glitter ball tans.

I haven't yet used this product on my face, I'm actually really pleased with the colour on my face for once and I don't want to start messing with it, until after my holiday at least. I will however keep you updated on that.

Get a tan without looking like your gran costs just £6.99 and is available from Superdrug now.

Have you tried any of the Tanatomical range?


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Saturday, November 12

FashionistA Eyeshadows

Hey sweets,

A couple of weeks ago I attended BINTM Live and was lucky enough to get a couple of Fashionista Eyeshadows in my bag of goodies.

I'm not new to Fashionista as I went to the launch a while back but I know some of you have been very interested in getting your hands on it- Fashionista is available from Superdrug and is most definitely worth a look.

The shades I got were Shade 23 in Chocolate Dream and Shade 39 in Bronze. 

I'm not really into metallics or anything that shimmers too much and as always- would prefer these if they was matte however, regardless of the shimmer factor these are both really nice shades and make very pleasant additions to my collection.
 They are in fact a lot more pigmented than they are actually showing up on my camera (poor lighting I'm afraid!)

Fashionista Stand at BINTM- Look how many shades there are!
My previous post on Fashionista can be viewed here along with some super fabulous photos of the Saturdays.

Fashionista is available now at online and in store at Superdrug.

I hope you're all very well xx

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Sunday, November 6


Happy Bonfire Night! 

I hope you're all well, this is a scheduled post as I am currently in Bangkok and as this goes live I will more than likely be somewhere on Koh San Road- eek!

Firework night is easily one of the nicest nights of the year so I hope you all have your gloves on and sparklers at the ready! 

Eat tons of warm yummy food, watch a delightful display and be safe.

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Thursday, November 3

Hey dreamboats,

As this post goes live I will be boarding my flight to Thailand via Dubai- super excited!
I've scheduled a few little posts for the coming few weeks and I hope you enjoy them.

I'm going away for a month and so I will be back on the 3rd December- hopefully more tanned than ever!

Stay fabulous
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Tuesday, November 1

What I'm wearing.. Foxy Locks Extensions

Hey sweethearts,

A couple of days ago I received some Foxy Locks extensions and couldn't wait to try them. 
I'm an extension virgin and so was a little terrified to wear them, I need a lot of practice with them but I think I kind of get what to do.

I got them in the shade Sunkissed Brown which is a perfect match.
I'll do a full review when I'm back from my holiday but on first impressions I am really impressed. 

My make up is pretty basic
-Studio Fix Fluid NC40
-Benefit Hoola
-No7 Eye Pencil Brown/Black
-L'oreal 4D Arcitect
-Fashionista Rose Shine Blush
-LOOK Baby Doll

I hope you're all brilliant xx
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