Tuesday, December 30

HARRISON LOVES: iCandy Emilia Changing Bag

For someone that has always been into their handbags like myself, choosing a baby changing bag was a pretty difficult task. Who knew babies needed so much stuff? 

Gone are the days where I could pop my phone, my purse and my overflowing make up bag into my Mulberry and be gone, I now have to think about bottles, nappies, changing mats, baby food, spare clothes and bum creams- and it doesn't even stop there. Something practical is completely necessary when it comes to packing up your baby essentials, but I struggled to find something on the market that met the needs of both a mum and a baby, whilst still being "me" and not too "mumsy". That was of course, until I was introduced to the iCandy Emilia Changing Bag*.

Inspired by the actress Emilia Fox, The Emilia is a stunning bag that on a daily basis receives compliments, from both parents who have up until now had to settle for the standard mumsy changing bag and non-parents who genuinely just like style of the bag.

Its Black soft touch Leather is a dream and paired with the chunky Silver zips, hooks and tags, it is very reminiscent of the style I would have picked out before becoming a mum, and certainly like something I had hoped I would find when I first found started my mummy journey.

When it comes to changing bags, there's no getting away from the fact that size really does matter, as even on the shortest of trips out, it's incredible how much stuff you have to take with you to cover every eventuality, poo explosion or quite simply, a feed. Thankfully, the iCandy Emilia has a lot of storage that honestly made me swoon when I first unzipped her. 

With the front magnet fastened pouch, the front zipped pocket and the two main zipped compartments which between them are home to six side pockets and two clear zipped clip envelope bags which are great to save taking the whole bag to the loo when baby needs a change- this bag has plenty of organised space and holds both the bottle bag and changing mat that come with the bag, as well as a spare change of clothes, a milk dispenser, a couple of spare bottles, all of the necessary lotions, potions and dummies, a toy or two and my bare essentials which now include a couple of bits of make up, money, phone, charger and a vlogging camera or two, perfectly. 

It has a wide adjustable strap shoulder strap, which normally finds itself hanging from my Stokke Scoot, that I find pretty comfortable when carrying, but what I really love is that the bag is so well made and so it both feels and looks super sturdy and luxurious, which is something the changing bag market is seriously lacking.

Designed by ex Mulberry designer Janet Collin, the iCandy Emilia Changing Bag does come with a slightly higher price of £250, but available in three colours; Ivory Patent and Leather, Black Leather and Royal Patent, The Emilia is a very wearable bag and as a parent, you will use it every day.

If you fancy using The Emilia as your chosen changing bag, you can pick one up directly at all iCandy retailers including Mothercare and John Lewis.



  1. I like it, looks very nice!


  2. I have never seen such an adorable diaper bag! I don't even have a child, but am thinking that this would make an amazing carry-on bag for traveling, haha :)

    Beautyosaurus Lex 


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