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Paris Trip Part One | Disneyland

This is a slightly different post for me, I've never blogged about any of my holidays as they're very personal to me and memories that I would kind of like to keep a little secret, but so many of you asked me about Paris and so I decided that I would share a few of my favourite snaps.

My boyfriend and I visited Paris for four days at the end of October into November. Paris is absolutely breathtaking and so picturesque. In hindsight, I'm not actually sure what I expected it be like, it certainly homes the beautiful architecture and cobble streets that I was expecting but it's not all Macaroons and outside cafes. It's in fact a very busy city, with so much going on and to fit everything perfectly we decided to visit Disneyland Paris on the second day, for Halloween.

I've never visited Paris, let alone my dream destination Disneyland. As much as I have always wanted to, I have always put it off in place of heading somewhere else which is crazy being that Paris is literally just a couple of hours away from London on the Eurostar. The twenty-something year wait was definitely well and truly worth it and was everything I could have hoped for and more. I know Disneyland won't be everyones thing, but having wanting to go there for so long I was totally overwhelmed, and maybe, just maybe even shed an overwhelmed tear or two! 

Both Disneyland and The Disney Studios were full of incredible decorations and fantastic parades for Halloween. Disney definitely know how to go all out and there was not a single disappointment. The shop windows were designed for Christmas and everywhere I looked there was such joyous sights. 

The highlight of Disneyland for me, amongst all of the lights, themed buildings, excited faces and delicate decorations was the Disney Dreams show. It was the nicest moment ever and again, I got completely overwhelmed. Disneyland quite literally is a dream come true and no matter how old or young you are, if you're in to all things dreamworld and fantasy, then I fully recommend that you take a trip there. 

Continue to read all about the city here in Part Two



  1. Ahhh looks so magical! Been two times but I dont think I'll ever get enough. Gorgeous pictures.



  2. looks so fantastic hun!
    am going in january for the day with the eurostar from london! looking forward to it. The pictures look amazing, hope you had an amazing time!

    Stefy xx

  3. OH WOW, amazing photos! So magical :)

  4. So glad you had a great time! Disney Dreams is unbelievable, I can't wait to go again (hopefully before it ends). I've been twice this year and it really is a place you never get sick of!

  5. Great post and the pictures you took are lovely. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  6. Amazing photos. I love Disney! x

  7. Great photos Paris looks amazing I would love to go and to see Disney land too. pocockins.blogspot.com Sophie xx

  8. Your pictures are amazing! I loved Disneyland when I went there too. It's so much fun, I can't wait to go back one day :) xxx

  9. This looks incredible! I need to go so badly, I think I'd cry with happiness too haha & your pictures look amazing :) xx

  10. Wow Im so jealous, this looks so amazing!! I want to go haha



  11. These pictures make me want to go back so much and I only went in June! That was second visit and again as soon as I saw the Castle I become 5 again and all my disney dreams came true, it sounds crazy to anyone who hasn't experienced it but once you have you cannot help but feel amazed. Great pictures too xo

  12. Your photos make me want to go back! Hope you enjoyed your trip :)

  13. n'aaaaaw laura, i'm SO happy you did this post, it's nice to see a little snapshot of your holiday. Sounds like you had a fab time, the waffles look SO good!! I haven't been to Disney since i was 5, but i do rememeber it being pretty magical. So jealous you got to visit paris, glad you had a great time honey xx

  14. OOhhhh wow! I love this post :) can't wait for part 2!!!


  15. OOOOO, It gets me excited even looking at photos!
    They're gorgeous, what lovely photos you took <3


  16. I’m excited to go to Disney land and thanks for sharing your photos

  17. Such beautiful pictures wowww!
    Looks like an amazing trip!


  18. it looks amazing!! i am trying to hold on going until my daughter is 5 to take her! only 5 more years to wait lol!!

  19. Looks amazing! I'm a huge sucker for disney and I've never been to disney in paris, looking forward to seeing part 2 xo

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  21. Aw it looks amazing! You're so lucky, I really really badly want to go now after seeing these haha lucky :(x


  22. Oh my goodness the pictures are amazing! I'm so jealous haha never been to Disneyland but I'd so love to go! Looks like you had a great time :) xx

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