Monday, July 23

Ojon Volume Advance

As you may be aware, time and time again I have posted about my search for the best hair products to give me the biggest hair possible and although I have been satisfied by the majority of products, I hadn't tried one that was an all round winner- until now.

I wanted to try Ojon for quite a while now, but I have had so many hair products in the pipe line to try, I couldn't really justify it. I am so upset that it has taken until now to go through trial and error with a bunch of products to find these. *Huge statement alert* Currently, these are my favourite products I own and possibly the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried.

Ojon Volume Advance Shampoo and Conditioner* both work to give your hair super volume and body without filling your hair with weight, making it heavy and weighing it down. They are full of goodness including their key ingredients- Ojon Oil and Peruvian Amaranth which is a protein for the hair that helps to seal the cuticles and follicles, give amazing shine, fullness and flexibility. 

One of the ingredients that I personally love is the Lemongrass Extract, which I'm sure is what gives these products the beautiful scent. It's my favourite fresh smelling scent and when lathered into the hair it's like a dream. Very herbal, which isn't what I normally go for, but the lemongrass wins me over. 

Normally, I wash my hair twice through to make sure its completely clean, but I don't feel it's completely necessary to with this. One small amount of shampoo really does clean my hair throughly and leaves it super soft and huge. I say in most of my hair product reviews, that I'm not so much a conditioner girl as if it's not a conditioning treatment, it usually leaves my hair either too heavy or the complete opposite and far too fly away. This actually leaves a great in-between and doesn't take away any of the volume that the shampoo helps to give my hair.
My hair looks and feels so much bigger and fuller and is so super soft with no weight to it which means with so much body, it just falls really nicely with lots of flexibility.

I've backed off the GHD's for the meantime and I really like how my hair is looking with just a blow dry and rollers. After using these two products along with rollers, my hair is left with a soft wave and the most amazing volume. To boof it up through the day, I don't even find that I'm needing any product and my hands rummaged through the roots works a fine treat.

 I really can't rave about these products enough and although they do cost slightly more than most shampoos and conditioners I have tried at £18.00 and £19.50 for 250ml, they are in my opinion completely worth it and I am going to make a repurchase for when these eventually run out.

Have you tried anything from the Ojon range? Whats your all time favourite volumizing product?




  1. I am definately going to try these, really want more volume!
    Issy x

  2. I am dying to try some Ojon products, so many good reviews about!x

    1. They are great, I really recommend them x

  3. I have also been on the endless search for the best volumising shampoo and conditioner. The best i have found so far is Bumble and Bumble. Is this better than Bumble and Bumble?
    Sarah x

    1. I think so. I did a review on Bumble and Bumble, personally they didn't do much for me but everyone is different. These are great! x

  4. I've been wanting to try Ojon products for a while now but they really are so expensive! xx

    1. They aren't the most affordable, however maybe a nice treat? They're very good x


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