Wednesday, September 12

Laura Mercier Créme Brulée hand créme

Prizes for the best smelling product ever goes to.. Laura Merciers Créme Brulée hand créme.

I have been wanting to indulge in the Laure Mercier Body and Bath range for a while now, but have been putting it off in exchange for of course, more make up. Whilst browsing through the new Duty Free at Gatwick, I came across the new Laura Mercier counter and without any consideration whatsoever, popped this little beauty in my basket. I did want to go for the larger products, but unfortunately they were too big to carry through security and will have to wait for another day. There's absolutely no regret in this purchase, as this is the most incredible smelling hand cream I have ever come across.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure where to start on describing this. The most beautiful adjective in world doesn't come close to detailing how mouth watering, rich, sweet and delicious this smells. 
Though of course it's not, this could actually be Créme Brulée in a tube. It has such an addictive smell and had all of the girls at work lusting for it after just one application. If you're a fan of the Caramels, Vanillas and Sugary scents then this is most definitely for you. 

It's quite a light hand cream that rubs into the skin with such ease and with the added ingredients of Grape and Olive oils, your hands are left delightfully soft.

 Laura Merciers Créme Brulée hand créme costs £13 and is available from Laura Mercier counters and online, SelfridgesJohn Lewis, Space NK and Liberty.  

Does this Créme Brulée dream sound like something you would like to indulge in?



  1. Sounds delicious, I might have to treat myself! x

  2. hmm what a pity me,cannot found this product at my country T.T

  3. This sounds amazing, I'm seriously temtped. Putting this on my Christmas list! (it's not too early!)

  4. oh my god. i literally just went into space nk yesterday to torture myself with the laura mercier body stuff that i cant afford. i couldnt be more of a jelly belly right now. have you smelt the pistachio one aswell? to die for. i literally want to slather myself in this stuff every night!! xx

  5. this sounds absolutely amazing, your description definitely made me hungry ! x

  6. I had smelled it and I love it! Need to pick it up asap! xo


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