Wednesday, February 17

Todays Purchases

I've been tweeting all day and telling everyone about how happy I am with my new purchases and have been asked by a few people to share them with you..
I woke up this morning and immediately knew I was in the mood to shop. The sun was out and it felt like a good day- So I jumped out of bed, showered, chucked on a sweet little outfit, met my mum and went shopping.
I hate when I go shopping intending to buy loads, but deep down am not really in the mood and end up with nothing and thats what has been happening recently- Not today!
Little Ballet Pumps with bows
Pink/Cream- £16
Navy- £28
Both Topshop
I already have a pair of the Pink ones, there so comfortable! I live in them, however they are getting a little tatty..
So I thought it would be a good idea to get another pair ready for the summer, now I can wear my current ones without worrying too much.
Little mini boobtube dresses.
£5- Primark
I love these! I'm really not always a fan of Primark, it always seems such a mission to find good stuff. But today was different, it was quite empty so I went on a hunt.
I had a dress exactly the same as this from Primark last year, in blue gingham. It was so school dress like and cute.
They both have the cutest little gold rose buttons on them and aaah I'm just so in love with them.
The first three items I actually purchased last weekend, but I thought I'd still share them with you.

Topshop Navy Skirt- £35.
This is the skirt I spoke about in my "What I'm wearing post". It has the sweetest little heart pockets and buttons.

Topshop Exposure for Topshop Tee- £20
"Mini Skirts Forever"
I love to wear this with a pair of leggings and my Warehouse Leather jacket.
Its just a really baggy, comfortable tee which I love.

Topshop Nautical Dress- £20- Sale!
This dress has a really low back and it fits soo well. Its really quite flattering.
I found this whilst rummaging through the "final reductions" in Topshop. Theres never much left really, but I was extremely happy when I found this.
The buttons are also very sweet, the bottom half is very similar to the other skirt I got- minus the hearts, and is a bit more fitted.

Denim Dress- £5
Floral Dress- £7.50
These are two more of todays Primark finds, I'm really into girly little dresses. I love floral and stripes, so these types of dresses are perfect for me.
There really light and easy to wear, teamed up with a pair of sandals- there perfect for the summer!
I find they can also look really nice with a pair of leggings.

Sunglasses (Top left) - £1
Sunglasses (Bottom left) - £2
Gold Flower Bracelet- £2.50
Coral and Gold Bracelets- £2
Cream Waist Belt- £1
Navy Bag- £4
All Primark
Topshop Grey tights with Pink hearts- £5 from £16 in the sale- Bargain!

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Tuesday, February 16

Make Up Storage

This is a bit of a random post, but the smallest things in life make me incredibly happy.
I've been after a small bag to put all of my day-to-day make up and bits in when I'm in a rush to keep things tidy.
The worst thing is coming in from from a day or night out, and finding you've left all your make up and things all over your bed..
Introducing my unbelievably sweet recycled bag.
Its a miniature version of the recycled shopping bags that we are being encouraged to use to save the planet, so I'm doing my bit :)
I picked this up in a local gift shop and it was only £3.99!
It has a zip and fits sooo much stuff. I'm really happy with it.
It also wipes clean, which is a huge bonus- No staining :)

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Monday, February 15

What I'm Wearing

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
Estee Lauder Magnascopic Mascara
MAC Myth
Pure Nude
MAC Bronzing Powder- Matte
Fake Bake Xtreme Tanning Gel- 1 Application
Vest- Topshop £14
I'm wearing the sweetest little skirt too, Its navy and has two heart shape pockets on the front and navy buttons with a small gold heart in each. Its from Topshop and costs £35

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Sunday, February 14

No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes

I've always switched from different brands of face wipes. I've pretty much done all of them; Olay, Johnson's, Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Garnier and the only ones that have ever come close to these are the Simple wipes.
These are 4 in 1 wipes, which promise to "sweep impurities, tone, remove waterproof make up and moisturise", and they most definately do! Although more recently I have started using No7's Cleanse & Care Eye Make Up Remover, they really do remove all my eye make up, my face make up- everything, and they leave your skin feeling soo refreshed.
These loves cost £6.50, I usually try to stock up when boots run there £5.00 off No7 voucher offer. Thats why I also purchased the Eye Make Up Remover- not because the wipes didn't do the job, I just had loads of vouchers.
Each pack has 30 wipes and are incredibley moist. Thats one problem I have with most other facial wipes, I find the majority of them are quite dry. Another thing I do like about these, are that the seal is a "click" lid, so you know its shut..I find that most other wipes don't stay shut..VERY annoying.

There fragrance free and hypo-allergetic which is definately a bonus, as I find its always a worry to try a new skin cleansing product just incase.
"A little facial every day" is how these lovely wipes are described and I 100% agree!
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Happy Valentines Day!

I haven't really had a fantastic time this weekend, its been a little bit manic.
A horrid, horrid person hit my brand new Mini- and drove off! There was only damage to my side mirror, but never-the-less, I still needed tons of cheering up!
So I hit the shops :)
Topshop Sunglasses
I picked these up for a few reasons really..
1. I had a pair so similar to these from Topshop about 2 years ago, but they got broken.
2. I loved the colour.
3. In the Summer I can never find a pair.
4. I had money on a Topshop Gift Card, which I wanted to buy things I need with, so I thought I'd be I won't have to buy them later on.
5. I really would like to go on holiday with my boyfriend in May/June time, and so now I'm slightly prepared!
I got these home and they was scratched! I was not happy, so I took them back to exchange them to a nice unscratched pair. This time they gave me a case too :)
They cost £15 and I'm very happy with them!

Studio Fix Fluid
I know I said that I absolutely wouldn't buy another one..but I've had a House Of Fraser gift card sitting in my purse for a rainy day, and it was a very rainy day! I kind of needed it.. but it wasn't a very neccessary purchase. I picked it up in a lighter shade, for my less fake tanned days.

St Moriz- Mousse and MIST!
I really can't shop in my local T K Max..its one huge mess and you really have to rummage, the people are rude and well its just pretty much awful, but I thought I'd pop in for a quick look to see if they had any bottles of St Moriz as I was running low.
They did!
Tucked at the back of a bottom shelf I found it..
St Moriz Instant Tanning Mousse and MIST! I didn't even know that a spray form even existed.. This really excited me :)
They was £3.99 each and thought I may aswell stock up.
They also had a St Moriz Leg Shimmer, but it didn't look very appealing at all.
The Mist is "Natural to Medium Glow for Fair to Normal Skin".
I think I'm going to try it out tonight, So I'll let you know how it works out.

Rimmel Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer
I only really got this to try it out, I usually use Studio Finish Concealer and didn't need to buy this, but Rimmel products were 3 for 2 so I thought I'd pick it up. Normally it would cost about £4.99 I think.
I got it in Soft Beige- 200.

(Left to Right)
Gosh- Darling
Rimmel- 006 Pink Blush
Rimmel- 102 Foxy- Lip Plumping

I got 2 Rimmel ones as apart of the 3 for 2 deal. I'm quite happy with them actually. I really like Pink Blush, but I haven't had the chance to really try Foxy yet. They cost about £5 each I think.

I can't believe I've only just got myself Gosh Darling. Its very similar to my Pure lipstick in Nude. It cost £6 and I love it!

Oh how I love my nudes..
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Monday, February 8

Healthy Obsession?

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
NC37 & NC40 (Mostly NC40)

The "all-time classic " MAC foundation, the crème de la crème of foundations- in my opinion.

My obsession with Studio Fix began in New York- Bloomingdales.

I had experienced MAC prior to this, but only in small doses- mostly lipsticks.

I was doing the whole tourist thing in New York- rushing around to one attraction to the next, up and down 5th Ave, open air tour buses, spending countless hours in Abercrombie, queuing for Broadway tickets in the rain and was desperate for a long-wearing foundation. I had taken my L'Oreal Infallible, but it didn't seem to be doing quite the trick.

So whilst in Bloomingdales, desperate to spend some dollars, I visited one of the many MAC Counters.

The experience wasn't great, my natural skin tone isn't a NC40, but due to the fake tan that I wear, thats what I use.. This didn't go down too well with the rude sales lady. Needless to say, I did leave with a NC40 and was very happy with my purchase.

Just over a year on, I have somehow purchased 8 bottles...eek! I must add that these bottles aren't actually empty and I don't actually go through almost a bottle a month- I promise.
I tend to just buy them if I'm at a counter or in Duty-Free to save that rush to the shops when I need one.
In actual fact, 1 bottle lasts me a few months easily.
I do promise to myself however, that I will not purchase another bottle until every last bit of my existing bottles is gone. I am stocked up forever!

It gives a medium coverage and is very buildable if you do want that bit extra and leaves you with a flawless matte finish, you can see on the picture above too, that it also include SPF15!

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Friday, February 5

Fake Tan

Okay, so who watched bbc3 last night? Nicola Roberts made a documentary to make girls and boys aware of the dangers of Sunbeds. It was truely shocking. It really opened my eyes as to how dangerous the sun, let alone sunbeds can be.

I myself am a self confessed "tan-a-holic"- whether it be real, or fake. I have fake tanned since the age of about 15, and usually use sunbeds from the months approaching summer and continue to do so to keep my holiday tan until about October. Never again. From now on, I will stick to using tan from a bottle, until I learn to embrace my natural pale skin.

Theres nothing wrong with pale skin at all, however I personally feel my best when I have a glow.
With all the media attention the dangers of tanning has caused, I have decided to give my personal thoughts on a few bottle tans that I use.
St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse.

This is a 240ml bottle and retails at about £30.

I do like this product, But I don't think its all its made out to be. With its "super lightweight" formula, I feel its a bit too thin and doesn't achieve a very good tan effect until after about 2 or 3 applications, I like to have a product that works well after one application so that I don't have to worry about tanning a few days before an event where I want to be super tanned.

I put this product on at night and shower it off in the morning, it applies dark so you can see where you have and haven't applied it to. I'm used to this routine as all of my self tanners use these directions, but some of my friends find this routine a bit annoying. I prefer it because you can see where you have tanned, and therefore aren't left with any horrible streaks!

St Tropez is one of the more perfumed self tan products. With its "innovative fragrance technology", St Tropez have created a "subtle refreshing" smell to take away the typical self tan musky smell. I don't have a problem with the smell of this product, however I did use the St Tropez Tan Maintainer, and feel the product was a bit too perfumed for my skin.

I have repurchased this product a few times now, as it is a very good self tan for general day-to-day!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse
This is a 200ml bottle and retails at about £3.99
I still can't actually believe how alike St Tropez and St Moriz are. St Moriz is basically a rip off of St Tropez, just a lot cheaper. For just 30ml less than my St Tropez (see above), it cost £26 less! St Moriz is a little less fragranced, and I think possibly a little more watery, but for £3.99- who cares!
The only problems I have had with this product are the lid leaks a little bit, but you usually find this with a lot of self tanning mousses and locating it. I found my bottles in TK Max, and stocked up as I have heard its not always around. I know that Savers sell it too, and some other small "bity" shops. If you can't find it, its available on eBay and on amazon, although I think it sometimes costs a little more.

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Instant Premium Tan
Matte Medium
This is a 125ml bottle and retails at about £7.99
Okay, So I'm a huge Fake Bake fan and always have been. I enjoy using all of there products, but I have never really liked using instant tan, as I feel I may aswell use a normal self tanner and get the same affect, with it not washing off immediately/streaking in the rain etc.
I purchased this for two reasons, 1. I was going out and didn't feel as tanned as I felt I should be and 2. It was Fake Bake and I felt that they may suprise me and change my mind about instant tans..They didn't really.
I'm actually quite disapointed. I have only used this product once and will only do so again in the event of an "emergency".
On the bottle, it doesn't say how long you will have to wait for the product to dry, however it does say:
"NOTE: Allow to dry throughly before dressing"
I waited..and waited. It felt tacky on my skin for about 30 minutes after applying, and when I thought it was dry and continued to dress, I realised it wasn't dry and ended up with fake tan all over the cream top I wanted to wear. Taking the top off was also an issue as it was absolutely covered!
I imagine that this product would be okay to maybe add to an existing tan, but hmm. I'm still not really sure on this product and feel that maybe something like Rimmel Sunshimmer would be better, as the consistancy is also a bit thicker.
This product comes in shimmer and matte- both light and medium.
Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Plus Self Tanning Lotion 170ml
Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Plus Self Tanning Mousse 118ml
Both retailing at about £18
These are two of my absolute favourites. I have always used Fake Bake and feel that it gives you a really good colour after even just one application. They both apply onto the skin very dark, which allows you to see where you have applied to to avoid streaks. They apply very easily, I find both products quite velvety to the skin.
These products did come boxed with a little pair of application gloves but I think they now just come with the bottle alone. This doesn't bother me at all, I use a mitt to put on all of my fake tan- I've never really liked putting self tan on with gloves, but if you do want to, you can buy these in most shops.
Fake Bake isn't really perfumed either, which I do prefer. Sometimes the perfumed products are slightly too strong, especially if you are going to bed after applying.
I love the whole of the Fake Bake range (minus the new Instant lines), which leads me onto my super favourite...

Fake Bake Intense Golden Bronze Xtreme Darkest Self Tanning Gel
This is a 170ml bottle and retails at about £27.99
Wow. Wow. Wow!
This product is recommended for the experienced tanner. It's really dark and I love it!
Its exactly the same as other Fake Bake products, it applies dark so I apply at night and shower off in the morning.
It applies alot better than the normal lotion as this is more of a gel formula, however, it does dry ALOT quicker. Its "fast acting and fast drying" which means you have to be quick, I think this is probably why its recommended for the experienced tanner because I imagine if you wasn't used to the routine of fake tanning, you could potentially end up in a bit of a state with this product. This also comes with gloves, but I do prefer to use a mitt.
I really love this product, it has more of a smell than the Beyond Bronze products, but nothing unbearable. It gives the most intense colour after just one application.
One problem I did have is the pump. I had to return the bottle prior to this one because the pump didn't work. When I returned it, the sales lady did say she had had a few of these back because of the pump, but how popular the product was. I'm not sure why this happens but its really fustrating when you get yourself ready to tan, and it won't even come out of the bottle. So I would advise that maybe you check the pump before you leave the shop.
However, I would definately highly recommend this product.
Theres so many different self tanners on the market, I think you do have to just find the one thats right for you and your skin. However, I do hope I've helped!
Happy Safe Tanning!
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Tuesday, February 2

What's in my bag

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream
MAC Studio Fix NC40
Miss Dior Cherie
Gucci Rush
Eyeko Nice Nails
Pure Lipstick- Nude
MAC Lipstick- Myth
MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC35
MAC Matte Bronzer
MAC Studio Moisture Fix
MAC Lip Conditioner
Topshop Purse
Nicky Clarke Hair Brush
Boots Expert Dry Shampoo
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Two things I really love

My boyfriend got me these from Topshop Oxford Circus and I absolutely love them!
Topshop Purse- £10
Orelia Bracelet- £20
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