Saturday, August 24

Models Own Fireworks Collection

For those of you that like to indulge in a little bit of nail art or quite simply just like to add a little bit of fancy glitter to your favourite nail shade, Models Own have introduced a new collection of fun polishes to their ever growing range; the Fireworks Collection.

Banger*, Catherine Wheel* and Rocket* are three of five shades that make up the collection and are each packed full of colourful glitters in a variation of different sizes and shapes, like firework confetti for your nails. Banger offers five different glitters which include longer strands with Fuchsia glitter, Catherine Wheel contains four glitters with mini Gold strands and Red glitter and Rocket offers seven different glitters which includes Red strands as well as fine Black, Gold and Orange glitter.

With each polish including so many different shapes and sizes, it's really easy to create different types of intensity and coverage on the nail, although I personally prefer this style lightly coated on top of a pretty shade rather than full ons.

Also available in Sparkler which is a holographic Silver and Roman Candle which is a Fuchsia based shade that contains six glitters of Black and Silver, the Fireworks Collection is available to buy now exclusively at the Models Own Bottleshop costing £5 each and will be available to buy on the Models Own online store from 2nd September, in Boots stores nationwide from the 4th September and in Superdrug stores as of the 25th September. 

Is a firework finish something you would enjoy wearing on your nails? Which of these three is your favourite?



  1. These shades are amazing, I'm always on the lookout to add to my nail varnish collection and have seen these ones all over blogs. My favourite has to be the blue although I can imagine the red going nicely with a black shade.

  2. I love when Models own brings out new polishes, they just get better and better! love the red one x

  3. I haven't used any models own products, but this looks lovely, I like the idea of nail art, but I am really pants at doing it :)

    Maybe this can be my starting product ;)

    Paula at Beauty Lover

  4. i love the look of this over the white!
    Emma x

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