Wednesday, August 28

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

I am all about the lipsticks and so whenever a new range or a new collection comes about, I can't wait to get swatching and see what they have to offer. Admittedly, up until now I have never tried a Body Shop lipstick, but when they launched their new Colour Crush range, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of their lovely looking shades.

The range is made up of three colour families, overall consisting of 24 vibrant shades covering the Nude, Red and Pink spectrum, which for me, is absolutely perfect. 
105* and 110* are probably my favourites out of the six I have swatched above and each offer the most incredible creamy pigmentation in just one sweep, followed by 315* which is a perfect day to day shade. My least favourite is probably 220*, which on the lips was a lot lighter than I expected it to be and is unfortunately too pale for my skin tone.

Made up of high quality crushed pigments, Cherry seed oil and Marula oil, The Body Shops Colour Crush lipsticks feel really comfortable on the lips and stay feeling fresh for a fair while before any need of attention and is a formula that I wish more lipsticks would carry.

Priced at £10 each, I think they come with a really fair price point; a little more than a typical drug store product, but the quality and lower price point of a high end lipstick which is fabulous. 

Having tried only six of these Colour Crush wonders, I think it's fair to say that I'll be looking into the 18 other shades, in particular the rest of the Pink and Nude tones.

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks are available to buy on the Body Shop online store where there's always amazing deals, as well as in stores now.

Do any of these shades stand out to you? Will you be visiting your local Body Shop to see your favourite Colour Crush?



  1. I love the packaging of these, i haven't tried many make up things from The body shop but these do look nice x

  2. the colors are stunning! xx

  3. These are pretty! I love the look of the purple ones.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  4. Oh 105 is my fav, gorgeous colour!


  5. Fantastic post! I loved the swatches as well, because they don't look the same on the lips as they do in the tube! :) They look really nice though!
    Amy |

  6. 110 and 315 are my favourite colours :)

    Kate xo |

  7. 105 and 110 look amazing! I'm glad you like them xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  8. The swatches surprised me! I expected much darker shades. I think 110 is my favourite.

  9. The nude and the plum are gorgeous!!


  10. Gorgeous :) 110 is also my favourite. This comes at a very good time as I was on their website earlier but was reluctant to order a lipstick as I had no idea what they would be like on.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  11. I saw these in store and didn't bother but it looks like they're different from the colour of the bullet! Must go back :)

  12. Great post! I just won all 24 of these in their First Crush competition!! Can't wait to try!! x

  13. The purple shades are really gorgeous xx

  14. Ooh these colours look really pretty and perfect for Autumn although it's nice to wear some brighter colours when the weather is miserable, these do look lovely though! :)

    Layla xx

  15. These lipsticks are really nice!

    Laura DemandBeauty <3

  16. You always show great lippy's!!! Now I have to go out and buy these lol

    Sabrina x


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