Monday, January 27

Bourjois New Launches

Bourjois always please me with their latest releases and the line up for 2014 is looking as exciting as past years and collections. 

With 2013 being the year of the BB cream, Bourjois have launched their sister CC Cream in the 123 Perfect range in the form of a colour corrector and an illuminating concealer.
Having only used each of the products once or twice, it's impossible for me to give a full review, but on first impressions, I'm really quite impressed.

The CC Cream Foundation* (£9.99) offers three colour correcting pigments; Apricot for an anti-fatigue, awakening look, Green to erase any Redness and White to erase the look of any dark spots. Whilst colour correcting, it also works to hydrate the skin with an oil-free texture that also contains an SPF15 which is fantastic. It sits naturally on the skin and provides a fresh faced look that I'm currently loving.
The CC Eye Cream Concealer* (£7.99) also offers SPF15, which is great for day time use and brightens the under eye area perfectly which is something I'm personally really enjoying in my make up at the moment. My applicator is split which is a bit of a pain, but worked from my hand with a brush, the results are really lovely.

As well as the CC products in the 123 Perfect range, Bourjois have introduced three new eye products to their counters; Beauty'Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara, Mega Liner and Liner Feutre make up the three new eye products and so far I'm really enjoying using them. 
The Beauty'Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara* (£7.99) has an hourglass shaped brush unlike any I've seen before, offering full volume and an intense Black look to the lashes. I was a little confused at how to use it to its best potential at first but I think I'm getting used to it now and I'm really enjoying it.
Mega Liner* (£7.49) is a felt tip liner that offers a really easy application via its angled felt tip applicator. I don't tend to go too heavy or thick on the eye, but it helps me to achieve a fine line really easily with a long lasting finish.
Liner Feutre* (£6.99) comes in two shades; Noir Violine- a Purple tone and Noir Moka- a Brown tone. I've been using Noir Moka and so far so good. Again, it's a felt tip liner, though this time with a pointy tip as opposed to the Mega Liners angled tip. This makes it perfect to achieve a really fine line and flick and personally loving to using Brown as opposed to a Black this makes it a winner in my opinion.

All available now in Boots and Superdrug, I'm really impressed with Bourjois' new launches. 
Will you be picking up any of their new additions?



  1. I love Bourjois mascaras, so I'll definitely have to try this one out! Thanks for sharing :) xo.

  2. I love the idea of the CC cream that actually corrects redness, dark spots and so on! I must pick this up and give it a go! Great post!

  3. it's the first time i've seen an angled liner brush. very interesting.

  4. That mascara is something i would love to get my hands on!

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  5. The CC cream concealer sounds interesting :) xx

  6. That last liner actually looks quite interesting! :) x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  7. I really like the look of the eye liner, I always do winged liner so thinking this could help out a lot! adding this to my wish list ^.^ xx


  8. I don't even live in the Uk and I'm excited! haha! The mascara looks so interesting! I'd love to hear more about it :)

  9. I checked out those eyeliners yesterday and thought they were great! It didn't rub off my hand, either... even after washing and scrubbing!

    Check out my latest reviews and posts on drugstore staples and supplements for clear, glowing skin.

    Sophie x

  10. Can't wait to try out the CC Concealer,shame about your applicator - I hate it when things like that happens, it happened to my liquid eyeliner the other day :(

    Angel Flicks xx

  11. Ooooo this is exciting! The mascara looks really cool!


  12. Corr, that Mascara looks slightly lethal! Although the eyeliners look great, and I'm in need of a new one! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

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