Wednesday, February 29

Benefit Hervana- Good Karma!

Benefits Hervana was another of the items that Feel Unique were kind enough to send me to review.
I have had my eye on it since seeing blog posts on the product launch event, and am very happy that it's now become apart of my make up collection.

I really do like Benefit as a brand, and I think the majority of there products are beautiful.
The packaging is delightful and is definitely to my taste.
I've always been a fan of the boxed powder products and used Coralista and Hoola until hitting pan was well and truly an understatement!

Benefit Hervana is the latest in the boxed powder family, and it is a Peachy Pink dream.
Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose & Berry Delight have been swirled together to provide you with four complimentary shades to brighten up your face.
 Swirled together the four shades make Hervana- how Benefit describe as an Orchid Blossom shade blush.
This product is supposed to be used as one shade, however, you can choose to just use two or three of the shades if you'd prefer for a different look. I used Lucky Shell underneath my brow and it worked a treat!

"What goes around comes around"

When I first received this product, I was a little concerned that the darkest and lightest shade might work together and make the product a cooler shade rather than warmer. I much prefer a warmer shade on my face and fortunately, this does create a warmer tone to my face and the Peach and Pinks tones of the pan definitely outweigh the Berry.

One thing I am really pleased about, is that Benefit have now introduced a mirror to the box. This is something I have always moaned about when purchasing Benefit products in the past, so I'm very happy indeed. It just makes it so much easier when your on the go.
I never really use the brushes in the Benefit boxes, but they can come in handy and this one in particular is a lot nicer with a slanted finish which is more practical for a more accurate application on the cheeks.

Benefit Hervana is available here on Feel Unique as well as Benefit stores and counters and costs £23.50

It is quite a high priced product, but with the free delivery and frequent discount codes that Feel Unique offer maybe you could treat your cheeks to a little bit of good karma..

Have you tried Hervana and what are your thoughts?




  1. Such a pretty colour! x

  2. It really suits you! Any chance you could make your text a bit larger? It's really difficult to read :(

  3. ooo I really want this! gorgeous!

  4. I want this soo bad! its such a gorgeous colour!xox

  5. your makeup looks perfect! i'm new to following you so i have no idea what foundation you wear but my god, it's beautiful! i love that blush too. nice and peachy subtle. although it's so pricey, but i imagine it lasts a long time. your lip colour too!

    i'm going to be addicted to your blog already, i can tell


  6. I have so many blushes, but surprisingly no benefit ones. They are so pretty and fun and this one looks pretty on you!

  7. I want this so bad! It looks gorgeous on you! Think I'll have to save up some pennies though, skip the Starbucks a few times and I'll have one in no time :P xxx

  8. Absolutely stunning on you, I really want this blusher!!

    Sian xo

  9. It really suits you, very pretty colour! x

  10. I've just bought Hervana (I saved up my Boots points for it :) and am so in love with it and I only got it Tuesday haha.
    It looks so lovely :)

    Laura xoxo

  11. wow, thats looks lush, it looks differnet to what i'd expect from looking at it, i like xxx

  12. I got it the day it was released and it is so good! Such a beautiful colour that suits everyone nicely, ugh, the perfect blusher.


  13. I haven't wanted to try hervana til now, it looks so lovely on you! i was also worried about it being far too cool but this has proved me wrong!

  14. It's like a sweet candy!

  15. your face looks a lil orange. but it's a pretty blush. not exactly worth $28 though


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