Sunday, December 16

Pixi Beauty Early Bird Palette

I know I have gone slightly Pixi crazy recently, but with eight days still to go until Christmas, I had to share this with you, just incase you still need to pick up a fabulous gift for someone or of course, yourself.

This Pixi Early Bird* palette is such a great book-like kit that opens up to;
3 Blushers
2 Bronzers
1 Highlighter
4 Eye Base Powders
16 Eye Shadows

Within the whole palette, there are only three shades that I more than likely wouldn't wear but the rest are all super wearable and really complimentary of each other. From light neutrals to darker smokier shades, the colours are super varied and are perfect to make up any look. 
Though the packaging is sweet, it is quite young looking and isn't really the most fancy or luxurious, however the products themselves are what's most important and they are beautifully embossed and have great pigmentation, which I think makes this a fantastic palette to have in your collection.

This make up kit, with an overall value of £64 is priced at just £16 which I'm sure you will agree with me, is an absolutely incredible price and being so reasonable, also makes the perfect gift. 

This Early Bird Kit is available in Pixi Stores, online here and on asos



  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! And what great value too, will definitely be thinking about buying this. xo

  2. This is on my christmas list. I think its amazing. x

  3. I saw this online and was extremely tempted... I think I am even more so now after reading this post. Such a good price for so many different products/shades!

    Leanne @ xx

  4. what a bargain! really wearable shades too :) x

  5. I got one of their palettes for christmas last year and love it! I like that this one has a lot more wearable shades! May have to make a cheeky purchase xx

  6. This is so sweet and such a bargain for just £16! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. This looks like such a great kit! You get so many products inside and the packaging is gorgeous :)


  8. such a bargain! totally agree about the packaging too x


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