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Make Up Forever HD Powder- Infamous Flashback!

At Christmas received the Make Up Forever HD powder which I had been after ever since my MAC Prep & Prime Translucent powder started running low.
It's one of those products that for me isn't really a necessity- but it really helps with finishing my foundation when I need it to last that little bit longer and it mattes me out and gets my skin looking more even.

It featured in my Current Make Up post very quickly as it's kind of one of those products you can't go wrong with. All translucent powders all near enough do the same thing- so I thought anyway.

On New Years Eve I had a little bit of a disaster, no not a disaster thats completely over-exagerating but my make up went horrifically wrong and I was super disappointed. On the eye it looked absolutely fine, nothing out of the ordinary but on camera (flash photography to be specific)- well that's a completely different story.

My face was covered in White patches. My nose, my chin, my cheek all had serious white flashback. I promise I'm not even being over dramatic- on camera my face looked like someone had thrown talc over me. Yet on the eye, just matte bronzed up make up. 
 After spending a while blaming the lighting and the flash it dawned on me that it must be the products I was using, so I hit Twitter and was frantically asking questions.
 Everyone was off starting there New Years celebrations and here I was stressing on Google until I found out what it was incase I had a skin condition.
 Make Up Forever HD Powder.
Google was covered with so many results showing exactly the same as what I was experiencing.
Fortunately, I'm not the only person this has happened to. Eva Langoria and Nicole Kidman have also experienced this disaster- though theres a lot worse on the Red Carpet!

Like I mentioned above, to the eye my make up looked nice. So don't fear, this powder isn't going to give you visible white patches, and will only do so if more than necessary is used and with flash photography. 
I thought I had used the product pretty sparingly, I don't really like a powdered face so I try to keep it as minimal as possible however I clearly hadn't. 
You really need the smallest amount. 

I'd spent a little longer on my make up like a lot of people do on occasions such as New Years Eve but it was pretty much my normal look with a bit more glam. I was so annoyed and didn't end up taking one single photo that night!

I have still been using the Make Up Forever HD Powder in my every day routine, I'm just super careful and weary with how much I use now- I can't say enough you only will need the smallest amount and a little really does go a long way!
It does give a nice finish to my make up and it makes my slightly oily areas matte which is always a good thing, so for that I could not recommend it highly enough.

I think for nights out and when going to places that youknow there will be a camera definitely do not use this- I think I personally will just stick to powder-less or I will use my trusty MAC Prep & Prime.

My parents got me this in Sephora, New York and it cost about $30 which to be honest, now I think is quite a lot.
Before this happened I was more than happy to pay it but I've just been left a little saddened by the whole experience. 

Just incase you think I was being over dramatic heres a couple of photos I have taken to show you what exactly I mean.

I did use more than necessary, just in the areas I was photographing to show you what could happen in worst case scenario.

To avoid this happening when using HD Powder these are my top tips;
-Use only the smallest amount, preferably only where its needed (oily areas)
-Buff into the skin well using a clean Kabuki
-Do not use this like a product such as Prep & Prime- this is not a finishing powder 
-Avoid flash photography (this even showed up on my iPhone camera)

I hope you're all well and that this post helps you if you're frantically wondering why your experience major flashback.



  1. Ah yes, HD powders do tend to do this. I'd actually recommend the elf studio HD powder. I used it on New Years Eve and had no problem at all with white patches in flash photography - and it only costs a fiver!

  2. I will not be purchasing this powder!! Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. I've actually had the same experience with the ELF HD powder. Maybe I just used too much of it...

    Please check out my new blog when you get a chance. I have just posted a haul from shopping today.

    Lauren x

  4. I have heard the HD powder is amazing but only in real life and not photos! the prep and prime powder looks great! what camera do you use, lovely quality!


  5. Oh woww! Thanks for this post. You should try the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder. That photographs well. x

  6. i remember seeing eva and nicoles photos of their white powdery faces a while back! i thought how on earth could you not notice that but now i can see how!! you poor thing, hopefully you've stopped some other girl from having the same horrible experience though

  7. Oh that's awful. I HATE flashback, I'm a trainee makeup artist and it the biggest fear for me on a night out. Would love if you'd check out my blog x

  8. *Great post


    My fingers can't spell!

  9. OMG! I had just purchased the MAC Prep & Prime Transparent setting powder the other day and used it on a client. I do not hate the product. I just HATE it for under the eye! How can I use the product all over the face and have absolutely no flashback, but once its put under the eye BAM! Flashback heaven! Was soooo pissed. Granted it is a good product for the tzone but thats it. Anything with Silica in it, forget about it!


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