Friday, September 27

Estée Lauder Companies & Elizabeth Hurley Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Earlier on this week, I attended a very lovely and extremely touching event. Estée Lauder Companies and Elizabeth Hurley once again joined forces in their ever growing Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and I was very touched to have been invited along to a talk given by the lovely Liz Hurley herself who is Estée Lauders Spokesmodel and Global Ambassador, the Estée Lauder team and leading Breast Cancer Research Professors. 

Turning more than 200 famous landmarks around the world, including the BT Tower Pink to raise awareness, on the 25th September, Estée Lauder launched their new campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which holds the incredibly powerful slogan; "Let's defeat breast cancer. We're Stronger Together."

The A star charity works to raise awareness and money for ongoing research and inspire people to take action against the growing disease, whether it be via spreading the word, supporting those suffering with Breast Cancer, checking yourself regularly or even booking in a mammogram. 

Launched in 1992 by Evelyn Lauder, daughter in law of Estée Lauder and co-creator of the Pink Ribbon, the global movement that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month has helped to saved millions of lives and continuing this October, here is how you could do your bit with Estée Lauder BCA;

Using social media, the 2013 BCA Campaign invites people from all over the world to join together and create their own circles of strength. Friends, families, co-workers and loved ones are urged to create circles and agree to make healthy lifestyle changes, make regular doctors appoints, self check, organise a mammogram or join together to raise funds for BCRF and in turn, help to advance research and work towards eradicating breast cancer all together. With the hashtag #BCAStrength, content will be shared throughout social media and onto to enable people to feel stronger together. 

As well as working together to defeat breast cancer, fundraising products will also be available to buy and here some of my favourites;

Breast Cancer Awareness is no doubt an incredible charity to be apart of and if you want to create a circle to help defeat breast cancer, you can do so on and

Let's work together and this October wear our Pink Ribbons to defeat breast cancer. We're stronger together.


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  1. I try and support Breast Cancer as much as I can, I donate whenever I can and products like these I also keep an eye out for! This look really nice I might have to see if I can see any about :)

    Katie xx | Katies World


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