Tuesday, July 2

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Foam Mousse & Cream Contour

When it comes to styling my hair, thickening and creating volume by any means possible is realistically the only thing I'm interested in and since I heard whispers of these new Bumble and Bumble Thickening products a while back, I've been ever so excited about giving them a go.

BB Thickening Full Foam Mousse* and BB Thickening Creme Contour* are two products that are new to the best selling Thickening range and although I was never blown away by the Shampoo and Conditioner, the spray has done me well for the past couple of years and on first impressions I'm really enjoying these two new additions. 

Mousse has always been a go to for me when it comes to creating big, voluminous hair and although plenty have frowned upon it and called it old fashioned, I've never been disappointed and already, I can't get enough of this Full Foam Mousse. Applied to both wet and dry hair (with a blast of the hairdryer afterwards) I find this mousse gives me the texture and lift that I need and this one in particular works a dream to give me fuller and thicker hair, without leaving it feeling too heavy or full of product for days. I think like most mousse products, the key is using the right amount of product. If you're a newbie, it will definitely be a case of trial and error, but less is certainly more and you can get away with using a small amount distributed from the roots to ends to achieve a big, lifted look.

Mousse isn't the only product necessary for me to create big hair as my hair can be pretty temperamental and so I need something to hold it and prevent it from otherwise inevitably flattening. To keep it looking nice and bouncy, a product with hold is necessary and that is where the Thickening Creme Contour comes into place. It's a styling cream that once rubbed into your hands and worked into your hair, works to shape and hold your voluminous style whilst creating a subtle, weightless shine to finish, making it the perfect product to use especially after a big bouncy blow dry. 

Although I've only had these in my possession for around a week now, my first impressions of the two products are pretty positive. I think just like the rest of the Thickening range, these will be extremely well loved Bumble and Bumble products and hitting shelves in July, costing £21.50 each, I can see them being just as popular as the Surf range which I'm currently seeing everywhere.

Have you tried any of the Bumble and Bumble Thickening range? Will you be trying BB Full Foam Mousse or BB Cream Contour?



  1. These looks amazing, may need to get these to add a bit of life to my fine hair!


  2. Your hair looks so gorgeous there, this is a purchase, I feel, must be made! (:


  3. I haven't tried these but keep hearing the most amazing things about them that I really want to try them! I find it hard to spend a lot on hair products that don't last too long but for this occasion, I may have to splurge!
    xx Amber
    Lovely Notions

  4. I am terrible with mousse products as I really can't stand any gunky feeling in my hair. I do have my eyes on a few things though from B&B, mainly their Spray de Mode, Surf Spray...and how gotta add the Cream Countour to my list!

  5. Your hair looks stunning! Defiantely worth a purchase!

  6. Always jealous of your hair, Laura! I never seem to get on too well with thickening products, but then again, Bumble and bumble can hardly do any wrong... adding these to my to-buy list! xx

  7. Your hair looks awesome and definitely a good product to try for a volume hair. Alternatively, we can also use a volumizing shampoo. To know more about volumizing shampoo, visit http://www.bestvolumizingshampooguide.com

  8. Ah these sound amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on them! I am a massive Bumble and Bumble fan and this is so exciting! :)) Great post as always! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  9. I've heard really good things about these products so am going to get my hands on them when they're out :)


    B xx

  10. My hair is as limp as a wet rag. I'm desperate to try the thickening hairspray, but the mousse might look like a better option, I feel like that combined with their salt spray could be a winning combo x

    Sherry Darling's Things


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