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Philip Kingsley Body Building Range

About a month or so ago, I blogged about the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, and mentioned that I didn't really get on with it, finding the results not really justified in the price. 

Shortly after that post, I was offered the chance to try the Philip Kingsley Body Building range, and I jumped at the chance.
I reviewed the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer about two years ago, and remember really enjoying using it and finding it to give my hair great bounce, so had very high hopes for these.

Thankfully, my expectations were met and I really have been enjoying using these products.
My hairs pretty damaged, so I have been using these as more of my ready for the weekend products and my John Frieda Full Repair during the week.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo 75ml
For fine, limp or flyaway hair types

This product is aimed at hair just like mine, I'm not sure whether its possible to have all three combined, but I do.
My hair is fine, flyaway and extremely limp. For the look that I go for, I need a product thats going to give me lift, body and volume and so far, this hasn't failed me.

It's quite a no thrill range, in that it's all pretty simple from the packaging, the formula and the smell but I have said it before, I like that.
The formula is a clear gel type shampoo and the scent is just a clean fresh smell, and although I usually go for something a bit fruiter I do like it and I find it pleasant to use.

"Apply to wet hair and lather well with a gentle kneading of the scalp. Rinse well and repeat if necessary"

When I use this, I tend to do it two times. You may have noticed that most shampoos say repeat if necessary, I'm just going by what works for me, but I think its always necessary. The first time, to remove dirt and in my case product and the second time, for a deeper cleanse. 
This product does lather up quite well, but not as much as I have had some do in the past. I like a lot a lather, as it makes me feel like its doing a better job.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner 75ml
For fine, limp or flyaway hair types

I have a love hate relationship with conditioner as I am sure I will have probably mentioned. For me, its completely necessary but I hate the feeling of super glossy hair. I'm not a fan of perfect, perfect hair.

This conditioner is quite a lightweight feeling conditioner, with a very similar scent (though not as strong) as the shampoo. 

"After shampooing, apply sparingly to mid lengths and ends of hair"

As per usual, the first time of using this, I used too much and my hair felt absolutely awful-I really must stop doing this. It felt too silky smooth, and was super unmanageable. Since then, I have just used a minimal amount, and use very lightly focusing on the ends of my hair rather than the mid lengths. This is something thats going to differ for everyone, we all use products in a different way because we all like different finishes. I would recommend that you follow the brands instructions first, and then adapt according to how you like it.

I'm not really sure how a conditioner would help to add body or volume to hair, as I always have though that would all work from up top around the roots? Maybe I'm wrong.

After using the right amount, and blow drying my hair my hair, my hair does feel very soft, especically the ends. My fly aways definitely aren't so bad and I have a nice clean shine to my hair.

I think that its the case for most volumising shampoo and conditioners, that its the shampoo that does most of the work. The conditioner just does, almost the finishing. 

The volume isn't hugely dramatic with the use of just the Shampoo and Conditioner (I don't think any will be without further product), however it does give the a nice amount of body and just the right amount of volume to then work on with further product.

The next step is recommended, but isn't absolutely necessary. I have used the Shampoo and Conditioner with and without it, and although with it was better if you're just after a volumising base to then backcomb and spray, I think its fine without.

Philip Kingsley Maximizer 125ml
For fine, limp and flyaway hair types

I'm always after maximum volume for my locks, the bigger the better, so will always use further step/steps to gain it. 

"Maximises volume, body and bounce"

This product is the volume spray product of the range and I think this (along with a slight backcomb) is what gives me the huge results, and the look I have in the photos above. 
I have tried many volume sprays, and I don't really have a favourite. So long as it does the job well, I'm always pleased. Luckily, I haven't come across any bad ones in my search.

I spray this all over my hair, although you could use this just on your roots, after shampooing and conditioning. I find it's important that you towel dry your hair first a little, as otherwise, the product will just drip out and firstly you won't get the results and secondly, it's a waste.

It's just a standard spray pump, and the amount of sprays you use will differ depending on length and style. I personally use about six sprays. Two either side, one and the back and another for luck.
The scent is a little strong, not overwhelming, but I'd probably prefer scentless as I like the smell of my finishing products more.

In the directions, they suggest to gently blow dry for maximum volume, but to be honest I hate blow drying my hair so much, so I rush through it as quick as possible. Even so, what I'm left with is a huge hair of body and volume and I love it. 
When I have a little more time, or even better, someone to do it for me I'll try it slower to see if it makes a huge difference.

Overall, I am really pleased with these products and find them a lot better than the last volumising Shampoo and Conditoner that I tried.

 I got the smaller sizes of these products, which are the "miniatures" in the range although a really good, reasonable size. So please note that they may not look like these if you decide for the bigger. In fact, online the bottles all look a lot more fancy even in the smaller size, so I'm not sure if they've changed the look all together or just have a different types. Hmm..

That aside, these products cost 

Shampoo- 75ml £5.75 
Conditioner- 75ml £7.30
Maximizer- 125ml £13.20

These sizes and the full range are available from the Philip Kingsley website although I have spotted the full size products  available a little cheaper here on Feel Unique.

 Have you tried any Philip Kinsgley products?




  1. Your hair looks gorgeous!

    I love Philip Kingsley products, when I worked in a salon I used a lot of these - unfortunately never tried the body building range but the elasticizer, weatherproof spray and moisture balancing shampoo/conditioner were favourites of mine :) xx

  2. I am so jealous of your hair.. this range sounds promising! x

  3. def going to have to try this your hair is gorgeous

  4. I love the packaging, so simple and chic! Sounds really good.. I'm on the hunt for a new hair range! Sounds like we have similar style hair too! Xx.

  5. Fab detailed review. Your hair is gorgeous! So jealous! xoxox

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