Saturday, April 6

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate- 01 Intensity One

I'm sure we all have a product that has sat at the top of our wish lists for a while and Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate in Intensity One was mine. Up until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to bite the bullet as such, it had sat high on my list for a good year. The price tag always put me off slightly, but after lots of consideration and after continuously hearing such good things about it, I figured it would be an investment in both my collection and my cheeks.

Shade and Illuminate is a duo of two cream products; one matte Brown toned shade for contour and the other, a pretty much clear product used to highlight and together, they work an absolute dream. I'm trying my hardest to save this product for "best", but it really is so lovely to use and I'm finding myself struggling to resist temptation and reaching for it every day.

A really small amount of product applies and blends out on the skin wonderfully smooth and easy and I find the contour shade underneath my cheekbones, down my nose and in my temples creates so much shadow and a perfectly sculpted look. You can create as strong or as subtle a look as you like with it with such ease and I really can't get enough. The highlight is also just as lovely to work with, it isn't heavily tinted at all, in fact like I mentioned before, swatched it's pretty much clear, but it does add such a nice natural illuminating look without any overbearing shimmery finish, like I find a fair few highlighters do. I apply both with my fingers to warm the product up nicely, but tend to blend out the contour with a Real Techniques contour brush which works really nicely.

Homed in the Tom Ford pouch pictured above, this packaging is absolutely beautiful and the perfect Gold and embedded touches add to the pure luxury of this product in my opinion. At £55 it is a pretty expensive product, but if like me you're a fan of contour and highlight, then I'm pretty sure this would go down well with you.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate is available to buy in Selfridges in two shades. 


  1. Such a luxury looking product, so wish I could afford this or one of their lippys! The colour looks great on you x

  2. This actually looks beautiful I do love a bit of contouring but £55? If only I was rich...

  3. Oh wow.. it looks absolutely gorgeous! You look so beautiful with it on too, it makes your eye colour look so vivid! xx

  4. I love the tom ford packaging! It looks so amazing.. this product looks beautiful and really suits you, if you have the money why not I say ;)

  5. I don't know how I feel about cream contour kit

  6. This looks amazing on you!!


  7. Think i will have to purchase that one in duty free!

  8. I've only heard from Tom Ford's sunglasses - shame on me, but this product seems lovely! Great post!


  9. I've wanted this for ages too! I'm just not sure if spending this much is acceptable... I'm sure ill make it be at some point.

  10. I need to get my hands on this! Your skin looks flawless XO

  11. Looks lovely! The Tom Ford products are so luxurious! xx

  12. it looks so natural! gorgeous. but ahhh the price is a bit steep for me :/


  13. hello lovely! X

    i saw you on my bloglovin' in the similer blogs thing!
    so glad i clicked on you your blog is a dream!!

    any chance you could take a little look at mine its fairly new :)
    ee thankyouuuu!

  14. Seriously? Those warts are DISGUSTING! You look like a fucking witch with all those warts! Where's your broomstick and a pointy hat? You need to put those in the pictures as well! Go all out, why not? You've done it with the warts.


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