Saturday, October 20

Bourjois Queen Attitude Volume Mascara

 Out of all of the beauty products I have tried, I really do find Mascaras to be the hardest to judge. I'm not sure whether it's because I don't have high expectations for them or whether I'm just easily pleased. My lashes are important to me, but I'm pretty sure I've said it before, that I'm just not really too bothered by them any more. So long as they look decent and not too spidery or clumpy- I'm happy.

I used to like a very volumised look and so then, I was a little more fussy. But now I like them a lot more natural, just a quick coat of any mascara will pretty much do?

When I first received this Bourjois Queen Attitude Volume Mascara*, I was in need of a new mascara as my previous was beginning to run low and so started using it from the off set. The fact that it was a Volumising mascara did worry me a little as like I said I'm not too keen on that look now and after trying it I could see that it very much does what is says. It has the potential to be mega volumising and build so much length and volume on to your lashes. It's quite a wet formula and so on application you can kind of manoeuvre your lashes around with the wand to get the ideal shape, which for the first time ever I like. It does unfortunately have the tendency to clump a little, and so this helps. I hate when there is no going back from a clump, a especially when applying your mascara after the rest of your make up is complete. It's the ultimate fail for me. 

I wasn't too bothered by the fact that it was slightly too much on my lashes and did continue to use it. Though ever so slightly disappointed and not really loving it I kept at it and after a while I realised that to achieve the look I wanted- length without so much volume I just had to be a lot lighter with my hand. I have been used to using drier mascaras, which do take a little more effort but I've always just seemed to prefer them.

From not really loving the mascara, but it doing a fair job, I now love how this looks. Applied lightly this does give my lashes a nice length but not too much volume. They look fresh and seperated and definitely more on the natural side of things and I'm very pleased.
If you're on the hunt for a volumising and lengthening mascara and like your lashes to be quite defined and dramatic- then this mascara is most definitely for you. It's pretty much buildable to however big you want your lashes to be.
If you want more natural lashes, then I wouldn't recommend this at all. I have found a way to work around it, but there is definitely products that won't take any getting used to to achieve the desired look.

 Like every other bit of make up, mascaras are down to individual tastes and thinking about it now, I probably should put a little more thought into what I use because it seems I am a little more fussy than what I thought.   

This mascara costs £9.49 and is currently exclusive to the Selfridges Beauty Workshop and the Beauty Mart at Harvey Nichols which I blogged about here, but will be available nationwide as of November.

What do you look for in a mascara?



  1. This looks great for a natural looking day time look, not enough mascaras offer length without excessive volume! x

  2. May have to try this...I have tried most of bourjois mascaras and like all of them!! Xx

  3. you look soooo brown!! im so jel xx

  4. it looks really good on you, the packaging is very eye liner looking ! xx

  5. It looks really good on you, I love the natural-look is gives off on your eyes!

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