Thursday, May 10

Treacle Moon- Those Lemonade Days and My Coconut Island

I was very kindly sent these products and when I opened the package to see two of my favourite scents I literally couldn't have been any happier. I love these types of smellies and now I have been introduced to to Treacle Moon I am pretty sure there will be a place in my bathroom for them always.

I particularly love the Those Lemonade Days Bath and Shower Gel* out of the three. I always opt for citrus over any other scent and this is just a beautiful product. It smells absolutely beautiful and refreshing and in the bath creates the most amount of bubbles I have ever seen, well at least since I was a child and was bubble bath crazy. As a wash it's super soft and leaves you feeling very clean and fresh. I have actually de-potted some of this into a travel container already to take to work with me because it really is a dream.

The My Coconut Island Gentle Handwash* has taken centre stage in the bathroom and is also going down a treat in my household. I've tried so many coconut products in the past and whereas quite a few of them have quite an artificial Coconut scent the Coconut products in this range almost smell of fresh coconut, very much reminding me of the millions of coconuts I consumed in Thailand. 

The Body butter, is well, pretty delightful. In terms of the product and size it's very similar to the Body Shop body butters, which I love, though slightly lighter and a lot easier to rub in. They are also a fraction of the price which is very appealing. You can certainly feel this on the skin once applied, but not for too long. Once it's set into the skin and dried your skin feels amazingly soft and smells so delicious like a hot summer holiday.

I love the cute packaging of these and the dreamy wording on them. I'm a sucker for packaging and would probably purchase them purely for that! 

These products are also available in Vanilla, Raspberry and Ginger and the full ranges are available exclusively to Treacle Moon online and Tesco, prices varying between the £2 and £3 mark which is just as beautiful as the products themselves.

Do products like this appeal to you and whats your favourite smell in a product?



  1. Will definitely give it a try , even Anna talked about them I believe! Thanks for sharing this with us ! :d

  2. I love the Treacle Moon products. My Coconut Island reminds me of holidays in the Far East. sooo good! x

  3. I love anything coconut scented these sound yummy!


  4. These products sound amazing ! Especially the shower gel :) xx

  5. I love these products! My mum always used to buy the shower gels when I was a bit younger. Haven't used them in ages though! x

  6. I really want to try these!

  7. Would love to try these! They would look pretty in the shower too xxx


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